Bible School Christian Training – Life Of Hope

Bible School Christian Training

Bible School Christian Training – My name is June Marie Bassett. I live in the US. I grew up in a home where I was physically, sexually and emotionally abused. I was introduced to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes at age 14. I was raped twice at age 15. I became very promiscuous. I used these vices as means to avoid my pain. My parents divorced when I was 18. My dad left my mom for another woman. I went to the bars 6 nights a week to get drunk and high, etc. I got a drunk driving in 1986, resulting in my having my license suspended. I still went out to the bars. I tried to just have a drink or two, but by the end of the night, I was drunk. I realized I had a problem and began counseling. I eventually admitted I was an alcoholic and attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. In January 1987, I was getting high with my boyfriend and his brother. A voice said to me, “You will never quit until you learn to say ‘no’.” The next time it was my turn to snort I said, “no” and never touched it again. I had drank and used for 10 years. I didn’t know anything else.

In August 1989, I got a traffic ticket and went to traffic school.

The traffic school teacher was a Christian. He said, “Sometimes people reach a place in their lives where they want to change, but don’t know how.”

I went up to him at the break and said, “That’s me!”

He said to stay after class and we could talk.

The first question he asked me after class was, “Where is your relationship with God?”

A few months before that, I had been listening to a radio station I did not know was a Christian station. They talked about some things that spoke to me and I wrote them a letter, telling them my life story. They sent me back a letter, and the very first sentence in that letter said, “Where is your relationship with God?” I was not ready for God, had no desire for God, so I crumpled up the letter and threw it away. But, when this traffic school teacher asked me the very same question, I knew enough to listen and to realize God was speaking to me.

The teacher asked me if I wanted to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior and I said, “Yes!”

I have pursued God and a relationship with Him ever since.

The one word that I feel describes me right now is: Pastor. I am a ‘shepherd’, caring for people, and wanting to make a difference in the lives of people. There was not a key experience in my life that caused me to pursue ministry. But, the abuse I suffered has given me a heart for other women who have gone through abuse. I desire to be a safe place for other women to find healing in their lives.

I live in Utah, a predominantly Mormon culture. It is difficult to be a Christian here. Mormons have looked down on Christians in the past, and now they attempt to say they are Christians. It is tough to explain to them they do not believe the same things, or in the same God, we do as Christians. It is difficult to speak into their lives in a way that they will listen and not get defensive.

My local church has supported me in ministry by allowing me to be part of the Leadership Team and the Worship Team, and by allowing my husband and me to host a Small Group. My desire is to minister to women who have been abused and to assist them in finding healing, as God has healed me in my life.

My husband is my largest supporter and encourager. He believes in me and what God has called me to do. As well, he believes in the story I have to share that can be a source of support and encouragement to other women.

Bible School Christian Training – Scholarship

A scholarship at CLI is important to me so that I can pursue the calling I feel God has placed on my life, without incurring debt. But, I also believe I am receiving a Biblically based education.

Please pray for guidance and direction as to how to get my ministry up and going once I receive my education, with CLI.

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Affordable Divinity Degree with Free Classes

Affordable Divinity Degree

Affordable Divinity Degree – My name is Jason I am a 40-year-old sole provider for a family of six–four children and a wife living in Florida, USA. I currently work as a production planner for the GE F414 Engine PBL program. I have been blessed by the Lord to arrive at this position. I have worked my way up from a simple warehouse laborer to the contract I have now only by the grace of God.

Although I confessed Christ as Lord and was baptized in 2005, I quickly strayed back to the ways of the ‘world.’ As I became a father for the first time at the age of 30 and my family began to grow quickly I often prayed for guidance to be the figurehead and spiritual leader I needed to be to raise my family in the Lord. But, I still struggled with alcohol consumption and living for pleasure instead of completely surrendering myself to Christ. In March of 2014, the Lord answered my prayers in a way I never imagined. While away on vacation, a neighbor’s son broke into our home, robbed us, and burned down our house.

We returned to a sense of loss, hopelessness, and despair. However, we quickly realized just how blessed we were. Our community, for the most part, is predominantly active serving Christians and they surrounded us with love, compassion, and assistance. The local Baptist Church we had only visited a couple of times years prior quickly provided for our needs without us ever asking for assistance. It was at this point I realized the Lord was providing me a choice. I could try to cope with the tragedy on my own and eventually fall victim to alcohol abuse, or I could give my burdens to Him and surrender once and for all. I made my decision.

Since March 23, 2014, I and my family have been actively involved in the Church. My wife has been baptized and three of my four children as well. We serve as Awana leaders, Adult Sunday School teacher, Children’s Church leaders, missionaries, cooks, VBS leaders, and various other areas.

In June of 2016, I made the decision to pursue a seminary education. Although I do not believe I am called to fulfill the role of Pastor I did believe that I would need the education for whatever works the Lord has in store for me. Finances and poor participation in college during my youth have prevented me from being able to enroll in a traditional seminary college. Recently, after much prayer, I have a desire to become a hospital chaplain. Days after coming to this conclusion I discovered CLI. My plan is to pursue the degree option through CLI and be able to transfer that to seminary in pursuit of my M.DIV and hopefully work through the local hospital to become a chaplain.

I am most grateful for all the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon my family and I. I look forward to the opportunities provided through the Ministry of CLI.

