Christian School for Ministers

I am from Cameroon in Central Africa. Finding the Christian Leaders Institute, a Christian School for ministers, online has been an answer to my prayers (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here).

I was born on the 9th of December 1993 in Cameroon, a country located in central Africa. My parents separated when I was only nine, but that is when my encounter with the Lord really began. I was born into a family of three children, two sisters and myself. Things became tough and uncertain for me since I had no stable home. I had to be taken from home to home and couldn’t spend time with my parents as many children my age did.

My Salvation 

However, my parent’s separation is how everything started for me with the Lord. At the age of 9, I was sent to my uncle’s house. He was a pastor and, before his conversion, he had been healed from an incurable disease. That really kindled my curiosity. During a prayer meeting and fasting program in my uncle’s church led by an assistant pastor, two incidences occurred. The first incident happened during the night program of prayer and fasting. The rain started falling on the whole congregation even though there was a ceiling covering the whole place. I could not understand what was going on. But today, I understand that God was revealing Himself to us in that spectacular way.

The second incidence was my baptism in the Holy Spirit in that very same period. One evening while roaming around the house, I felt something falling on me like fire. Then it started speaking in an unknown tongue. But several years later, I drifted from the faith and started living a wayward life very far from the Lord. I was full of anger and rage against everyone and my parents, in particular. I hated myself and really wanted to end my life by living recklessly. Nevertheless, I heard a small voice trying to convince me to abandon the life I lived. However, I needed the strength and encouragement to do it.

CLI: God Answered My Prayers With A Timely Training Platform

My hunger for God kept growing, and I came back home and started to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then, I married my beautiful wife with two beautiful daughters.

I discovered the Christian Leaders Institute while browsing the internet. I was looking for a Christian school for ministers to get better training. But, alas, it had been to no avail because the ones I wanted were really unaffordable for me.

Then, a CLI announcement appeared on my phone like an advertisement. I found the best thing that could ever happen to me. It is a tuition-free training program for ministers. I started with the classes, which I will keep following because of the high-quality training offered. To God be all the glory. You can not imagine how you are changing my entire life. God bless CLI!