Shiu Nadan –

“I am living in Fiji, which is located in the South Pacific. We are a small nation of around 800,000  people with around 50-55% Christians but spread over many denominations. The  Country had a solid Christian foundation previously, but there has been a lot of degradation since. This is due to the unstable political climate which at times regulated the churches’ activities and by the new generation drifting away from the church.

“I was born in a Hindu family and followed the Hindu religion for a long time in my life. But I saw it did not make any difference to my life, as I was always in some kind of trouble and sin always. But now that I know the Lord, my life is slowly changing. I don’t feel the anger, greed, jealousy, and other desires of the flesh any more and even when I do, it does not last for long and by God’s grace, I am able to keep from acting on them. Also in my troubles, I no longer worry, or I should say I no longer feel burdened by my troubles.

“My ministry dream is working exclusively with the young people, especially of my generation, as I believe I could relate to them better than the old pastors who make up the bulk of our elders.”Shiu Nadan

Shiu Nadan Receives a Scholarship

“The church I am a member was planted recently and we are lacking basic resources, therefore the church at the moment is not in any financial position for sponsoring any students.

“Please, if you are reading this letter/ statement, do pray for our church (Ra Revival centre) that we may prosper and increase by God’s grace.”

Shiu Nadan was a Hindu till he gave his life over to the Lord Jesus Christ. After his conversion, Shiu Nadan found a local church to attend, but he sees a problem. There are a lot of young men and women in the church, but none of them wants to take steps to be a leader in their generation. Now Shiu Nadan is pursuing a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute because he wants to take that leadership role in the church.

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