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I am excited to receive online free Bible training at Christian Leaders Institute. I was born in 1971 in Pakistan. I am married and a mother of three daughters. I migrated to the United Kingdom in 2015. I studied MBA-HRM, and my total work experience in administration and HR is 23 years. I was raised Christian and belonged to a church-going family. My parents taught me about God ever since I was a child. I used to call upon Him in times of severe need and thought He is the one I am worshiping and asking for my needs. The Lord’s hand was with me, but I only realized this when I received Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour and got baptized in 1998. The understanding of God’s deep love and the kind of love He wants from us took me many years to understand. But I knew God was at work in me.

I completely surrendered my life to Lord Jesus Christ in 2013, when my youngest daughter was ill and bedridden. I confessed my sins and asked God for forgiveness. I prayed that He would save the blessing He had given me. I promised that I would give my life to serve Him. The Lord heard my cry and my child was saved at that point in time. I was not sure how I was going to fulfill my promise to the Lord. But I started feeling myself under that burden. At that time, I was working with a multinational company as their permanent employee. While praying, God told me that I cannot serve two masters. Still, I didn’t understand what that meant. And how does God not want me to work when my home and family were depending on that job?

I was confused and disturbed. I wanted to serve the Lord but didn’t want to leave my job. In two years, I was working with the church and sharing the word of God with others at my workplace and at my home. But the Lord showed up in a situation where my organization was laying off some people and my name was on that list too. This was the sign from God that He wanted me completely in His service. In these hard situations, I felt closer to God and started trusting in Him because I knew He had been preparing me for this. Meanwhile, He opened other doors for me and my family, and we moved to the United Kingdom in July 2015.

Since then I have experienced God using me by sharing my testimony at different churches and the people I meet everywhere I go. He is our provider and I am His living testimony for how he has worked in me and through all aspects of life. My personal life, my marriage life, and my family life. Now I understand His love which is above everything in this World. He has been teaching, guiding and using me as His vessel. He brought me into His obedience according to His word. The Word has become alive to me. I never thought that God has chosen me ever since I was in my mother’s womb. I was blind but now I can see. He is our provider and shield of protection. His Kingdom is very near and more workers are required to harvest.

I was a regular church member of Living Branch Church in Pakistan and with the help of my Pastor, I learned a lot about God and His purpose for our lives. Here we are a regular member of Oxford Baptist Church, Hartlepool, United Kingdom. I am also a member of a women’s group meeting that is held once a week. The Holy Spirit is using me and it is such a wonderful experience the way God uses me to Glorify His name.

I have been interested to learn from this online free Bible training at Christian Leaders Institute. I desire to have further training to help me in evangelizing. My experience is that when God works in you and teaches you it’s a wonderful work of the Holy Spirit. We need to develop a relationship with the Lord every day. He will teach and guide us and shows us the path to walk on according to His promise.

As I am on a journey with the Lord so I have a hunger to know Him more through this online free Bible training at CLI, through my praying and reading the word of God on a daily basis, and by trusting Him. Sometimes, I don’t even realize when God uses me. I am not in search of becoming a pastor or deacon or having my own ministry or church. I want to serve the Lord in any way He shows me by living as an example of His work not only for my family but for others. It is all to Glorify His name forever and ever.

The Lord said, “I will teach you and I will guide you and show you the path on which you will walk.” My heart believes in Him completely and I am walking by faith. CLI mentioned that through the online free Bible training we will discover whether we are under any calling from God to serve Him. Right now, He has shown me that my purpose is to tell others about the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus is coming soon.

Hebrews 11:6 King James Version (KJV)
But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

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United Kingdom Ministry Journey

My name is Nancy Amponsah Adjei and I am receiving Christian education at Christian Leaders Institute on this United Kingdom ministry journey. I live in Mitcham in the United Kingdom. I am married with many children but two biological sons. I was born in the mission house in Ghana, and grew up in a Christian environment, going to church morning and evening every day until I was eighteen years old.

