His Healing Power

CLI Student Nassang Mimba has faced many challenges, but she has also experienced God’s healing power in her life. She is convicted to share about his healing power and saving grace everywhere.

Read her story below:

I am Nassang “Natty” Mimba; I am a contemporary gospel singer from Cameroon. I bless the LORD for my country Cameroon, for Christianity is not outwardly persecuted as it is in other countries, by His grace ministry work is accepted.

At age 6 I gave my life to Christ. My mom told me a story about baby Jesus, who came into the world, knew no sin but was nailed to the cross for my sins. He died, was buried and on the third day rose from the dead and is in heaving preparing a place and is coming back to take me to be with Him. At that age, I said to myself “what an amazing thing for someone to die for me so that I can have eternal life and all I need to do is confess and ask Him to come live in my heart.” Of course, she painted a beautiful picture of what heaven was like and I made up my mind I wanted to be part of it. So I made the prayer and accepted Him as my LORD and personal savior from sin. In my early 20s, I did stray, but I thank the LORD for His mercies and for bringing me back to Him.

My dream in ministry is to change as many lives as I possibly can, bringing lost souls to Jesus through music and the gospel. Showing them that He is the one “thing” they cannot do without. Evangelist is one word I identify with the most.

I have never shared this publicly but let me tell you right now, God’s hand is not too short to save, to heal and to redeem. I saw this first hand when His healing power healed me from Hepatitis B. A few months after I was diagnosed and on medication. I kept telling myself “I don’t want to keep doing this, I don’t want to keep taking the meds, God, please heal me, ” And He did with one touch. So when it gets hard, I think of all He’s done, nd I get the strength to keep going. This is how I got prompted to go into ministry, to thank Him with my life.

One of the challenges in my country are bad roads. This I think makes it hard for and discourages ministry leaders to want to take the word further and deeper.

The work my church puts into my spiritual life through the word, prayer, and encouragement has gone a great deal to help me in my ministry calling. My mom has also been a great support in my ministry calling, she saw the gift of revelation in me before I could even come to acceptance with it. Her teachings of the word of God to me and her prayers built a great foundation in my walk with God which she still continues to do until this day, she also introduced me to a mentor which is one thing I believe is very vital to have as a revival leader. My mom has and is the greatest spiritual aid I have ever had.

A schorlaship at CLI will get me fully trained and equipped for the realization of my ministry dream. Please pray that the LORD gives me the grace to go throw the tests in my walk with Him and the mission inorder that I come out stronger.

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Cameroon Bible Training

I am Eleanor Nkwenti from Cameroon. Born in 1983 to both Cameroonian parents, I have never left my country to go anywhere. I was rejected by my dad when I was still in my mother’s womb and so I grew up knowing no father. Several times I went to his house to try and see if he would accept me and send me to school, but it was all to no avail. I loved school so much that, even though my mum was raising us in abject poverty, I had the strength to go around and sell all kinds of things to get fees. From Primary fourth till Upper sixth, where I had my Advanced Level, I sponsored myself with little assistance from Christian brethren or relatives. In the midst of our suffering my mum, who was a Baptist Youth Choir Leader, took me and my siblings to church. I gave my life to Jesus at the age of eight and started teaching Sunday school at the age of nine. I still teach children today and am also a worship leader. I am now married to pastor Nkwenti and we have two lovely kids, Evanis and Kashman. We have our own ministry called Spiritworld Ministry.

In my country we have “a form of godliness but deny the power there of.” We all claim to be Christians but all we mostly want are miracles. Most of our people are not rooted in the word and they don’t even take the time to learn. So, doing ministry in my country is not an easy task. Most of our ministers are all about “power,” and “word of knowledge,” with no deep knowledge of the word of God or even the God they claim to know. There is a strong need for Bible teaching and Christian education.

My deepest desire is to see people focus their attention on studying the Word of God and come to know the Lord better. I also love children so much that I want to be able to raise up a Children’s Bible School and Center, because we have nothing for Christian children in our country. The reason I want to minister to children is because I see the need for somebody to bring up these kids in God’s ways. Secondly I want to study because I am married to a servant of God, and I want to assist him. On August 15th of 2000 and again on August 15th 2001, I had a revelation from God calling me into ministry though I was still a kid. I had been running from it but then finally submitted to His will. I ran so much so that when my present husband proposed to me and said he wanted to go to Bible school, I refused to marry him. But God knows just how to get us, and here I am.

My area lacks money to fund the Gospel. We are really backward and need help. We don’t have good Christian libraries and there is much poverty. Things are very expensive and there’s not enough money to do anything. Even without proper training, I have been given a lot of responsibilities. I am currently the head of the children’s church and the charity work. We have been buying school supplies for all the kids in our children’s church for the past four years, and with the number increasing to 146 this August, our desire is to have the resources to do more. I am also the Worship Leader of the church because that was the area that I was called into. My husband, who is my greatest inspiration, is totally behind me in all that I do.

