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Hearing His Voice: A Student on a Mission

My name is Imonje Kubai from Nairobi, Kenya. I hold a Diploma in Ministry Training from PISTIS Word Of Faith Bible School. Discovering the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) was exciting! The ability to access free knowledge and training on matters of God and the Kingdom is truly fantastic. I have a natural drive to know God intimately and to also share that knowledge with others. Formal ministry training is usually costly, both in time and financial investment. Therefore, I appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow at my pace, from the comfort of my home at CLI.

My Journey

Growing up, my parents instilled in me a love for church attendance with them. We primarily attended Catholic churches. Therefore, I developed a strong desire to be right with God and follow His will. During this time, I was also drawn to the 700 Club on television. The show featured stories of God’s work around the world, with testimonies and interviews. I vividly recall constantly repeating the Sinner’s Prayer at the end of each episode, fearing I might miss heaven if Jesus returned unexpectedly.

This experience became a significant turning point in my journey to know Jesus intimately. Initially, I believed that if Jesus returned before I confessed and received forgiveness for every misdeed, I would go to hell. Further, this fear paralyzed me during my high school years. Constantly consumed by thoughts of impending doom compelled me to confess every thought or action I considered sinful. This relentless anxiety crippled my ability to focus in school or at home. It drove me to seek isolated places for constant prayer and forgiveness. Therefore, I was trapped in a cycle of fear and bondage.

Freedom in Christ

Unable to recall the exact moment of freedom from this fear, I remember a series of encounters with the Gospel of Grace that marked a dramatic shift in my relationship with God. Through teachings and sermons by Andrew Wommack and Joseph Prince, I began to understand and appreciate the true meaning of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. I came to realize that He died, taking my sin upon Himself, and in return, offering me His righteousness. God sees me as righteous not because of my actions, but because of what Jesus did! This righteousness is irrevocable – even when I sin, I am still His beloved child. His love and acceptance are unwavering. This understanding was revolutionary. It ushered me into a deeper relationship with God. There, my focus shifted from my sin to Jesus and His overwhelming love for me! Hallelujah!

Over time, it became increasingly clear that my desire is to deepen my intimacy with God and help others experience the same. A key aspect of this is learning to hear God’s voice. He speaks to us, and we must learn to listen attentively, every day, every moment. I want to help others experience the life God has for them. The ability to hear and respond to His voice is central to this life.

Free Knowledge and Training at CLI

On my journey of free knowledge and training at the Christian Leaders Institute, I desire to continually grow into the person God created me to be. He has a purpose for me, and I want to serve Him in any capacity He chooses. I submit myself wholeheartedly to this training, eager to be shaped and molded into the leader He desires.

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