In measuring the impact of the Bible school course Pastoral Care and Marriage, Christian Leaders Institute asks students to share final reflections on what they learned. As Bible school student Macdonald Ndibmun Doh reflects on this course, he says, “The greatest lesson from the care listening is that I should stay quiet even when I am being accused.  Hence there are sometimes good and bad surprises during listening. Humans are unpredictable, but because we bear the image of God, listening makes our listeners feel comfortable. Many do not know who to turn to during sad, disappointments or grieving moments.” He later adds, “I also learned the impact of genograms on our interpersonal communications. I learned that each member of the family has a different view of the family’s communication. This is new to me because I expected every person to see or understand things as I did. Our experiences and every thing we claim to know is hidden in our actions.” These two important aspects of counseling will be of use to Bible school students who take this course for years to come. Macdonald learned that as a counselor it is important to listen even when you want to speak. He also learned that you have to understand that people you are counseling will have a different understanding of communication than you.Bible School

Bible School Certificates at Christian Leaders Institute

As a student at Christian Leaders Institute, Macdonald had to take the course Getting Started: Christian Basics Certificate. This course introduces students to the CLI Bible school model. It also asks students to introduce themselves to the Bible school faculty, sharing a little bit about their mission and goals. As he shares his ministry dreams, Macdonald says, “I  have the passion of  seeing the family especially the youths live a victorious life (positive self esteem, heart attitude, talented for Christ, integrity, loyalty and influencing others to Christ) and free from lust and ailments like HIV etc. I feel bad when I see a youth robbed of her worth and value because of ignorance. Hence I am excited to counsel them especially on developmental life expectancies, sexual health, midlife crises and God’s leadership expectation for each..” It is this very passion for counseling that drove Macdonald to seek out a Bible school, and his search led him to Christian Leader Institute.

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