I really need this Cameroon Bible Training  CLI so that I can know the word of God better and have the confidence to be able to share freely with others. I want to be able to train children so that they can go out and evangelize their friends. I need this scholarship because presently, we don’t have enough resources to pay for local Cameroon  Bible Training  for me. And lastly, I want to encourage others by letting them know that there are people out there with CLI committed to helping them grow. This scholarship will really boost my faith in JEHOVAH JIREH.

I would like prayer that God would give my husband and I enough money to continue to take care of the children and also to extend our ministry building to the orphans outside. Our community appreciates people who talk God and show God through finances by helping the needy. Thank you for your patience.

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Online Training For Ministry In Cameroon Better For Most

Christianity is flourishing in Cameroon and many have accepted God’s call to pastor churches, despite a lack of training and often being new believers themselves. There are the challenges of not having the financial resources for most to receive ministry training, being able to relocate many miles from home, and even the social challenges with friends and family. Where can one turn in such a situation?

With Christian Leaders Institute, not only can you find yourself receiving online training for ministry, it is also absolutely free to those who enroll. This benefits all of our students as they can keep working at their current job, not relocate, or stress over financial burdens going to school can place on adults. All CLI requires is your passion and dedication to achieve your God-given call.

Read the incredible story of one CLI student living in Cameroon.

Online Training For Ordination Through CLI Found In Cameroon

I was born in 1974 in Bali of the Northwest region of Cameroon in a large polygamous family. I soon left my parents at the age of 6 to live with my uncle in Yaoundé, the city capital of Cameroon. Things did not go well as I lost my father a year later. The love and care was not the same and I became a difficult child.  My mother had six children (4 girls and 2 boys). After completing my high school, I opted for the professional training than the university academic studies. With the hope of assisting my mother’s poor health as a nurse, she passed away few months to my graduation. Two years later, my two sisters passed away. With this entire emotional and psychological trauma in my life, I was blessed with Elodie Nana as a perfect match and we became married in 2004. Since 2005, we became parents to four kids with a set of twin boys inclusive: Atsalia, Donald, Mac and Elfrida. Currently I live in Cameroon and the land is open to the gospel. The two main official religions are Christianity and Muslims and each tries to profess their faith alongside, hence we give God the glory for the peace we are enjoying. All churches are requested to have government authorization before they open their doors, though it is difficult this days to have one, however many new ministries do this by affiliating or working under the coverage of existing Christian movements.

Facing all manners of academic, family, and social challenges, I began to be troubled about my existence, purpose, and if I could ever smile in the future. I moved guardians to live with a step brother. Two of my classmates, sons of pastors of Pentecostal churches, preached to me. After resistance, I gave my life to Jesus Christ. Jesus redeemed me on that blessed Sunday on January 6, 1991. I received a water baptism years later and the Holy Spirit baptism in 1998. These periods were equally marked with a lot of persecution. The difficulties and persecution gave me no chance to look behind, but rather move forward to Jesus Christ. With family pressure to stop sponsoring my education if I did not stop the ‘born again’ issue, I was groomed through a school bible club. Within the early years of conversion my sadness, loneliness, bitterness and rough character gradually ebbed away as I felt joy and the warmth of God’s love. I realized that a collaborative work is essential in humility and respect of others. Secondly it is the outcome of the work that matters for God’s glory, continually doing it by his grace and not the title we have.

In my three years of nursing training, I was a member of an interdenominational Christian youth movement called Cameroon Youths for Jesus. Two years later, I was the branch coordinator in Yaoundé from 2000 to 2003. I became active in my church (Full Gospel Mission) after marriage in 2004. With the Lord’s training within the Youth movement and with the college of leaders and pastors, I was ordained as an elder with the Full Gospel Mission Cameroon in 2005. I have been coordinating the youths, the marriage committee, and assisting in translation, any effective Christian work must be done in English and translated to French or vice versa. From my Christian health position as a nurse, church elder, writing skills, counseling, interpretations and teaching skills I like to empower youths to grow in their Christian faith with vision and a Christ-liked passion service; highlighting for professional integrity in the hospital, I am also burdened to listen to people, counsel and helping people to grow to know God more. The ordination will help to consolidated and embody my Christ given purpose.

