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Free Pastor Education at CLI

My name is Moffat Odhiambo Ayodo. I am from Kenya, Africa. Christian Leaders Institute with its free pastor education is a blessing. With the free pastor education, further spiritual growth and increased knowledge help my ministry.

Family Challenges

There was a time when the challenges that come with teenage life had their toll on me. My family was going through tough times. The prolonged sickness of my younger sister and my dad’s increased drinking were the cause. Then, the Lord, through a series of events and circumstances, revealed to me that my life had to change.

I just finished high school and had admission to one of the local universities to study for a Bachelor of Education (Science) degree. This degree would, later on, enable me to do a stint as a high school tutor. As the firstborn in a family of nine kids, I needed to demonstrate leadership now that our dad became irresponsible, was rarely at home, and hardly provided for us.

Need for God

The burden of bringing us up with minimal support from my father became too much for my mum. The few resources she could put together from her small business scarcely supported the whole family. While in college during that first year, I struggled to concentrate on studies. The thought of the situation back at home often made things very difficult. It is at this point that I knew I needed God’s intervention.

I started attending Christian meetings that were being held on campus every Wednesday. During one of those meetings, a message on wholeheartedly following God was preached from the story of Caleb, son of Jephunneh. It grabbed me by the collar. I felt an overwhelming pull and desire in my heart to take God seriously. The pattern for my life was the excellent example provided by Caleb, who demonstrated such unflinching faith even in his old age despite the difficulties of the times. From then on, I attended church regularly. The grace of God, which is ever sufficient, has seen me grow from a timid young man to a hard-working servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.

While serving in the church, I went from a lay Sunday school teacher to a pastorate position in a small but growing church. I saw God deliver my father from alcohol and my sister miraculously healed. Praise be to the name of Jesus!

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