Later, I became a Muslim. I am a giver by nature and any time I have something I share it and I do it with a passion. So I worked hard to convert people to the Muslim faith. Anytime they were doing something, I made sure to organize the women and do something to help. This pleased the leaders in the community, so they wanted me to go to Saudi Arabia for training so that I could understand the religion very well. They took all the details they needed from me to get me a traveling document. It was my tenth year in that religion. A day before my traveling, I told them I was not interested and I left the Islamic faith.

After two years, a friend of mine told me to look for a Christian church to attend. That advice turned my life around. I sat down and prepared a lot of questions for any church that I would go to because I wanted to know more details of anything that I was doing. I just want to know more about Jesus so that I can share. My local church has been supportive of my calling. They allow me to preach morning and evening services and lead the adult Bible studies in the evenings as well as in the house group. They feel that anyone who has a calling should have a chance to practice it.

I am eager to learn more about God at Christian Leaders Institute through my studies here. I hope to grow in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding in my ministry. Thank you for this educational opportunity.

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Leading Home Groups

My name is David Smith and I live in the South of England near Portsmouth, UK. I’m married 2 years to my beautiful wife Kathy and I work as an IT Systems Administrator.

I gave my life to Christ as a young lad at the age of 10 but after a while became a bit of a complacent Christian. I cared greatly and deeply about other people’s feelings which caused me to go a bit adrift, I wasn’t going to church as much, my prayer life diminished. My life just seemed to fly off the rails a bit while I was growing up and by the grand old age of 39 was plunged into complete chaos of a magnitude that even I couldn’t truly comprehend. Without going into too much personal details I essentially lost everything that I had ever strived and worked for in life. I lost my home, possessions, and my family. The reasons behind these were not of my doing, but because of my nature of caring for people I was essentially taken advantage of on both emotional and financial levels which led me to my fall, I became an utterly broken man.

It was in this brokenness, you could say I was at the very bottom of the barrel, that the Lord met with me. He told me that He loves me and that I am forgiven, I was given 3 phrases all of which were perfectly clear. I was to TRUST, LET GO & FORGIVE and I would HEAL. From this day onward I put all my trust in my Lord Jesus knowing that I could not live life as I had as this was leading me to destruction. My life and circumstance improved in leaps and bounds within a matter of a few months, as my Dad put it, “David I am rejoicing in what the Lord has blessed you and I with, my prayers have been answered and you have truly come home to your Heavenly Father”. I started to meet regularly with my brothers and sisters in Christ at church bringing praise and worship back to our Father and started to grow and grow in the Spirit. I liken my trust to God, Jesus and Holy Spirit now to that of a child standing on top of a shed. My Father is on the ground calling me to jump into His arms, I can hear Him say, trust me I will not let you fall. So this is now every day of my life living by the Spirit in faith and trust. God has reshaped my life through my obedience to Him and made me a stronger man both spiritually and emotionally.

I mentioned at the very beginning that I live in the South of England. During the very brief outline above of my brokenness I was living in the North of England in Yorkshire. Now God loves each and every one of us and here now is an example of such love. After getting back on my feet and into work again a year or so passed. It was announced at work that the company was going into administration. The news though disappointing did not upset me, why? My trust is in my Father and I knew that he wouldn’t let me fall. I prayed about the situation and asked the Lord to provide a job but most of all to send me where he needed me to be. In faith I applied for jobs all over the United Kingdom in the field of IT Systems Administrator. Out of 72 jobs applied for only 1 job interview was given. The interview was arranged 3 days after applying and was over 200 miles away. In faith I went to the interview and 5 days later was offered the job to start in 10 days time. Wow things were certainly moving. There were of course 2 obstacles, I needed a car as this job was for a mobile administrator servicing various locations in the area and also I needed accommodation. I didn’t have any capital at this time to buy a car. I committed this in prayer and trust and said to our Lord, if this is where you need me to be Lord then please provide the solution to these needs. I accepted the job offer and walked each day in faith and trust. 3 days before I was due to start the job in the south there was a chap who stated that he had heard about my predicament and wanted to give me £1000 to buy a reliable 2nd hand car, 1 day before I was due to start I was given a call to say a room was ready for me nearby to my new work. Wow, Lord you have supplied again, praise Your Name. Everything rolled perfectly from the move to starting the new job.