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I am All In – Daily Christian Blog of Mandy Cross

There are moments in life that highlight a time of change. We all have these moments of time. Looking back, we can see our growth or see our regression. Some will call these moments “tests;” the goal is to turn your tests into your testimony.

My name is Mandy Cross. I’m a daughter of God, a wife, and a mother of three. I accepted Jesus into my heart at a young age. I remember the emotions of the presence of the Holy Spirit. Tears of repentance, thankfulness, and joy streamed down my cheeks. I endured many life “tests” – growing in some, regressing in many. Sitting in church on Easter Sunday 2014, the same emotions crashed down – tears of repentance, thankfulness, and joy. That was the moment I decided to give my all to God.

The Monday after that Easter Sunday was April 21, 2014 – that was my day one of a commitment to my Father. I began writing a daily Christian blog – – with the goal of 100 consecutive days. I have now written for 1,079 days. When I hit the original goal, I had formed a deep connection with my Father and heard Him say, “keep writing.” I plan to continue my writing for my Father until He says to stop.

The commitment to God’s Word via my blog is to share that same Easter feeling every day with the whole world. I received the beautiful blessing of growing stronger in my faith and developing a deeper, personal relationship with my Savoir, Christ Jesus. We must dive into God’s Holy Word daily to feed our souls so we continue to grow spiritually.

Since that Easter Sunday when I surrendered all to God, I began to see Him in my days and hearing His voice in my heart. I followed His calling to children’s ministry; established a neighborhood group to reach out to help others, and formed a community lady’s prayer group. I’m now answering the call He has placed on my heart today – youth ministry.

My church has been such a blessing supporting my calling to minister. I teach youth group every Wednesday night and have been asked to form and lead the WMU within the church. I’m excited to begin this new journey with God and I’m ready to make a difference within my community. I live in a rural area so the mission field is wide open and will be more personable by visiting and helping needs as they surface.

The calling of the youth ministry is what led me to Christian Leaders Institute. With two of my own kids in college and a third one coming up, tuition for mom is not budget-friendly right now. Like most times when we see God’s thumbprint in our lives, finding Christian Leaders Institute was His answer to a need within His perfect timing. I’m excited to continue my education on leadership training to better equip myself for the goal of revival within my community.

Receiving a scholarship via Christian Leaders Institute will benefit my training to educate and lead the youth ministry, WMU, and any future ministries God places before me. The youth ministry alone will allow me to connect to the youth, reach out to the student’s parents and incorporate the youth in the mission field reaching others in the community who need to hear about God’s love, forgiveness, and acceptance. God has unveiled my eyes to many in need already and I know He will equip me to help in His name. I’m willing to give my time and commitment to help start a revival in the name of Jesus.

Acts 20:35 “In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”

Mother of Ten Called – Family Ministry

Family Ministry

My name is Amanda Williams. I currently live in The United States of America. I am the mother of 10 children, and the wife of a loving supportive God Fearing Husband.

I grew up in a very dysfunctional home life. My mother and my father were very abusive. I was beaten and raped by my parents at a very young age. I knew from early on in life that there was something more, Someone more! My parents weren’t religious, and they never spoke the word of God.

However, at the age of 7, I was blessed with the ability to live with my grandparents, my grandfather who was a pastor who practiced loving family ministry in the home. He taught me the word of God, and how God will use my life, and my testimony to bring others to Him. I was baptized when I was eight years old and have been active in the church and ministry since.

I associate with the word “Pastor.”  A Pastor, is accountable to God, for your soul. A Pastor is much like a Shepard over a flock of sheep. Corralling them if they stray, protecting them from harm and caring for them when they are weak. Much like I’ve done my entire life.

The key experience over my life, that prompted me to start family ministry or community ministry work, was the more I would tell God, that I didn’t want to do serve, that I didn’t want to be that person, the more it was evident, His plan is going to win regardless of what I wanted. Reaching out, and helping other women that were in abusive situations, and helping them come to the Lord was the iceberg that showed me, who I was.. Who I was supposed to be!

There are several unique challenges in my area. First, we live in a very poverty mind set city. People have grown accustomed to the drugs, the gangs, the general lack of finances, housing, food. Crime rates are high as people are allowing Satan to bait them instead of allowing God to guide and direct them.
My home church is very supportive in my ministry work. My Pastor, whom I sit under three times a week, is not only very intelligent but also very compassionate about the world outside the church walls.
My family is actively involved in many areas of ministry work. My husband is a Deacon, my son’s are Jr. Deacons and my daughters assist me with hospitality and ministry outreach. We daily attempt to go above and beyond to show everyone we come in contact with the love of Jesus.

This scholarship is very important to my calling of the ministry. Not only does it give me the opportunity to grow in knowledge but also to be able to share this family ministry with my children. That is not all I can share ministry with others that I come in contact with!

I ask that prayers be said, for my spiritual heads. My pastors. May they never give up the zeal and the desire to serve, that they never grow weary, tired or downhearted as they complete their ministry, that they are blessed abundantly above and beyond our minds can think of.