Seven of my ten years of nursing practice was in the ICU where God enabled me to understand the essence of my life. There is a marked discrepancy between theory and practice by the health personnel. Morals have dropped, though there are traces of exceptions. Patients are desperate and many closed up during health care delivery. God’s grace for counseling became recognized upon my life when I was called to assist in counseling with difficult and non-compliant patients. I orientated this counseling service by introducing the good news of the Gospel to almost all patients. With time, my colleagues confided in me and God’s grace was manifest as some opened up to Jesus and others did not. I had been active in church all these years, stressing on sanctification and holiness, but soon realized I was wanting. Though I had been translating for the long and trained in leadership with the international leadership institute, I felt I was floating. I could not sustain or explain some biblical notions before professional challenges. The Christian gathering limited to some social, technological, secular realities etc. all of which thrilled my quest for a bible training program though the hindrance was finances. I had been stressing on professional integrity during seminars organized by the bible club of the hospital. Teaching biblical methods of prevention on HIV/AIDS and STI’s at school clubs during the youth week in some private schools in Yaoundé. A young boy came to the hospital of recent to pray for a patient and the doctor doubted his title of a pastor and asked for a pastor’s badge permitting to distinguish him from quacks. Our young pastor had no badge and was refused from entering the ward. To authenticate my training, and sustain the ministry work through my foundation with Cameroon’s bureaucratic system some doors (health facilities or church organizations) will only open before me when I present an ordination certificate.

Once I had the CLI online training scholarship, it was a dream come true. The CLI courses have helped to stabilize my faith in both spiritual and the secular sphere.  It is my desire to continually share this great opportunity with all. Especially the youths who are victims of false prosperity preachers. Though there is limited feedback during the online training, I have found my needs met and also the openness and passion Henry and David has in seeing students equipped and blessed with biblical knowledge. I quote them because I wrote on several occasions asking for permission to use extracts of their materials for my book and they were very willing and encouraging. As earlier said, the courses answer abstract to life secular and spiritual realities. It has shaped my personality and it has been answering my potential and actual challenges in church and Christian services. Cameroon, though poor and aspiring to be an emerging nation, is very bureaucratic. To palliate this to my wife, I set up an organization called “The Lamp Foundation,” which is here to enable us to reach health facilities beyond the boundaries of my hospital and carry out Christian programs easily. While I was completing my CLI online training courses by the mercies and grace of Jesus Christ, I published my first Christian literature called “The Healing hands of the potter; doctor’s treat, nurses give care but Jesus heals.” The materials from CLI are a compendium for my book, seminars, and ministry. I am passionate to see the youth grow and serve Jesus Christ with a true meaning in life escaping the vile pleasures of life. I am passionate to see adults take on a meaningful course in life and not become victims of ignorance. I am available and open, yearning to network, collaborate with leaders or organizations of like vision and mission, giving true meaning to lives through Jesus Christ for his glory. My local church and senior pastor is very supportive in my pursuit of ministry. They allow us to present to the church about my ministry dream and they are praying for me. I have called my pastor for spiritual assistance in the hospital, as well as being programmed to minister in church after which remarks are made.

I am very grateful to God for this free education that CLI has offered me. Being a major bread winner for my home, but with little salary, recognized bible schools in Cameroon are campus based and expensive and without the means of having an off duty permission for training even if that was possible. I have no justification to make with the exception that I very indebted for this wonderful opportunity given me. This made it possible to work and carry on my online training with ease. The online training through CLI is really bible based and focused, hence different from other professional training and online training that allows for unnecessary stuff. Please pray that the desire God has placed in our heart will grow and that in our future ministry, we will always seek to glorify our heavenly Father, remain humble, consecrated, obey the whole bible truth, and that we will not seek our own interest. Also pray that we will be loyal to the knowledge, training materials, and vision of CLI. Also pray for prompt networking, open doors for further training, grace for partnership, and success in ministries.

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In measuring the impact of the Bible school course Pastoral Care and Marriage, Christian Leaders Institute asks students to share final reflections on what they learned. As Bible school student Macdonald Ndibmun Doh reflects on this course, he says, “The greatest lesson from the care listening is that I should stay quiet even when I am being accused.  Hence there are sometimes good and bad surprises during listening. Humans are unpredictable, but because we bear the image of God, listening makes our listeners feel comfortable. Many do not know who to turn to during sad, disappointments or grieving moments.” He later adds, “I also learned the impact of genograms on our interpersonal communications. I learned that each member of the family has a different view of the family’s communication. This is new to me because I expected every person to see or understand things as I did. Our experiences and every thing we claim to know is hidden in our actions.” These two important aspects of counseling will be of use to Bible school students who take this course for years to come. Macdonald learned that as a counselor it is important to listen even when you want to speak. He also learned that you have to understand that people you are counseling will have a different understanding of communication than you.Bible School

Bible School Certificates at Christian Leaders Institute

As a student at Christian Leaders Institute, Macdonald had to take the course Getting Started: Christian Basics Certificate. This course introduces students to the CLI Bible school model. It also asks students to introduce themselves to the Bible school faculty, sharing a little bit about their mission and goals. As he shares his ministry dreams, Macdonald says, “I  have the passion of  seeing the family especially the youths live a victorious life (positive self esteem, heart attitude, talented for Christ, integrity, loyalty and influencing others to Christ) and free from lust and ailments like HIV etc. I feel bad when I see a youth robbed of her worth and value because of ignorance. Hence I am excited to counsel them especially on developmental life expectancies, sexual health, midlife crises and God’s leadership expectation for each..” It is this very passion for counseling that drove Macdonald to seek out a Bible school, and his search led him to Christian Leader Institute.