A few days after arriving in the South of England I met Kathy on a Christian dating site. Her catching statement was simply “I want to meet another person who loves our Lord Jesus”. My catching statement was simply, “Jesus is my first love and He comes before anything and anyone else”. We seemed to hit it off very well and agreed to meet. From our very first meeting we felt an attraction which quickly grew into a love that we couldn’t possibly describe. I attended church with Kathy, Kathy had an active role in the church as a Worship leader. Our love for each other and our love for our Lord grew deeper and deeper every single minute of every day. We decided to get married. The Lord continues to bless us each and every day. We put Him first in everything we do and seek His will for our lives both as individuals and as a couple.

I now take an active part in church life,  where God is making wonderful changes in people, encouraging and building. His Name be glorified for his love and blessings poured out on us all.

I know the Lord has called me to my area to lead and encourage in ministry and has equipped me greatly to bring His Word and encouragement to others both in and outside of the church sharing Gods love, Jesus, the Kingdom and His Word with all. This scholarship will help to bolster this both spiritually and academically for me and open a door. I also hope and pray that this statement helps to encourage others who may read it. God loves each and every one of us, trust Him in all things and step out in faith.

CLI student receives free UK Church Planter training online at Christian Leaders Institute: CLI student Steven Whitehurst is fulfilling his dream to become a Church Planter in the UK by earning his Church Planting certificate for free at Christian Leaders Institute! Here is his story…

UK Student Receives Free Church Planter Training Through CLI

Hello, my name is Steven Whitehurst and I live in Manchester in the UK. I have lived here for all my life. I am 27 years old and I am a former carpenter and hotel porter. I am currently unemployed looking for a Job with real purpose, the one that God will find me. When it comes to the UK and ministering in it has become a subject of taboo, because the word religion is very closely linked to racism and racism is trouble. So the opinions of the people have become mixed. We are a heavy catholic country but I am more pentacostal rather than catholic. We are in some serious need of a revival over here.

I have come to find the Lord finally through my to-be wife Marcia. I had some questions before I met her and when I asked her these questions it was clear to me that for the past 10-12 years God had been talking to me and protecting me from myself as I was heading for self destruction. I was abused as a child and when I grew up the dark one made me believe that everyone else should pay for what happened to me, but God was in my life unknowingly to me sending me people to talk me around the self destruction I was heading for. I repent of all I did wrong back then and now I have the Lord to guide me.

My ministry dream is to own my own Messianic Church where we actually do the feasts of the Lord as it was done back in Biblical times. I would serve as a pastor and youth pastor of the church and make a huge difference not just in my own church but also an online church also.

My calling seems to be a Pastor of some sort, When I read scripture aloud to my family I am visited by the Holy Spirit and I believe that my voice is strong enough for the Holy Spirit to use my passion to propel the message of the Holy Spirit to a congregation of followers of Christ.

What brought me to want to be a pastor of some sort is I have a very strong empathetic ear and I have a way of formulating beautiful expressions when all looks dull and buried, I have a way of inspiring of hope from within a person and help them understand that faith and God is all we need. I am very analytical but also tactile with what I say and what I do not say. I am pursuing this because I believe that God needs pastors that not only listen but give his followers inspiration, hope and faith that nothing is impossible with God.

In my geographical area, the unique challenge to overcome that no matter what religion you come from whether Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Sikh etc, the religion is not the problem. Evil is the problem but as it stands right now religion is just that – trouble. I pray that this viewpoint changes. I pray for those being lied to by this lie and those who truly believe this lie.

My church has helped me tie in what I have been taught was wrong, so for me it this was a complete personality re-haul from a position of hating the world and everyone in it to a position of learning that I was sold a lie and now must love the people in this world including those who do some really hideous evil things.

My family have encouraged me to this point of getting myself to be a pastor. I always thought I would never be good enough for even getting this far, I now understand why the Devil has worked so hard to discourage me because of the work I’m doing now. My family mean the world to me as they want me to do this.