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Hawaii Bible School – Ministering in Honolulu

Hawaii Bible School

My name is Derek Fletcher, and I currently live with my family in Honolulu, Hawaii. I’ve been married to my wife for nine years, and together we have three children. I first came to the Lord when I was in college. I was living in a life of sin that revolved around alcohol and self-motives. People that knew me back then would say that they are surprised I didn’t end up dead or in jail. One morning my senior year of college after waking up from a particularly bad night the Lord said that this is not what he has planned for me; I am meant for more. That morning I asked for forgiveness of my sins and gave my life to Jesus. That is when my life started to change.

It has now been twelve years since I first came to Jesus Christ. While driving into work, I listen to the Daily Audio Bible Podcast and one morning as the podcast finished the Holy Spirit laid on my heart that I should become a pastor.

Hawaii Bible School

To pursue the calling to ministry, I chose to attend classes through CLI because it affords me the opportunity to take classes on my time, which is usually early in the morning before I head into work or later at night once the kids are all in bed. I do not know where the Lord will guide me to use the knowledge I gain from CLI, but I will pray and follow his direction.
My local church is supporting my pursuit by the pastors and elders mentoring and assisting me Additionally I have been in contact with my previous pastor since my family, and I recently moved to Honolulu, and he is also mentoring me. My former pastor’s family and my family are close, so his wife is also mentoring my wife.

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Revival Dream

Revival Dream

CLI Student, Elieser Mercado Jr, has experienced the suffering this world is filled with but he has not been overcome by pain instead a revival dream has been stirred in Elieser.

Read Elieser’s testimony in his own words below:

My name is Elieser Mercado Jr. better known as “Pastor Eli.” I am 34 years old and currently reside in Orlando, Florida. I was born in Brooklyn NY. of Puerto Rican parents Elieser Mercado and Iris Santiago. I have a total of 4 amazing sisters that range from the age of 32 to 15 years old and with that came a handsome nephew and 2 beautiful nieces which melt my heart on a consistent basis. 

I was brought up in a pentecostal church where unfortunately tradition and religion were a need for the gain of salvation. I was taught ritualistic Behavior, in essence, everything that opposes Grace. My parents became pastors in a hostile part of Brooklyn called Brownsville or East New York. The schools were rigged of gang violence and I got caught in that by default, the ones who would help me had parents that were very involved in gang activity. Looking back at that place I can see how God’s hand was over my life providing protection and keeping my heart interested in who He was.

My parents were pastors and both of their parents were pastors also, I think I’ve been called to Pastorship by genetic default, kidding of course! When I was about 10 years old my parents took me to a church called Brooklyn Tabernacle in Coney Island, New York. I distinctly remember that there was a clown Ministry to kids and then this clown did something amazing. He compared him dressing up as a clown to when Jesus dressed up as a man and gave up his power to be able to reach mankind. He proceeded to take off his clown makeup and taught us that when Jesus died and Resurrected he was transforming back into his Divine State and at that young age it hit me. All that Jesus had done with me in mind. This was the first true encounter I had, after that I was in love with Jesus.

My father unexpectedly passed away when I was 12 years old due to a stroke. Which needless to say was pretty traumatic for my family and for myself. I truly started having to seek truth for myself and gave me a chance to let go of religion and truly start to seek a relationship. This also gave me a passion for reaching out to this generation that I know from personal experience and experiences of people that are near and dear to my heart, that somehow, someway we have been fatherless.

I truly believe that the United States of America and many places around the world have had a lack of mentorship. There are very few, that are willing to become a father, for many reasons which are probably unmeasurable. This is why I believe Christian Leadership Institute (CLI) is so important. CLI is just not creating a platform that is accessible and in my opinion Kingdom Minded, but also, CLI is taking a huge part in providing the proper mentorship that was not given to many that have not had a father figure.

CLI is granting me the necessary tools that I need to be an equipped spiritual father, able to enable and equip others in their walk with God and therefore ensuring that they effectively affect those in their sphere of influence. I am so grateful that this Vision was implanted I’m a man with a kingdom mindset and with a heart to reach people and see them walking out there calling.

My prayer and revival dream is that this would spread out like wildfire and people start to perceive the necessity of equipping themselves. I believe this will have a huge impact in the Ecclesia and this will provoke a new wave of Revival in the United States and all over the world. I ask that you keep me in your prayers as well, for God to provide resources but more importantly to give me boldness, guidance, and wisdom to walk out every inch of what has been predestined for me.

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Life in the Son

Life in the Son

CLI student, Beth Stevenson, has realized her calling after running away from it for 15 years, Stevenson has started a ministry called Life in the Son.

Read her story below:

I am Beth Stevenson, I am from the United States, and I have lived here all of my life. I was the baby of six kids, in the small town of Alliance, Ohio. I attended church all my life but didn’t really come to know God, and have a relationship with Him, until 3 years ago.

My father’s death and a variety of other things, that God allowed to happen in 2013, lead me back to God and the plan He had for my life. Little did I know He had been calling me into ministry for approximately 15 years. God has a way of doing things in his own time.

God had given me a vision of what type of ministry I would be leading early on, but I ran from it. Finally, in 2015, I said yes to God and the plan He had for my life. Doing ministry, in Alliance, is such a great opportunity to reach the lost souls in the area. We are a free country and are truly blessed to be so. We understand that some countries aren’t as fortunate.

