Wired for Ministry Training

Wired for Ministry and Ministry Training at CLI

My name is Pastor Dominic Kinyua, I am wired for ministry training at CLI. I am born again, and Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life. I have one wife and two blessed children.

My birth was on July 6, 1979, in Kimunye Village, which is about 150 km north of Nairobi City in the Republic of Kenya. I have one brother and three sisters and am the fourth born. My schooling began in 1985 in Mugumo Primary school. There I took my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam in 1993 and passed well. I proceeded to Mutige Boys High School in 1994 and took my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education in 1997 and scored a B minus.

My Faith Journey Begins

At the age of 11 back in 1992, I accepted Jesus as my Savior and started my journey of faith. I received baptism through immersion. Later, in one of the youth camps, the Holy Ghost filled me. This filling gave me the desire and thirst for getting to know God deeper. I grew in Him and sought and served Him more.

Through my High School life, I got to read and be taught the things of the Kingdom. Reaching out to the souls I met, I became an influential youth winning many to Christ for His glory. I was exposed to Christian leadership both in school administration and in the Christian Union. These things all formed the very basis of my faith in God.

My Ministry and Career Journey

In September 1999, I joined The Kenya Polytechnic, presently named The Technical University of Kenya, for a 3-year course, Diploma in Catering and Accommodation course. I graduated in 2003. My graduation opened new horizons for me both in ministry and profession. I participated in the work of ministry evangelism, witnessing, pulpit ministry, as well as Hospital and Prison Ministry. Careerwise, I worked in different organizations, the recent one being, Dublin Safety Solutions as their sales manager.

I was wired for ministry from a very early age. My love for God was not the average kind. I spent much of my time in church and doing the things of God. As I grew, I served God in various capacities as they presented themselves.

I joined Deliverance Church International in 2002 as a youth leader. Later, I served as a Deacon, then as an Elder, and commissioned into the office of Pastor in November of 2017. Currently, I serve as an Associate Pastor at Deliverance Church International, Olepolos Church.

My Ministry Dream and Wired for Ministry Training at CLI

My dream is to grow and become a better minister and serve the flock the Lord entrusted to me to be able to present to Him a people who will inherit the Kingdom of God. I myself will work on my own salvation with fear and trembling. I desire that on that day, Jesus will look at me, welcome me, and say, “Welcome home, you diligent and faithful servant.” To know Him more and walk closely with Him is my goal. Therefore, even as I share Him with the lost souls of the world, I know Him on a personal level.

I have gotten to join the Christian Leaders Institute at a very opportune time. I never had the opportunity for much-needed training to equip me for the ministry. So, I am at that level where I feel getting relevant training will make me a better servant and an effective leader. With the free scholarship available at CLI, I can comfortably get the training that will help me further the Kingdom of God. In normal circumstances, it would be a challenge due to the economic situation. I hope to get my Degree in Divinity to the glory of God.

To learn about credible online ordination, check out the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in getting a low-cost college degree? Check out the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.

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