The scholarship at CLI is so important in making this dream a reality. I really need this just like I need God everyday. God gave me life, I want to make sure that he invested well in me. The scholarship also falls in line with how anything relating to God should be free to access with the ability to donate what we do have and we shouldn’t have to pay extortionate fees for something God gave us for free.

I wish for CLI to bless me in my venture to help change peoples lives in my area. I wish for CLI to pray for my success in my schooling here.

Thank you for listening to me.
God bless you all and this school.


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My name is Samuel McQuigg. I am 47 years old and live in Wolverhampton in Great Britain with my wife and her eldest son. I am remarried and have two boys who live with their mother. We are moving to Cornwall next month so that my wife can look after her aging parents and we can start ministering to the people in the South West region of the country. As our country moves away from God and becomes more secular, ministry becomes more difficult. It is not that we receive persecution as some in other countries go through, but simply that people do not believe and there is a hardness in their hearts through the spread of evolution throughout the media and education system.

I was brought up in a Christian family, so have always believed in God as far back as I can remember. So it was easy for me to say the “sinner’s prayer” when I was 16 years old. However, not understanding the truth of the gospel and God’s love and grace towards me, I spent the next 30 years in and out of relationship with God and constantly struggling with sin and condemnation. When I got things wrong I felt that I has messed up, lost my relationship with God and had to start all over again. So I went through a cycle of being born again, trying to live a right life, failing and believing that I had lost my relationship with God and salvation. When I was about 36 years old I received some tapes from my brother by an American teacher called Andrew Wommack, who’s main focus on teaching is God’s grace, faith in God’s Word, and our identity in Christ. After hearing these and understanding the true message of the gospel, that God loves me and continues to love me, even when I make mistakes, that I was able to begin a more meaningful relationship with Him, one that has lasted and matured over the years.

Subsequently, I attended Charis Bible College, founded by Andrew Wommack, from 2005 and studied there for 3 years. During this time I met my current wife, Roz, who was studying at the college in the year below me and we married in 2007. I completed my 3rd year in 2008 and started to work for the college and then transferred to working for the ministry, Andrew Wommack Ministries – Europe, in 2012.

Our ministry dream is to connect with churches in the South West region of Great Britain to share the gospel truths that we have received. We hope to start local bible study groups using Andrew’s Study Guides and the Discipleship Evangelism material available through the ministry and, in time, develop a Christian Centre to hold these meetings, Christian conferences, a Charis Bible College, a church and for it to be a place of rest where Christian can come and spend some quiet time with the Lord in the beautiful county that is Cornwall.

I identify with Pastor most as I have a teaching gift and it is my desire to disciple Christians from their conversion, to find and develop the spiritual gifts that God has given them and send them out to fulfil the vision that God has placed in their hearts.

Through college I discovered that I had the gifts of teaching and preaching, having had the opportunities to practice and develop them, both in the college and at my brother’s church. Also, the vision of the college is to train up and send out Christian leaders, so I had sat under that for 3 years and have the strong desire to do something more with my life than everyday work and attending church on Sundays.

Having not started ministering in Cornwall or the South West yet, I don’t know what specific challenges we might meet. I know that the road system is less developed than other parts of the country and it will take longer to travel distances than it does now, but other than that we don’t know.

My brother and the college/ministry has always encouraged me to follow the calling on my life.

My wife will be a major part of the ministry, as we have both studied at the college and, being unique and very different people, will have different skills, talents and gifts to bring to the ministry.

The scholarship at CLI is very important to our ministry dream as it will offer us a way to obtain ordination. I could be ordained through the ministry, but this would not be recognised by any church, ministry or organisation that do not know Andrew Wommack or recognise his teaching gift. While this will be an additional period of study for me, it will not require me to go through a full-time college again, to have to relocate or save up the considerable sums of money to purchase a good standard of education. This scholarship will allow me to study in my own time to build up to a significant level of recognised education as well as the opportunity to be ordained.

As we step out in faith, I would just ask for prayer for wisdom for us and blessing on our ministry, that we would see the opportunities and provision that God has already made for us there and that we wouldn’t be distracted by things that look good, but aren’t from God.

