Chaplain Ministry Call

Hi, my name is Stefani Quintata. My Chaplain ministry call from God has led me to study at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here). I’m so excited to begin this new journey.

I have been a real estate agent for almost 30 years. Both my parents are in real estate. And my husband is my business partner, also in real estate. We have five teenagers between us, a blended family. We worked really hard, and we love what we do.

Loving Transitions: Chaplain Ministry Call Beginning

About three years ago, I started a business, Loving Transitions. Primarily, I work with seniors and their families. I help them move, make estate sales, pack, find places to go to assisted living centers or other places, and sell their homes. I have become very close to these seniors and their families. Further, I continue to see them years later.

Recently, I had the privilege of witnessing to a couple of my clients as they were dying. I also spent time with their loved ones. I reassured in the steps that need to be taken to get through the ordeal. It was another God moment for me. I see such a need for someone to come alongside families, not only in business but also in spiritual matters.

My Chaplain Ministry Call Journey 

I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember, saved when I was young at about 10 years old. I grew up Baptist. I’ve been a Bible study leader. I recently completed a leadership development academy course training at our local church in Albuquerque at Sagebrush. And I have recently started going to Calvary Church.

Through my studies at CLI, I want to get certified to be a chaplain. Then, I can help people in assisted living centers, be with families as their family members are passing away, and help in any way that I can. I also want to lead them to the Lord if they don’t already know Him to give them some peace. It will increase my ministry service at Loving Transitions as well.

I am excited to start this new journey! And I pray that as I follow God‘s lead, He will show me where I need to go and what needs to be done.

More About Myself

My hobbies include real estate, spending time with family and friends, and my children. I just got my daughter graduated from high school this week. My son is a senior at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. My three stepdaughters are also in college studying various things. One is in marketing. One is going to be a nurse. The other hasn’t quite decided yet. I also love music and singing.

We are a very Jesus-centered household. But we also like to have a lot of fun. And you can do both. These days, where the world is getting darker and darker, we need to be a brighter and brighter light to the world. And that’s what I want to do.