Bible Education for Free

Bible Education for Free at CLI

Hi! My name is Kate, and I am receiving Bible education for free at Christian Leaders Institute.

I have to say that life for me has been a hard reality of the nature of sin and how cruel the world can be. I thank God that through my circumstances of abuse and depression, I have become stronger in my faith. God has put me on a healing journey over the past ten years. I worked hard at unraveling the damage done in my early life.

God has shown up in many ways throughout my life. It was when I could see Him as a loving Father that I could see His hands at work. He never leaves me or forsakes me.

My Spiritual Dream

My spiritual dream is to help people who need guidance in their lives by bringing God-centered wisdom. I believe God wants to use me in a way I had never dreamed of myself. To bring healing and freedom to people who are bound in their mental state of mind is God’s call on my life.

Furthermore, I have my heart set on writing a book about my life experiences. It will share the life lessons I learned along the way. Maybe I will also write a devotional one day. I want to travel the world, empowering men and women to live a mentally healthy and spirit-filled life. Perhaps, I will also help plant a church one day.

Finding the Christian Leaders Institute with their Bible education for free is a blessing to me. Through their free Bible education, I will learn more about ministry, God’s Word, and God’s leading. However, my life turns out, I know that I am to be a thunderous voice preparing the way for the Lord.

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