I opened up Life in the Son Ministries. Life in the Son is a coffee shop/soup kitchen that serves the less fortunate. We are a donation based ministry and run on the nickels and dimes that are put in our offering jar daily.
I am truly living my dream and I give God all the praise, honor, and glory for it. My title is Pastor. We don’t necessarily have a sanctuary in our building. The streets are our sanctuary. We believe in being the hands and feet of Jesus. We go wherever we’re called.

God has worked with me and has raised me up to be a conqueror and to be motivated to lead with compassion, but also with love. I’ve come through enough things that had the power to destroy me and the ministry, which has made me determined to do what God has called me to do, even if it hurts sometimes. When God calls you, He doesn’t let it rest.
I have unique challenges every day in the ministry I do. We work with a lot of less fortunate people by feeding them a meal, as well as the word of God. We deal with the mentally ill, the homeless, small families that struggle, veterans that fall through the cracks, and also city workers that need lunch and devotions.

February will be 2 years in ministry for us and we are just now getting support from our local church. I don’t get a lot of support from local congregations, being a woman in a pastoral position. I find myself trying to get the point across that we are ALL called, it doesn’t matter if we’re male or female. I do attend the local pastor’s meeting. At these meetings, I am respected for my position. I try to remember I’m not called to fit in.

My family has supported me greatly and I get a lot of respect for my ministering goals. My kids really love the ministry and have a heart for the clientele we serve. They have really taken part in serving in the ministry and that makes me happy. Our children have taken part in everything from painting, lettering windows, helping to serve meals, and even outreach events. It blesses me to see what God is doing in their lives, as we serve. The ministry has brought us together in so many ways. I thank God every day for the restoration he’s bringing. Someday, I can see us opening a second location and serving in another neighboring population.

CLI was literally a Godsend. I needed accountability in the area of studying and knowing God’s word. I was blessed to find the training offered here at CLI. I look forward to the doors that will be opening for me during and after my training is complete. God is so faithful to give the things we need, right when we need them. This scholarship is a big door that’s been opened and I thank CLI for everything. God Bless this ministry richly.

Please pray for strength while in ministry, as well as funding. Thank you.

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Church Planting in Liberia

Church Planting in Liberia

CLI student, Jerome Allison is seeking ministry training because he feels the call to church planting in Liberia. Allison hasn’t had it easy he was raised in a home with two conflicting religions but he chose salvation.

Read Allison’s story in his own words below:

I was born and raised in West Africa, Liberia. Currently, I’m living in Las Vegas, NV with my wife and five children. My wife is an African and also a chef.

I grew up in the midst of two tough families with an opposite belief. My parents and grandparents, especially my mother and her father are completely opposite to each other when it comes to religion. My mother is a very strong Christian and on the other hand, my grandfather is a traditional man. When I was two years old, my grandfather took me from my mother to be with him as his own son cause his only son, died before I was born. My grandfather’s purpose for my life was wholly different from that of my mother. However, I grew up learning about both Christianity and West Africa/Liberia’s traditional beliefs. As I grew up, I found it very difficult to decide what belief to follow. With my grandfather, I always had the spirit of not belonging. For this not belonging spirit, I decided to spend more time with my mother and my uncle who was a pastor for a Baptist Church. Even though, while I was with them, going to church was an act of obedience to them. After years of their encouragements, teachings, and prayers, I became a Christian. In the year 2000, at the age of 15, I finally accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior. After I was baptized, I became a member of the church (Effort Baptist) in the Ivory Coast which was pastored by my uncle. I also voluntarily became its janitor. Later, I was made Sunday school teacher for the church’s kids. I work for the church until relocating to the USA. The journey has not been smooth, but God is always there for me and my family.

My life has been truly inspired by CLI beyond my expectation when I started. The sound teachings help to shift my experience in so many areas of my life. My understanding of God’s word had greatly improved compared to when I first started with CLI and without a pressure of student-loan debt. There is no better way to really explain the experience with CLI but to just say thanks to God for CLI.

Been ordained is very important to my ministry calling. With this ordination, my family and local church will rejoice with me, knowing that I have responded to God calling by studying his word and by the confirmation of other pastors.

I love reading God’s world, it brings joy to my heart. I always desire to share this joy by teaching other people the word of God and helping them to understand how to live base on God’s word. I believe the first thing in my calling is to study God’s word. I believe Christian Leaders Institute Ordination as a pastor and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I can accomplish the work God calls me to do.

I am so grateful to CLI for this Ordination. Even though I teach sometime and after many studies with CLI, recently started preaching once in a while in my local church, with this ordination my preaching will now be regular in my local church preparing me for my mission calling to the world, starting with Africa.

My calling is church planting in Liberia. In my country, there are villages where the gospel has not been preached. The mission is to reach out into these villages and share the gospel of Christ and establish churches there. However, most of the people in these areas can’t read. Therefore, for the gospel to be effective, there must be some kind of Educational system in place to teach those that can read so they can teach other the gospel. The first challenge is how to establish this educational system. The second challenge is, no Internet connection can be found in most of these villages and the Internet café in the city can be expensive; therefore, I can’t get those that can read to be trained by CLI.

I am grateful for my local church for their encouragement and support. My ordination service has been fully organized by my church members. The senior pastor who is also my mentor was always willing to answer me and explain to me in more detail where I had questions.

I am seeking for God’s protection, boldness and his direction in church planting in Liberia.

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Path of Salvation

Path of Salvation

CLI student Aquiles Pereyra has had a long journey in finding the path of salvation. He has faced many hardships along the way; he is fired up and ready to follow the path of salvation wholeheartedly.

