Gabriel Solomon Mudiaga –

“My name is Solomon. I’m 26 years old, and my present city is called Bologna in Italy. I was brought up in a Christian family, but when I got admitted into College, my life style changed because of the friends I made there. I started chasing after girls, failing exams, and doing other bad things, so my parents decided to enroll me into another college. They were praying for me, because they knew I had a calling from God and the devil was trying to destroy it.

“At my new school, I met a Christian sister who later became my best friend. She was in the College Christian fellowship. She shared the word of the Bible with me, and I was not able to resist. I accepted Christ into my life, and a few months later I was Baptized. Two years later I became the President of the college Christian fellowship.

“My entire family later relocated to Italy where we are presently. We found a Christ believing church as we were praying, and I later became again the Church youth fellowship president. To cut the story short, I am currently one of the Deacons in our Church.”Gabriel Solomon Mudiaga

Gabriel Solomon Mudiaga Receives a Scholarship

“I have seen the road I navigated through and how the grace of God was able to save me from eternal destruction through a sister. I can’t sit back and watch millions of souls perish in Bologna city and all over the land of Italy. I have been praying to God to provide me adequate training. Then I came across the site (CLI). I am fully convinced in my spirit  that with a Scholarship to CLI, I will go through training that will prepare me to win many souls in Bologna and Italy for the kingdom of Lord Jesus. Amen.”

Gabriel Solomon Mudiaga knows what it is to be a son who has lost the way. He knows that without God, he never would have found his way back. Gabriel Solomon Mudiaga knows that there are many others like him in Italy. It’s not enough for him to stand by and watch as young men and women everywhere are led to destruction by the snares the enemy has laid for them in society. Gabriel Solomon Mudiaga wants to do something about it. Christian Leaders Institute can offer Gabriel Solomon Mudiaga the training that he needs to instruct others accurately in the word of God and the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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