Further Ministry Training for free

Further Ministry Training for Free at Christian Leaders Institute

My name is Andoh Dandy Bary, and I am receiving further ministry training for free at CLI. I am a resident of Cameroon. Currently, I am finishing my studies at the medical school aspiring to become a Medical Doctor. Being a Christian leader here in Cameroon, precisely in Northwest Bamenda, is fascinating and quite challenging. However, I get to interact with many people through evangelism and above all the patients in the hospital. I attend to their health needs, but most importantly, I bring the gospel to them as well.

The Foundation of My Faith

I was born into a family where my mum was more spiritual than my dad. It was challenging because my dad always gave us restrictions not to go to church. However, that didn’t stop me from going to the house of the Lord. My spiritual life gained speed when I left for college, and by the way, it was a boarding kind of school system. So, I was on my own enclosed in the four corners of the school. I joined the Bible school teaching that they offered to us. Through that study, I gained more knowledge from the word of God. Later, I was promoted as a Sunday school teacher of the gospel.

When I left that school, I entered the university to study medicine. I discovered that the gospel and ministry walked together very closely. Therefore, I continued in the gospel way. In 2019, my church ordained me as a Deacon.

Further Ministry Training for Free at CLI

Now, I am here at the Christian Leaders Institute for further ministry training for free to gain more knowledge and experience. I also want to get a certificate of ordination as a pastor with the Christian Leaders Alliance. Choosing the free classes at Christian Leaders Institute was a plus to me. Since I am still a medical student, I could not afford to pay more tuition. Thank you, CLI, for this opportunity!

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