Simply, we just want to walk with God throughout our lives and allow Him to direct us fully into what He has ordained for us.

 “My Pastor, as good a friend as he is, does not know all my story, he does know about my calling. I did my best to explain it to him. He knows I am doing an online ministry course, but does not know the extent of it yet, but he soon will. I will be telling him as much as I can about the online ministry course, and, as I am asking you also now, I will ask him for a prayer for the strength and wisdom to continue in the right direction, with Jesus’ help of course.”     – CLI Student, Darin Pearman

Online Ministry Course- Getting Past the Spiritual Attacks

My name is Darin Pearman. I was born in London in 1961, I was not raised as a church-going child. My parents, ex-choir members, insisted that my brother and I attend Sunday School, but I rebelled so they dropped the enforcement. Religion and its associated melodrama, was no more than a source of ridicule and jokes for myself and my “friends.” Later I became the object of their bullying and ridicule and the school punching bag for the first nine years of school. (This led to some psychological issues which were only dealt with recently.)

In 1975 our family moved to Montreal, Canada.  My father, a Technical Design  Engineer, accepted a new job with Brown-Boveri.  Unfortunately, the level of education he required meant he was hardly ever at home.  Like his dad before him, he didn’t show any affection to his children either.  So although I knew my father growing up, he was not available to me as a loving parent.  Anyway, once we had settled into our new life I resolved never to allow myself to be bullied again. Unfortunately, that had the reverse effect, and I became unapproachable to many. This carried over to my college years until I flunked out in 1981. During that time I turned to the drug culture and rock music while I worked my first real job.

About then I met my first wife, we dated for two years before we got married. (She already had a son) By this time my rocker lifestyle had cost me my job so I was unemployed. We survived another two years, having had a daughter by this time, when she left me for my best friend. I managed to get custody of my daughter as she had to work for a living.

After a few failed relationships, I thought I had finally found ‘the one’, and after getting a payout for a back injury at work, we moved back to London, England, to start a new life in 1992. I got a job working as a salesman for a large electrical retailing company and worked my way up through the ranks to become a manager within two years. Unfortunately, my partner had become mentally abusive to my daughter, and because I was often away from home, I didn’t know about it. By her fourteenth birthday, she had discovered boys and booze. I found myself having to go and fetch her from school, quite drunk, whilst in the middle of a stock audit at work.  After getting into yet another relationship to try and get a mother figure in my daughter’s life, she ran away from home. I didn’t have any real contact with her for six years.

The new relationship I was in became like a prison sentence.  The woman I was with became more and more mentally and emotionally domineering to the point where I was being slapped and beaten in front of her children and brother. I was living in fear of her, and her father and brother, since she had convinced me they were quite capable of murder as they had both done it before. By this time, I had resigned from retail, and had become a bus driver. I had risen to the rank of supervisor, when I finally snapped, I couldn’t handle the emotional abuse at home anymore.  I was, quite literally, sitting on the bedroom floor with a 100 antidepressants in one hand and a glass of water in the other when a still small voice stopped me.  Six months later, I went out, stood in the middle of a field and shouted out, “God of the Universe, Whoever You are, take me away from all this!” I was totally broken. (Summer 2006). I carried on in this relationship for a another ten months when I made up my mind that I was going to leave whether I lived or died.

So in May of 2007, I found myself with no wife, no family, no daughter,  nowhere to live, and as far as I knew, no future.  I was still working and had a little money with me, but I didn’t even have a bank account. This is when God began to change my life for the better. Unbeknownst to me, the lady who was running our canteen at work had somehow taken a liking to me, and had offered to put me up in the house where she was staying. This Christian, African (Ghanaian) lady actually wanted to help me. Even though I briefed her on my situation, she still said yes, and, within two weeks, we had become more than just friends. In those two weeks, she had gotten me to go to her church and my daughter had called for a reconciliation! This wonderful lady and I are now married (2010), and I have, along with my daughter and her partner, two wonderful grandchildren. God is so good!

