Teacher Training

“Lynette’s testimony tells us about her significant work as a teacher. She has been preparing others in South African churches to become effective Sunday School teachers through further teacher training.”

Teacher Training in South Africa

Hi, my name is Lynette Koekemoer, and I am receiving deeper teacher training at Christian Leaders Institute. I live in the Gauteng region of South Africa. I gave my life to Jesus at the young age of 13 and have always been interested in studying the Word of God. When I finished Matric, I went to “Youth With a Mission” on a discipleship course which was for six months. But, in the end, I left to find a job and support myself.

Then, I went into church Sunday School work. I ended up training Sunday School teachers how to teach through an organization called the “South African National Sunday School Association”. This organization works with all churches who want teacher training for their Sunday School teachers. Life carried on, and soon, I got married. But, sadly, my husband died. Then over the next ten years, I took care of my parents until they passed on.

I always wanted to continue my studies to teach biblical truth, but I could not afford to do it. While I was searching on the internet, God answered my prayers and led me to Christian Leaders Institute. It has not been easy for me since I only have my phone on which to do all my studies.

Since starting the course with CLI, I can see the growth in me. The last lesson about the dark side of leadership really spoke to and challenged me. With God’s help, I believe this is the place for me.

Discover how you can receive local ecuministry ordination and become ordained at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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