Read his story below:

I was born in the Bronx, New York, and raised in Washington Heights (Manhattan, New York). My parents were raised Roman Catholic but later converted to Mormonism. They divorced when I was 3 and I was raised by my great grandmother. 

At the age of 7, I was sent to the Dominican Republic to live with grandparents because my great grandmother had a stroke. I was enrolled in boarding school. For the next 7 years, I was raised following the Roman Catholic religion. At the age of 12, I was baptized in the Catholic Church. At 14, I was sent to live with my mom in Miami, Fl. She remarried a Jewish man and I began to learn and follow the Jewish religion. At 16, I moved again to live with my dad in New York City. He still followed the Mormon religion and upon my arrival insisted I should be baptized and become a Mormon. To please my father, I was baptized and began to attend the Mormon church. At 17, I moved out because I did not get along with my father’s wife. A year later I decided that it was time to find God on my own. I was invited to a Pentecostal church by my girlfriend at the time (she later became my ex-wife), and instead of finding God and the love of Christ, I found criticism and rejection by the church members.

In December of 2001, I moved back to Florida and started to attend a non-denominational church. Still not being able to find and build my relationship with Jesus, I stopped attending church altogether. For the next 13 years, I lived with a woman who became the mother of my two precious children. In 2013, she was diagnosed with cancer. A year later, she found Jesus as her Savior (I wasn’t as convinced), and for the next three years, God would use her to prepare me for what was to come. It wasn’t until her death on July 25, 2016, that I broke and a week later walked into her church (my home church now, New Dawn Ministries) and truly gave my heart to Jesus, allowing God into my life, and a major transformation has been happening in my life ever since. 

I finally received Jesus as my Lord and savior. It has only been five months since her passing, but the Lord has given me peace in knowing that she was saved and left me in the path to salvation. I have felt him calling in my heart to become something greater than what I had become, and this is the reason I have decided to attend CLI.

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Learning to Minister

Learning to Minister

CLI Student Leaha Brisbois is learning to minister by taking CLI classes. She wants to bring the peace of God as she learns to minister to others.

My name is Leaha Brisbois. I live in the United States; Pacific Northwest area- specifically Washington State. Religious expression is a freedom that Americans are very fortunate to have so ministry can be easily shared. Ministry is simply the act of sharing God’s truth in hopes of leading someone to make an important life change for the best. We can share with anyone pretty much anywhere. Some might welcome it; some may not… but that’s o.k. because a seed has been planted.

I came to know the Lord in 1994 when I met my Husband Richard. He was well in love with the Lord and made it known to me during our very first phone conversation. He told me about how wonderful God is and even shared his own testimony. He always ended our phone conversations with a prayer. He also told me that God changes lives. One day, I said “o.k. God, let’s see what you will do with my life.” Our first date was on a Saturday at the state fair with our children. Our second “date” was the next day; He took us to church. I was attentive to the Pastor even though I didn’t always understand everything that he was talking about. Richard assured me that this was an amazing thing about sermons. Not everyone gets everything every time, but we get what God has for us that day. Within weeks, I was baptized.

My ministry dream is to use music and conversation to tell people about God. I love to sing, and I want to learn to play the guitar and keyboard. I imagine myself in living rooms, behind the pulpits or even around a campfire playing a guitar and singing about the Lord. I guess that I identify with the Evangelist most because they are the ones that create a spark in me that just lights God’s fire in me and the words of God get it roaring. I feel refreshed and revived every time I hear an evangelist.

This past year, I was in bible camp feeling empty. I knew I needed something, but I didn’t know what. In hind sight, my light had gone out. I remember going up to the alter and feeling heavy about my family, mainly my dad and my children. My dad doesn’t believe in Jesus, and my children’s focus is elsewhere (but they all know Jesus). At camp, A lady came to pray with and for me. We talked for a long time, and she taught me how to pray for my family in a way I’ve never done before. She told me not to worry about them because God has them in his hands. I felt so much better. I also knew that perhaps it was me that was supposed to tell my dad the truth about God even though he lives with a devout Catholic. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it, but God assured me that I can do anything, all I have to do is just do it. He told me that I could NOT fail – that if He is with me, I could do anything and it would not fail. All I have to do is just open my mouth and tell what I know – that’s it. How EASY is that? Truly!! How much easier could God make it? I realized it was fear keeping my mouth closed.

Geographically, there are not many challenges for me. The only challenge I see is that I live in the mountains; neighbors are far, and few and winters can be rough to travel in. I currently do not attend church. The nearest church is about 10 miles away, but we don’t attend there anymore due to some belief conflicts and a lack of “spiritual food.” Since leaving, my husband and I were determined to find spiritual food somehow. Perhaps on an online course of some sort that would fill us with God’s word in a manner that gave us joy, peace, and understanding. We wanted something that could truly educate us and would allow us to properly minister to others. Perhaps even start something in our local area. But for now, we are content with just learning.

I believe my family’s role is to simply accept my prayers for them and to listen when I tell them something that I’ve learned; this also helps me learn to minister to others. My husband’s role includes helping me understand things that I have questions about and to make sure I have my learning time.