Because of my past, my wife and I went through some very rocky patches, but with the help of our faithful, loving Pastor, we are still together. We still argue from time to time, but the events are less frequent, and less eventful, except for the beginning of this year (2014). Due to what I can only describe as spiritual attacks, I found myself having thoughts that did not fit my current lifestyle (as a Christian, having given my life to Jesus, God having audibly told me during my morning shower that I am forgiven which was very weird, having been baptized, and now speaking in tongues). These thoughts caused an immense conflict in me, and caused a rift between my wife and I. This has since been repaired fully. But at the time, I was very close to breaking down emotionally. After a short prayer, it would seem that God had also had waited long enough, and showed me what was meant for my harm, He would now turn for my good, and showed me just what His Love was all about. It would be very difficult to even try to put that into words, so I won’t.

He also showed me a staircase of fourteen steps, and explained to me that each step was a test, that I would pass the test, but He also showed me that with each new level, there would be a new devil. That trial was the first step, and I had passed. He told me to teach and preach the word of love, but I would need to go through these things in order that I am ready for the ministry. All this took a matter of minutes, but it seemed like ages, and I will never forget it. Hence, I am now going through your online ministry course, and preparing myself for the battle ahead. He did not however, show me where I was to do this, but I am sure He will.

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Online Bible School in the United Kingdom

Greetings to you brothers and sisters in the Lord. My name is Pius Otu Nyiam, I currently live in Manchester, England, United Kingdom where I have been for most of my life. I am 54 years old. Ministry in the UK I believe is now being dominated by churches from Africa. The UK brought Christianity to Africa but it has gone full circle because now Africa has brought Christianity back to Europe. There are hundreds of African churches in most cities in Europe now and growing.

Popularly known as HRH Prince Pius because I was born into a royal family from Bokyi nation in Cross River State of Nigeria. As a young boy I attended the Catholic Church and my mother is still a very strong Catholic. My father slept in the Lord in 2001. I have always known God, in 1978 a cousin took me to a Pentecostal Church in Sokoto, Nigeria when I became burn again however, I stopped my walk with God and went into the world doing things that do not glorify God. I prayed most times, went to church regularly and the Lord was very patient with me. Finally, May 2013 a friend took me to another church when I had spiritual attack. God delivered me and I became filled with the Holy Spirit who gave me the gift of Healing and Casting out Demons.

As a young boy I always knew I was going to serve the Lord later in life. I need to fully live up to my name (Pius) “A Religious Person.” My dream is to have an Outreach Ministry for casting out demons, healing and wining souls through music and drama while glorifying God. I have had interesting conversations with Pastors about God and I was already planning to work with some Anointed men and women of God. My plan is to establish my Ministry in my home town in Nigeria and work with other respected Pastors from other parts of the world. During my search for information to help my ministry, I found Christian Leaders Institute and my life has not been the same because the course is so in-depth, very clear, very well researched, professionally presented and surprisingly free.

Since joining my church in Manchester, I have receive tremendous support spiritually, emotionally and physically. The Lord anointed me with the Holy Spirit two days to my last birthday; I was made an Elder and Minister. As an NGO expert, I have helped the church to establish its own members association to look at welfare issues in the church and the community. I want to give something back to the church before I relocate to Nigeria. Most of the members and the church leadership respect my views and I am using the knowledge gained from CLI to help improve the work in my local church. I now have a fruitful walk with God. I joined two men of God and we visit people in their homes to pray with them and give them directions from the Holy Spirit.

My family means a lot to me. I have informed my family about my decision to serve the Lord, my wife has been an inspiration for my calling, she prays for me to be successful in anything I do. My mother was very happy to hear that I decided to surrender to our Lord and Saviour. My children were very surprised, because my lifestyle was of the world. I now preach to my children, my siblings know God some are burn again, my plan is to help save all my family and my larger family. My children are ready to join my ministry and join me to serve the Lord. Since I met Jesus again last year, I communicate with our father everyday and every time and unfailingly searching the Word.

Finally, I need to be well prepared for my Ministry. CLI is my hope for that, at the moment I am out of work and life has been a struggle. I need the scholarship to continue my education. I know that as I start working I will make regular contribution to the work of CLI. When my ministry is in full operation, CLI will play a huge role in the training of my Pastors. At the moment I have been actively promoting this Online Bible School in the United Kingdom and work of CLI to my church members and to other friends that have been Called and those already Pastors. I would appreciate prayers for more anointing from the Holy Spirit and continuous Spiritual growth.

