Biblical and Ministry knowledge

Obeying the Great Commission

My name is Stephen Thuku from Kenya. I am 52 years old and married to my wife, Jennifer Mugure. Further, I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute to grow in biblical and ministry knowledge (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here).

Childhood and Education

I grew up in the capital city of Kenya, known as Nairobi. I am the fourth born in a family of seven siblings, and we all grew up in a strictly Catholic upbringing. As the fourth born in a family whose parents were of middle income meant that I had to sacrifice lots of things. Education was one of those things. I allowed my younger siblings to complete college before me. Therefore, I dropped out of high school due to poverty. However, I later went back to school in my old age and got a high school certificate. I enrolled in online biblical studies and graduated with an AA in biblical studies degree in 2009 from Christian Leadership University in Monroe, Louisiana.

Salvation & Ministry

I gave my life to the Lord 26 years ago at the same church where my wife and I serve. We serve as missionaries, pastors, and church planters. Together, my wife and I have also planted several churches along the coastal cities of Kenya. We are also training other leaders to reach out to the unreached people groups of our nation and region.

Biblical and Ministry Knowledge at CLI

My spiritual dream is to see the unreached people groups in my country and the world reached by the gospel of Jesus Christ. We do that by reaching one soul, one community, one village, and one nation at a time. Therefore, it is my dream to share with many others who need training in ministry about the Christian Leaders Institute. The tuition-free Bible and ministry courses have helped me grow in my biblical and ministry knowledge.

May God bless CLI for the good work of raising quality Christian Leaders in ministry.

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