Minister Study Opportunity

Minister Study Opportunity

My name is Nancy Weato, and I am thankful for the free minister study opportunity at CLI. I’m originally from West Africa, Liberia and migrated from Liberia to Ivory Coast in 1993. From Ivory Coast to America in 1996. I’ve lived in Dallas, Texas, for 24 years. I’m currently married with five living children by the grace of God.

God Protects Me

I remember going to Sunday school as a little girl and playing with crayons and singing, “Jesus Loves Me.” However, I didn’t know who Jesus was. In 1990, a civil war broke out in Liberia. Long story short, I could have died in the war or had my leg cut off. One day during the war, as everyone was running up and down the street for refuge, there was a girl on a man’s shoulders, and I was also on a family friend’s shoulders. We were ahead of them running, and they came running past us. About two to five minutes later, we saw the same family and others running back towards us. The girl’s leg was blown off by a bomb. That could have been me if they hadn’t passed us.

Saved by Grace

We migrated from Liberia to Ivory Coast in 1993 with my mom after my father went to America. There, I remember giving my life to Christ at the age of nine with one of my teachers. At the same time, my mom had devotions with my siblings and me every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

One day, I had a vision. Jesus pointed at his heart before me on the wall by the window at night. I jumped up and told my grandma. She explained to me the word of God and said that in the last days, children would dream dreams.

Some years later, when we came to America, my parents owned a convenience store. The Lord also saved my mother and me from a robber who came and robbed us at gunpoint. When finished, he went to the door of the store and pointed the gun at me for about 1-2 minutes before he ran out.

Called to Minister and the Minister Study Opportunity at CLI

When I think about all the things that the Lord has done and still does in my life, I get closer and closer to Him. He brought me this far for a reason. When I sit alone, He gives me titles to sermons. Most of the time, I see myself preaching to people at work. Most people say that I’m in the wrong career and that I need to be a preacher, and some call me pastor or mother Nancy because of what they see in me.

At this time, I currently sing in my church. The Holy Spirit pushes me forward to minister. I’m ready now to pick up my cross and follow Christ as He ministers to my heart to do right. I’m so glad that I can get that ministry study opportunity here at the Christian Leaders Institute. Thank you!

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