Out of the many online bible courses I found, many were costly and didn’t seem truly God-centered. When I found CLI, I was so happy that instead of a brick building on the home page, I saw people asking questions that I’ve been asking. I even saw a place to click that said Bible study tools. They even offered church and a way to tithe, and it was all free. Pastor Reyenga talked about how Jesus never charged anyone for his teachings. This made sense to me and then I could not understand why anyone would charge someone to listen to them teach about God’s love. I really want to be part of this program. I can’t see that another program could be as good as this one, so I don’t want to look elsewhere. I would really appreciate the opportunity to be part of CLI and this scholarship is my ticket in.

CLI prayer warriors can pray (for me) that I can find peace and joy outside of my comfort zone and that my comfort zone gets bigger over time. Please pray that I reach people the way God intends for me to do and that God’s light will shine brightly within me. I have a forgetful mind, so please pray that my memory will be strong so that I can better remember things I’ve read. Also, please pray that I can learn to sing without fear.

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Answering God’s Call

Answering God’s Call

CLI student Rebecca Glenn is highly motivated to serve God despite challenges of being legally blind in her right eye. She is answering God’s call in her life by getting formal ministry training at CLI.

Hi, my name is Rebecca Glenn. I live in a small city in Montgomery Alabama. I was born in New York. I am legally blind in the right eye. I have been married for 32-years. I do not have children. My mother is living and is 82-years old when I write this profile. She is still in her own house and does her own cooking and cleaning. She is a strong woman of God. I have three brothers and five sisters. Currently, I do work so I guess I am bi-vocational. 

Being legally blind in the right eye, I had to adjust as a child because my right eye tends to deviate to the right pretty badly and the vision cannot be assessed. The Lord blessed me; however, as I have been able to continue my educational journey, obtaining a Doctorate Degree. I began my faith in Christ Jesus at an early age attending Sunday school, church and church activities. Church was a required activity. You knew that Monday-Friday was school, Saturday family activities/housework, and play time. But, on Sunday we were in church beginning with Sunday school, participating in choir, Easter programs, Christmas programs and other church activities.

During my childhood, my grandmother lived with our family. She was very wise, and she participated in many church functions. Often, I would be passing by her bedroom, and she would have the Bible. She would call me “Becky!” come in and read this passage. The first time I retorted “Gram you must not have your glasses on”’ she, then stated, “I did not say anything about my glasses, I told you to come in and read to me.” This became a habit; I do not know if she liked the way that I read or if she did not want to read it for herself or what. However, I do know that this planted a seed deep in me. I started to get to know our Lord and Savior in a deeper way. It was like He leaped off of the pages and was standing in my grandmother’s bedroom whenever I came in to read for her. My mother and grandmother did not believe in being baptized unless you knew Jesus for yourself. In other words, I had to have my own relationship. They gave us the ability to say that we believed in Christ and accepted Him as our Lord and Savior. I was baptized in a tiny creek with fish swimming around my feet at the age of 16; I will never forget it. At the age of 29, I began teaching Sunday school at children’s church. It was at this time that I received the indwelling of the Holy Spirit! I thank God for His power and anointing. God’s calling continued strongly in my life. In work, I have always believed in service to others. Through me, I want others to see Christ in my life. I always tell people that the only inheritance and legacy that you leave is that of a heartfelt relationship with Jesus Christ. If someone else sees Christ through me, then I am fulfilling my call and my ministry.

I currently, teach Sunday school; however, I have felt the need to perform formal evangelistic ministry. I would like to work as a Christian Counselor. I find that someone is always calling on me for knowledge and advice. My training would begin the journey towards a goal of ministering to people who believe that they have no hope. My goal is to obtain either an Associate or Bachelor’s degree. This would not necessarily make me competent to spread the Gospel as God has called us all to His ministry; however, it would assist with obtaining leadership positions with a strong foundation. A foundation of support lends credibility with those that you are ministering to; it also equips me with knowledge of the Bible, church, congregants, the community, and growth for the Kingdom. I have always felt drawn by God’s Word, but, did not know how He would have me to apply it further. I have always believed in working if as unto God, so, I always worked in service related professional fields. Now, I want to focus my life on ministry with the passion God has given me. I feel like the chains have been broken and I must focus on His will for my life. The world is turned topsy-turvy; we must look to the Savior to bring change individually and collectively. I pray that I receive this scholarship and I ask that CLI pray for my endurance in the completion of this program so that I may show myself approved to His will.

Currently, I am working on-line as an educator. I am very familiar with distance learning and cyberspace classrooms and course work. When I first saw this program, I could not believe that God had answered my prayers, but knew that if I waited long enough, He would answer my prayers. I know that He is calling me to this ministry as I reviewed other colleges and universities and low and behold like five loaves and two fish, there was Christian Leaders Institute. This scholarship was God sent and was meant for me. A scholarship would enable me the ability to pursue this endeavor. I am determined to go all the way and completely submit myself to Christ, but, I know that it will not be easy, I have dealt with adversity, and through them, all God has strengthened me to be a powerful ambassador of His Word. One final word, ministering to others on a formal basis is something that I have done my entire career as a nurse educator. It requires more than knowing scripture; it requires a personal relationship with our ruler and maker. There is a call on my life, and I am answering God’s call on it.

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Youthful Passion for Christ

Youthful Passion for Christ

CLI student, Sydney Simao, has been raised in the faith and at only 17 she is writing and public speaking about Christ. She has such youthful passion for Christ that you can feel by reading her testimony.

