Free Study at CLI

Free Study at CLI: God Made Me Strong

My name is Christine Gutu, and I am from Zimbabwe, a beautiful country in Africa. So far, I have a Diploma in Pastoral Studies from one of our local Bible schools here in Zimbabwe. I was working on getting my degree in Theology and Biblical…
Bible School

Opportunity for Ministry Study

Shalom to you all! My name is Judah Paul. I am excited about the opportunity for ministry study free at the Christian Leaders Institute. I live in Harare, Zimbabwe, which is in the southern part of Africa. In my family, I am the eighth of nine…
Online Ministry Courses

Online Ministry Courses Free

Free Online Ministry Courses at CLI My name is Abigail Behane Gumbo, and I am taking online ministry courses for free at CLI. I was born and grew up in Zimbabwe. My childhood life was complicated and confusing to me. I always had questions…
Free Ministry Study Opportunity

Free Ministry Study Opportunity

Free Ministry Study Opportunity My name is Russell Chiputura, and I appreciate the free ministry study opportunity at CLI. Being born in Chitungwiza, Harare, Zimbabwe, I live in Harare. I am a writer/author, entrepreneur, and speaker. I founded…
Bachelor of Divinity in Zimbabwe

First CLI Bachelor of Divinity in Zimbabwe

First CLI Bachelor of Divinity in Zimbabwe Ezekiel Shungu is first CLI Bachelor of Divinity Graduate in Zimbabwe and is Ordained Commissioned Minister. Read his incredible testimony below: Being a Zimbabwean born and bred in a country…
Bible Education Dream

Bible Education Dream

Bible Education Dream My name is Tanaka Mudzimu and I have a Bible education dream. I am Zimbabwean. I'm currently in Northern Cyprus studying Social Work. Being away from home for almost 4 years has not been easy, but God has been teaching…
Preacher Ministry Training

Preacher Ministry Training

Preacher Ministry Training I am Michael Gwandure and I am receiving free preacher ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. I was born in Zimbabwe in the early 80s to a Christian family. I grew up accustomed to Christianity in the…
Zimbabwe Free ministry Training

Zimbabwe Free ministry Training - AIDAH SIBANDA

Zimbabwe Free Ministry Training Sign up for now for your Zimbabwe free ministry training. Read this story and find out how AIDAH SIBANDA found this training. Greetings to you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. My name is Aidah Sibanda.…

Through Chapel Doors - Zimbabwe Seminary

CLI Is A Zimbabwe Seminary Option The Political and economic strife in Zimbabwe has created a need for ministry training. Christian Leaders Institute functions as a Zimbabwe Seminary option for many because it is free and available online.…
free christian ministry training

Free Christian Ministry Training In Botswana

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How Is Free Christian Ministry Training Available In Botswana? With Christian Leaders Institute, students from all over the world can partake in our free Christian ministry training by taking all classes conveniently online. The internet has…
Pastor Training Moses Jasi

Pastor Training Helps This Zimbabwe Native Follow His Calling

My name is Moses Jasi and I’m 30 years of age. I was born in Harare a town in Zimbabwe. Today I currently am working as an assistant pastor with one of the local ministries in a nearby suburb. I thank God for my ministry dream, to…
Pursue Ministry Training

Pursue Ministry Training In Zimbabwe Like Patience Nziradzemhuka

  Born in Zimbabwe This Man Follows Dreams to Pursue Ministry Training and Becoming a Pastor. He wants to teach the Bible and teach Faith in Christ to college level, high school and younger students. Many areas of South Africa experience…
Pursue Ministry Training

Student Reflections - Killian Mafuzha of Zimbabwe

As Christian Leaders Institute continues to grow, one area that is difficult to effectively teach on line is preaching. Traditional Bible school has an advantage in this respect, since the interactive environment that aids in preaching development…
Pursue Ministry Training

Bible School Student Reflections - Constantine Mapfumo of Zimbabwe

Bible School Student -Christian Leaders Institute strives to maintain a standard of excellence that rivals accredited seminaries all over the world. The Bible school courses offered at CLI are put together and taught by faculty who have obtained…
Pursue Ministry Training

Bible School Student Reflections - Clifford Kamwanza of Zimbabwe

A common theme echoed throughout the Bible is a call to revival. Almost all of the prophets' messages called for some form of revival to occur among the people. At Christian Leaders Institute, we believe that spiritual revival is still central…