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Philip Walters Tanyi –

“I live in Cameroon, a sub Saharan country in Africa, having English and French as official languages. Ministry in this country is interesting in some points and challenging in others. Interesting in that there is a lot to be done in terms of reaching the unreached and if one has the urgency in their soul to reach people, they can really reach as many as possible. Challenging because of the cultural dynamics of the country and their little gods that they worship, which lays down a huge gap in trying to convey the gospel message.

“I came to know God when I was twelve at school. The message I received from a classmate was life changing and I took it upon myself to serve God but the challenges of life and persecution from parents kept me away from Christ after knowing him for a few years. I went back into the world and was captured for repentance by God when at university, now I serve God with my hold family.

“I haven’t really dreamed of serving God as a Leader, but God called me a while ago to serve as a pastor. I really wanted to be sure it was Him, not just me trying to scheme up something for myself or the God of the Bible.

“Our ministry, ‘the light of God Ministry,’ is growing and needs leaders who are well grounded in the knowledge and things of God and I can’t resist the call of God for my life forever.

“Cultural division concerning what the bible teaches and what the people here are used to is the primary obstacle to our ministry.”

Philip Walters Tanyi Receives a Scholarship

“A scholarship with CLI will be an amazing opportunity to help me cultivate a knowledge and spiritually based understanding in the things of God for the enriching of my life and the lives of those whom God will permit me minister to.

“Above all, pray that the word of God reaches the people of God as He sees it fit, even through me.”

Philip Walters Tanyi was called by God to serve as a pastor in Cameroon. In this country, Philip Walters Tanyi faces cultural challenges such as false gods and traditions. However, Philip Walters Tanyi is confident that with the help of the Almighty God who called him, he can overcome these barriers. To more effectively live out his calling, Philip Walters Tanyi is seeking a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute, where he can grow in the knowledge of the word of God.

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Andre Bienvenu Ntsama –

“I am writing this letter to you to express what an honor it would be for me to have the opportunity to study at Christian Leaders Institute.

“My country, Cameroon, is an under developed country dominated by ancestral traditions and by pagan idols. So with the gospel, good donations, and the information I will have, I want to bring all these people to repentance and conversion for their salvation “Matthew 28:18-20.”

“I was born into a traditionally catholic family. However, with the help of knowledge I gained in school, I started to ask myself about how well-founded the teachings I had received from my religion of adoption were. Thus in my search for “the way”, in 1990 I had my first contact with a  pentecostal evangelist; this contact would go on to have a positive influence on my christian live .

“My calling developed through successive stages:

“First, it was through the ministers of God who started by teaching me and telling me that the Lord had raised me up to be in His service, and as a result I should distinguish myself from other Christians.

“Then, I was asked to live my life to the point of becoming a vase which the Lord will use.

“This century is the century of knowledge, and to accomplish the basic mission of the Lord, one has to get a strong scientific culture. I would firmly like to train myself  so that when moving from one place to another to proclaim the good news of the kingdom of heaven to  the world, I could be able to succeed. On the other hand when I will take part in international biblical conferences; I would like to have the opportunity to express myself and give interesting points of views. So I need to be close to humanitarian groups which look after orphans,abandoned children an others who are suffering. As it seems, this action is mostly evangelical, because it plans to build Christ in the young heart of children so that they could really belong  to the lord “Proverbs22:6” “teaches to the child the way he has to follow from now to the moment he will become older.Andre Bienvenu Ntsama

Andre Bienvenu Ntsama Receives a Scholarship

“The sholarship  at CLI will permit me to have the good formation although i have no financial support.

“Pray that  God gives me knowledge and capacity and patience for me to have the ability to do my dream.

Andre Bienvenu Ntsamaj is called by God. He left his traditional Catholic faith to pursue the truth of the Word of God. Now Andre Bienvenu Ntsama seeks to share this truth with others. Andre Bienvenu Ntsama desires a scholarship at CLI so that he can develop his knowledge of God and His word. Christian Leaders Institute can help Andre Bienvenu Ntsama reach his goal.

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