Read her story below:

My name is Sydney Simao and I’m a 17-year-old Christian writer and public speaker. I live in the United States in Washington with my Dad, who is a Pastor and Entrepreneur, Mom, who has home-schooled all of us kids, me and seven younger siblings.

I don’t remember the day that I came to know the Lord, but my Mom tells me that she remembers the first time I appeared to have a clear understanding of the Gospel. I was two years old, and running around the house carrying a small gift. When she asked what I was doing, I told her that I wanted to give a gift to Jesus. She knelt down and told me that Jesus wanted to give a gift to me and shared the Gospel. I prayed and asked Jesus to save me from my sins, and ever since then, I have been striving to grow in the knowledge of our Lord. I was baptized when I was 7 years old.

I desire to continue speaking and writing for God’s glory, and pointing others to the truth of His word by sharing the Gospel, defending the faith, and helping others learn about the central and sometimes difficult doctrines of the Christian faith.

I have always had a passion for understanding what I believe and why I believe it. When I was little, I desired to be a missionary in a foreign country. That desire to share and defend the Truth has not changed, but now I am planning to do this by helping those all around me through writing and speaking. That is why I am pursuing a degree in Biblical Studies, and I hope to get my Masters in Theology/Writing when I graduate.

My local Church, family, and friends have certainly supported my desires to minister to others and my Dad has the blessing of a large library, study tools, and resources which I have access to and have been enjoying using on a daily basis.

A scholarship to CLI is important to me because it seems an accessible and solid way to pursue gaining an education and foundation in Scripture so that I can share that truth with others.

Please pray that God would use me for His glory and that He would give me the compassion to see the need of others, the courage to help them, the wisdom to understand His truth and share it, and the strength that can only come from dependence on the constant grace of God.

If God is calling you into ministry it doesn’t matter your background, age or gender. Like Sydney, you can have youthful passion about the gospel whatever your circumstances.

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Inspiration for Ladies

Inspiration for Ladies

CLI student, Shay, has known what its like to be bullied for her faith but she overcame the doubters and now wants to become an inspiration for ladies everywhere.

Shay shares her story below:

Hello! My name is Shay. I am a newly married and I am really enjoying being married to my best friend. We reside in the Deep South of the United States, a place that I am still becoming familiar to. I grew up on the West Coast where I was born. As a very young girl, I would catch the neighborhood Sunday School Church bus all by myself. Attending church service and learning about Jesus amazed me. I love reading the bible and coming home to tell my mother what I learned. By the time I was in 5th grade, my church attendance was low. We moved and I simply stopped going.

In high school, my aunt invited me to her church. I loved it! I loved it so much that at age 16, I was baptized in the Apostolic church. I remember wearing all white and being dunked in the pool in front of my family. I felt so new. I had a need to feel new. I harbored a secret of shame. I had been sexually abused and I wanted God to make me new. I started wearing my church clothes to school because I was a new person, but my attire was met with taunts. I was teased. I was made fun of. High school just wasn’t the place for me.

My mom noticed a change in my behavior, so I finally explained to her what was going. How I had been abused. How I had been teased at school. She told me to toughen up, but if I needed to go speak to a counselor she would take me. I told her no because God is my counselor. I had learned to tell him everything. Things at home became unpleasant and as, a teen I just wanted to run away.

At the age of 20, I ran from home I wanted to see what I could do on my very own. I worked three jobs at one time to keep a roof over my head. I wanted to show my family that I could make it on my own. I kept getting sick from working too much and had no choice but to move home. This really made me depressed. I moved back home and started partying with my new friends. We would have drinks and play loud music every weekend. After all, I did work and I was grown. I felt I could do what I wanted to do; I was grown.

My 30s came and I must say, those days were no better. All of the loneliness I felt inside, finally caught up with me. I prayed. I prayed to God for a real friend and true direction. I wanted to get back on the right path. One day later, my prayer was answered. He sent me a friend! A girlfriend that I could talk to in addition to him. Someone positive that I could spend some time with after we worked. A Christian friend who believed the same things I did. There was no more need for extensive drinking parties and loud music. I finally had a friend.

I began reading a lot of Christian based literature. God’s Word started to change me. It shaped me so much that I packed my house up and moved down South to be closer to my sister and her family. The best decision I have ever made was leaving.

Life in the South is way different than California. People here are more family orientated and they have no problem telling people about God. Something that I love about the value system here is the traditional roles of husband and wife. Life is slower here, but peaceful in our little town. I believe God sent me here so, I could become closer to him and guess what? My relationship with God deepened. My spiritual growth allowed me to see things that I would not have noticed like, a Godly man pursuing me. I was mature enough to have an adult relationship. We courted shortly then married.

I have enjoyed visiting a few churches, but I still haven’t found one that I really just love. Most churches here are Baptist, different from how I was raised. This has lead me to not attending church regularly. I watch television or YouTube sermons. I do not drive and my husband works weekends so, I do not go. I got to thinking, how many other women are embracing the Word this way? Women that live in rural areas or have no transportation that want to fellowship and have bible study in a woman’s group, but don’t have the means of getting to the building. My dream is to join the other women who teach God’s Word online. I just do not know where to begin.

