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My name is Jane Mutua, and I am at the Christian Leaders Institute online to study Bible classes for free. from Machakos in Kenya. I am the second born in a family of five children. My parents were born again and served God in their church. They introduced Christ to us as young children and prayed with and for us daily.

I got saved while in High School and immediately found mentors in our School Christian Union. While back at home, I served God in the Worship Ministry and the Youth program.

Move to Tanzania

1n 1995, I got married to Mutua, and God blessed us with a son and a daughter. Together we served God in the Worship Ministry of our Church until 2004. That is when we went to Tanzania for a work assignment.

While in Tanzania, my husband and I got involved in Youth Ministry and served under RIOT Ministry. Riot Ministry did youth concerts, school, and campus ministry. We also did pre-marital and marital counseling at the House of Bread Church. While we were there, I was the Women’s Ministry leader and started a “Single Mums Ministry.”

In 2018, we came back to Kenya and settled in Machakos. In 2018, I got an opportunity to serve with the Youth group briefly.

Opportunity to Study Bible Classes for Free at CLI

I got to know about the Christian Leaders Institute from a friend, and I immediately joined. It has been a wonderful walk. I had not done any ministry training before. Studying Bible Classes at CLI is a great opportunity to gain knowledge and be equipped as a minister. The Connections class has truly changed my life.
God bless you, Christian Leaders Institute, for such a wonderful platform.


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