Andre Bienvenu Ntsama –

“I am writing this letter to you to express what an honor it would be for me to have the opportunity to study at Christian Leaders Institute.

“My country, Cameroon, is an under developed country dominated by ancestral traditions and by pagan idols. So with the gospel, good donations, and the information I will have, I want to bring all these people to repentance and conversion for their salvation “Matthew 28:18-20.”

“I was born into a traditionally catholic family. However, with the help of knowledge I gained in school, I started to ask myself about how well-founded the teachings I had received from my religion of adoption were. Thus in my search for “the way”, in 1990 I had my first contact with a  pentecostal evangelist; this contact would go on to have a positive influence on my christian live .

“My calling developed through successive stages:

“First, it was through the ministers of God who started by teaching me and telling me that the Lord had raised me up to be in His service, and as a result I should distinguish myself from other Christians.

“Then, I was asked to live my life to the point of becoming a vase which the Lord will use.

“This century is the century of knowledge, and to accomplish the basic mission of the Lord, one has to get a strong scientific culture. I would firmly like to train myself  so that when moving from one place to another to proclaim the good news of the kingdom of heaven to  the world, I could be able to succeed. On the other hand when I will take part in international biblical conferences; I would like to have the opportunity to express myself and give interesting points of views. So I need to be close to humanitarian groups which look after orphans,abandoned children an others who are suffering. As it seems, this action is mostly evangelical, because it plans to build Christ in the young heart of children so that they could really belong  to the lord “Proverbs22:6” “teaches to the child the way he has to follow from now to the moment he will become older.Andre Bienvenu Ntsama

Andre Bienvenu Ntsama Receives a Scholarship

“The sholarship  at CLI will permit me to have the good formation although i have no financial support.

“Pray that  God gives me knowledge and capacity and patience for me to have the ability to do my dream.

Andre Bienvenu Ntsamaj is called by God. He left his traditional Catholic faith to pursue the truth of the Word of God. Now Andre Bienvenu Ntsama seeks to share this truth with others. Andre Bienvenu Ntsama desires a scholarship at CLI so that he can develop his knowledge of God and His word. Christian Leaders Institute can help Andre Bienvenu Ntsama reach his goal.

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