 Evangelist Trainingevangelist training

Are called to be an evangelist? Do you need evangelist training? Does that evangelist training need to free? Christian Leaders Institute offers over 20 classes that prepare you for your calling.

My name is Derek J Backhouse, I am originally from Durban, South Africa and am now living in Omagh, Northern Ireland. I believe that I was told by God to come here as Northern Ireland is desperate for revival.

Living in South Africa was difficult as there was discrimination on the color of skin. I believe that racism is the scourge of the Nations and it is rampant everywhere. My heart is for people to see that in the Kingdom of God, we are under a new culture and creed that is not based on color and country.

I believe that I was led to Christian Leaders institute by the Holy Spirit.  I came upon it randomly and the site “jumped out at me” so to speak. I believe that God has called me to receive evangelist training and preach the good news of the resurrection.  The gospel is ALL that will save us in the days to come. I believe that we are nearing the final harvest, the final revival, and I am committed to being an integral part of it.

By the time I was 11 years old I had read my Bible from cover to cover many times but I still yearn for more. My motive for doing these courses is to increase my understanding of the word. These courses are easy to understand and learn from.

When I became a Christian and received Jesus as Lord I knew it wasn’t going to be easy and it certainly hasn’t been, but what a journey it has been so far. I am very excited to be given another opportunity to study the word of God as I have not been able to afford a Bible college up until now.

Please pray for the will of God in my life.  Spiritually speaking, the town where I am living is dead.  The people of Northern Ireland are still very bitter about the religious conflicts of the past and blame God for it, but I believe that He loves Northern Ireland and am willing and able to be sent by Him to minister to them.

Christian Leaders Institute offers a Christian Leaders Ordination certificate and registration 0n the Christian Leaders Directory. This Ordination is a nice completion of evangelist training and confirmation that you have completed advanced Evangelist training at CLI. It also gives the graduate of CLI an Christian Leaders Ordination card.

Kalev Peet graduates with a Christian Leaders Basic Certificate. He writes,

We have just relocated to the North Coast of Scotland after a period of living missionally in an DSCF1224orthodox jewish community. Our part of the UK is traditionally Christian, but in recent years younger generations have left the faith. Scotland is rife for revival, in spite of a growing tide of anti gospel sentiment.

After childhood abuse I slipped into drugs and crime, whilst backpacking I ended up staying in a Guatemalan orphanage run by believers. I saw the gospel preached in deed and word, on my return to the UK, I was further convicted of my need for repentance and the forgiveness found in Jesus. I began trusting in Jesus in 2003 and have been following Him ever since. I have been drug free, and not involved in criminality ever since. Furthermore, the Lord has allowed me to work in prisons, drug and mental health services and homeless outreach. He took the depth of my sin and used it for His glory.

To serve God in my community alongside my wife and children, our town has seen revival before, and we long to be used as a witness and share the love of God in Christ. We live in a small fishing town and want to be a lighthouse for those in darkness. Our hearts are toward opening our home as a simple church/small group, continuing to conduct homeless outreach.

I have several people in my life who God used mightily to speak truth into my life, and the desire to be used of God to speak and sow into the lives of others is a burning desire.I have been blessed with opportunity previously to do this and it felt “right”, I believe the witness of the Word and Spirit have confirmed this call.

The unique challenges in our geographic area is New age practices and paganism. There is a general hostility to things of God.

We have had words of prophecy that God will use our family unit for his glory, that the life experiences and challenges we have overcome by His grace will be used as a testimony and witness for His Kingdom. My family are pivotal in my ministry calling. Home first then the community!!
Christian Leaders Institute is a foundational part in being thoroughly equipped for every good work. The depth and scope of the CLI program will equip me with an education (which I could never afford) to empower and enable me to fulfill the call I have.