Then I got to thinking about how I always wanted to assist ladies who have been victims of sexual and verbal abuse. Young women who are teased just for being themselves. Women who say forget what society says, this is what God says I am and I’m going to live this way. These very factors are the reason I am starting my Ministry blog.

My goal is to be an inspiration for ladies to be the woman that God says they are, not who society says they have to be. I want to cheer them on as they realize the wonderful life God has for them to live. The beauty of the blog is my personal testimony—Evangelist. How God is changing me through His Word. I still have so much to learn that is why it is important that I receive a scholarship to Christian Leaders Institute. I do not have the money to afford “traditional” ministry training. I want to encourage women, but I really do not have the proper training to lead them. This is why free training is important to me. It will allow me to effectively be an inspiration for ladies everywhere.

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Youth Pastoring – God had a plan!

Youth Pastoring

My name is Adam Mack, and I live in Pennsylvania, the USA with a buddy and his family who are all a wonderful, loving Christian family who have helped me with my walk with God.

I grew up living a secular lifestyle because my family were not believers. I have early memories of going to church a few times, but we all stopped going, and I was never brought up on biblical principles. I went to public school and played soccer and basketball and had the typical secular mindset growing up. My parents got divorced when I was in 8th grade, and that took a toll on me even though I didn’t think so for the longest time.

I ended up resorting to partying, and doing /taking drugs, and all the other bad things that come with the territory of a teenager who just wants attention and to be cool. Through the years of partying and bouncing from house to house, I found myself staring down the barrel of a gun due to a drug deal went wrong. Though I survived it, I began drinking to the point where I would throw up in my sleep. My parents were disappointed in me, my friends were disappointed in me, and I was disappointed in me as well as scared that I would never amount to anything.

I had a Christian friend that attended Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit, PA and I called him up one day and made plans to visit him for five days in which I did a few days later. Through the whole experience of just getting away and meeting new people and experiencing the Christian culture and feeling the Holy Spirit working on me, I declared that Jesus was my Lord and Savior in November 2012. My partying did not stop there, but I did end up attending Baptist Bible College in August of 2013 for one full academic year. Through that experience, I met a lot of great people, played soccer for them which was Division 3 NCAA, and learned a lot about Jesus, and how to study God’s Word.

I could not attend the following year due to how expensive the tuition was at school. Though I’ve had my ups and downs since then, I have always tried and stayed on the path of Lord. I have always felt that God has wanted me to do something with the youth as well as sports, but also to be a church planter and a Christian leader of some sort, but I just could not identify where God is leading me. So my ministry dream I believe is to start a sports ministry, but as well as be a Pastor and or be a Christian Leader/Speaker. Sports was a big part of my life growing up. I can interact with the youth and the constant telling from my peers that I should do something with youth ministry. God has laid youth pastoring on my heart.  The challenges I face here is that I am in the mountains of the Poconos and everything is just too far to walk too, so it makes it hard for people to just show up to an event of any sort, or to do anything.
The church I attend currently, Community Church, I have just started going to, so I don’t know many people yet, but they are encouraging in me becoming very active. The church also does not have any sport ministry or anything to do with sports, which for me is a good thing, because it opens a door for a possibility for someone, meaning me, to try and start something up at this church. The possibilities seem endless here!

This scholarship is so important for me, because I have tried over and over again to try and attend school not only just to get an education, but to learn ministry, and God’s calling for me, but I have not been able to do so, because I just have no financial backing to actually attend school.

Ministries, churches, and organizations want to see that you have some experience and degree to back you before they put any trust and responsibility on you, so that is also another reason why I want the CLI scholarship. Learning more about God’s Word and how to minister to others is something I’ve wanted to harness ever since I became friends with Jesus.

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Free Ministry Degree – Pursuing God’s purpose

Free Ministry Degree

My name is Anthony Dempsey I am from Michigan u.s.a, am 30 years old a husband and father of 3. My country is very involved with the worldly way of life and is sucked into the growing paganism views taking over, there is a great need to minister, and many are becoming more open as they see how much pain and suffering follows living an ungodly life.

I was raised in a Christian home and was taught the word of God from a young age; I faced many tragedies throughout the rest of my childhood and early adult hood which ultimately built a strong foundation and a trust and faith in Christ Jesus that now leads my life and my leading of my family.

I would love to be apart of a world wide effort to spread God’s kingdom to all nations so each and every person can have a chance to turn to God and know of his love, his kingdom and his teachings as well as bringing my family to experience and be involved.
As an evangelist, I would like to take all the tools I have gained through my life and God’s word to try and convert as many as possible and being able to relate to younger people on the way to talk with them about Christ where they wouldn’t feel comfortable otherwise.

Having children and amazing God fearing wife has been the key experience and driving force In wanting me to take the lead and to teach my family and to take my experience and put it to work in God’s ministry.

There are unique challenges in my area as there is many different ethnicities and many Christians or religious people who are lost in their faith or have been taught what is not aligned with the Bible, so there is a lot if work to be done.

My local church has supported by always having resources available when needing extra insight or knowledge or prayer and encouragement

I look forward to being able to serve God while having my family beside me all of the way learning and growing as well.

A free ministry degree through CLI is something I am looking forward to having as a door opener, knowledge grower and faith builder.

I ask that you may pray for my family and me to be protected and guided by God’s holy spirit and to have his blessings over all of our work.

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