My Journey to Free Bible Training Online

My name is Som Kharel, and I am receiving free Bible training online at CLI. Currently, I live in Grand Haven, Michigan. I married my husband, Bhim Kharel, in the year 2000. After almost two decades, we have a son named Babin, who is 16 years old, and a daughter Sulakshya, who is nine years old. My husband and I were born in Bhutan, and our son was born in Nepal in the Refugee camp. Our daughter was born in Worcester City, Massachusetts, USA.

Our Journey to the USA

We left Bhutan in 1991 because of the human rights violations in the country. A Free Bible Training Onlinemass of Nepali ethnicity groups of people was expelled from the country. Then we met, married, and lived at a Refugee Camp in Nepal in those 19 years. Finally, God opened the door for us to resettle in one of eight different countries. So, we choose to come to the United States.

First, we moved from Nepal to Massachusetts. Then, we moved to Grand Haven, MI, because my side of the family was there. We also got an opportunity to go to Covenant Life Church. Church attendance was new for us as we had never before stepped into a Christian church. This fact was because I grew up in the Buddhist religion, and my husband grew up in the Hindu religion.

We married in two different religions and also inter-caste. In our society, it is still more difficult in the caste system. We had the baggage of hatred and discrimination in us from the past from our family and society backgrounds. So, when we arrived in Grand Haven, we had tiredness from spending much of our lives in the refugee camp.

My Journey to Christ

The help and support of the people of Covenant Life Church and how they took care of our family touched us. A year later, we accepted Jesus Christ. However, receiving His light seemed far from me because I was deeply hurt and wounded by religion. I thought that this kindness was something from western culture’s religion.

I didn’t want to go deeper so that it hurt me again. So, instead of seeking Jesus and knowing Him to have a deeper relationship with Him, I pushed Him far from me. Yet, I even accepted changing “religion” into a relationship in Christ. It was harder for me to understand the gospel and truth because of how we grew up in the past.

So, until things were starting to fall, I didn’t seek Jesus sincerely. But with the help of a group Bible study at the church, I found Christ to be real in my life and received His light. Through faith, I am saved by the grace of Jesus Christ. I will continue to grow in His grace and knowledge, filled with the Holy Spirit’s wisdom all the days of my life.

My Vision and Spiritual Dream

I got a vision to help our people to understand the gospel correctly and how to apply it in our lives each day. Then they can know about Jesus’ righteousness and explore the gospel truth. We will be together in unity of the body of Christ and the Spirit. To pour into the next generation is also a part of my spiritual dream.

My husband and I started to help our people to understand the truth, not just go to the church. We want to share Christ and start a small Bible study in our language to become part of a fellowship group. Soon, we plan to start a small church. My vision is to build a foundation of a Bhutanese and Nepali speaking church in this area. Also, we want to have a relationship and a connection with a local church here, sharing ideas and thoughts for doing life together. Nepal, Bhutan, India, and other countries will be reached through Christ’s name and sharing the gospel truth.

Free Bible Training Online at CLI

Recently, I found the Christian Leaders Institute from a church leader. I need leadership training to lead the group and also for accountability, recognition, and communication. Then we can build good leadership. CLI’s free Bible training will guide me in having excellent and proper ideas for leadership both now and in the future. I am very thankful for your highly supportive free Bible training. This free Bible training helps me to grow and to have a stronger relationship with God as I also build His kingdom.

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