Ministry Courses Online

My Ministry Calling and Walk with God

I’m Stephen Kasasi Mwaviki, and I am taking ministry courses online at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online Bible classes, Click Here). I come from the western region of Kenya in Vihiga county. Born in 1988, I was seventh in a family of eight siblings. I grew up in a Christian family, although my dad used to drink. My mum took us to church every Sunday. I attended Sunday school at my local home church and learned about God and the Bible. I joined the church school and grew up knowing God.

Due to my family background, I desired to become a pastor. My late grandfather was a great missionary from the 1930s to the 1950s. He worked with European missionaries to bring revival to our country. He also contributed a piece of his land for a Pentecostal church to be planted there, which still exists to date.


After completing my form four-course, my dream of becoming a pastor and expectations of joining a Pentecostal Bible college no longer filled my mind and soul. I interacted with many different friends. My life began getting ruined and sidetracked; surely, I had no fear of God. I fell into sexual sin and immorality. I even smoked bhang. Eventually, I stopped attending my local home church. At that time, I was attending college and studying journalism. However, things did not work for me as I expected. I found myself in a complete mess.

I married at the age of 25, and God blessed us with a baby boy. After five years of marriage, my dad passed away at his old age. I knew he fought well and finished the race. My wife also became ill at that time, and only three weeks after burying my dad, my wife also passed away. I went through a difficult time, but God strengthened me. At this time, I went back to my local home church. I noticed that God was answering my prayers. Then, I discovered that God was still calling me into ministry. However, most people in my local church and village did not believe that I could attend a Bible school or training and offer support.

Finding a New Church Home and CLI

One year later, I landed a job in another county where I found a local home church branch and attended it. The ministers of God there were loving and welcoming. We worked together in building the church of God. My new pastor loved me. Most of the time, he appointed me to do specific roles in the church. Sometimes, we did door-to-door evangelism, praying for people and teaching them the Word of God. He then introduced me to the Christian Leaders Institute. In fact, he used his Android phone to register me at CLI!

Now I take courses at Christian Leaders Institute. I am very much pleased and blessed by the ministry courses online. I’m happy to be a student at CLI. The free training I’m receiving at Christian Leaders Institute will make me the servant God wants me to be and fulfill God’s calling upon my life.

My spiritual dream is to bring back the historic revival of souls at my local church, other parts of this country, and worldwide. Then, the souls that are perishing will be set free!  I will be led by the Holy Spirit and inspired by the free training I’m receiving at CLI. I’m looking forward to completing my training at CLI. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ came to take away our sins! He overcame the world, and I too shall overcome in His Name! God bless CLI!