Joanne Britton –

“Hi. My name is Joanne Britton, and I live in a country town in NSW Australia.

“Ministering to others in Australia can be a bit difficult as it is in other countries. Some people can be so busy with their everyday lives that they feel that there is no time for God or that they have all the time in the world before they need to make a commitment to Him. Others embrace Him with such energy and love. No matter what I persevere and trust God’s leading everyday.

“I was brought up in Church. Mum attended and sent me to Sunday school. I became a Christian at a young age but when going through my teens I realized I needed to reconnect with God so I rededicated my life to Him.

“My Ministry dream is to reach the lost for God and help make disciples for Him. I want to counsel people who are struggling with life and choices they have made. I have so many people that come to me now and ask for guidance, but I can only help so much as I don’t have the qualifications to help them any further.”Joanne Britton

Joanne Britton Receives a Scholarship

“A Scholarship is so important to me because it will give me the opportunity to get the qualifications that I need to help, nurture, and lead these hurting people to Christ. I want to do all I can to Expand and grow my Lord and Savior’s Kingdom. I want to be God’s ambassador .

“Please pray for the protection against Satan’s attacks. Please pray that doors will be opened for ministry so His name can be glorified and that I will keep growing in the Lords knowledge.”

Joanne Britton is dedicated to the Lord. People come to ask her for advice and guidance in life, and she gives them what she can. Still, Joanne Britton knows that this is not enough. She wants to be able to give them the godly, life transforming power that can only come from God and His word. That is why Joanne Britton has come to Christian Leaders Institute. Joanne Britton knows that CLI can equip her to become the counselor God has called her to be.

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