Please pray for openings in our community, for a boldness of approach in our homeless outreach and street evangelism. Pray that our corporate walk as a family will be founded on grace, empowered by faith and evidenced by fruit, fruit enough to share with others!!

London Bible School Options for At Christian Leaders Institute

I was born 1969 in Ghana to a Ghanaian parents who were not so religious, living alone with my

sofos-picture-for-cliparents as the third child of theirs, I migrated a few years later at the age of 2 when my Mum and Dad separated, I started living with one of my Aunties, who took care of me as her own, though she wasn’t religious. As I started growing up, I made my own decision to attend any church I set my eyes on and made it a point to go to any church any one invited me to until I decided to attend a Pentecostal church. Attending revivals daily to play instruments for the various churches and helping them out was one of my hobbies, as I was gifted in that particular area, it was with this acts that I got to know more about God and how to serve me.

At the age of 7 I had a revelation about ministering overseas, London to be precise, but since I was very young I didn’t understand so I mentioned it to my Senior Pastor who explained that one day I may be a minister abroad, since then and years after I continued to have dreams of praying, evangelizing, preaching to people and winning souls for God.

As I grew up I had to fend for myself as I was raised from a broken home, I moved to a city called Accra in Ghana and struggling through life and doing all sorts of work as well as going to church as a normal Christian I had another revelation one day, finding myself at a really huge convention where coat hanged, all of a sudden I was wearing the coat and it seemed like I was the one to minister. It was after this revelation and what some ministers and pastors told me that I decided to do God’s work after the revelation and visitation of the Holy Spirit.

I was ushered into ministry by one of my head pastors who made me an overseer of one of his local churches lived a life of a training pastor and a leader until I met my wife and got married around 1996, not knowing that she was the one God was going to use to take me abroad .A year after with the help of my wife’s parent I travelled to the united kingdom. A few years after I got to London around October 2000, I used the trainee I got from my country and started a small ministry with about only three people, with the desire to win more lost souls for the Lord and sharing the Gospel, the members of my ministry increased gradually. Still counting, through thick and thin as well as progressive learning curves, I have been able to set up a church in London and two back in my country in Ghana by god’s grace.

My ministry goal is to expand God’s kingdom both here in London and in Ghana .casting my mind back unto how most of my family members didn’t know God ,I would like to spread the gospel by using every God given gift and talent as well as the help of my leaders. My ambition in life is to be used abundantly for the work of God and also be dead to self, looking unto Jesus alone the author and finisher of my faith .I am mostly identified as a pastor as I have been ordained and sometimes I see myself as a church planter as one of my aims in life and ministry is to plant as many churches as possible. Am in the process of planting three churches and still counting.

The experience in life that prompted me and encouraged me to pursue ministry was the encounter of the Holy Spirit as well as the revelations from pastors and men of God. Aside this I had nothing else to live for except God .With constant challenges like financial support and support from family members and some issues in life , it seemed difficult at first but the help of God ;I was able to pull through up until now. My wife and family have since then become a major pillar of support in my ministry as they encourage me daily to strive harder

A scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute will provide me enough qualifications, motivation, support and knowledge needed to sustain a ministry. This bring me a London Bible School online.

Prayer is a key to unlocking the supernatural blessing God has in store for us .My prayer request is that the ministerial goal and dreams God has placed in our hearts will be achieved and we will fulfil the works of he who sent us .May God bless us all .Shalom.

Most of you know John Bostock as a professional football player (or soccer player to Americans). Of course, if you know that much, you also know that he recently went to play for Antwerp, Belgium. This move comes at a time when he is looking to realize his full potential.

John Bostock was hailed as a rising star. In 2008 he became the youngest player ever to play for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club at age 16. In the years following Bostock was on loan to several different football clubs, but he didn’t experience huge success at any of them. After returning from his stint with Toronto FC in 2013, he was released by Tottenham and became a free agent in the premier league.

It was at this time that John Bostock joined Royal Antwerp Football Club, or Antwerp as it is commonly called. His primary motivator in this move was the desire of Royal Antwerp manager Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink to help him realize his full potential. The Telegraph quotes Bostock as saying, “My main goal is to fulfill my potential. I have a lot of work to do, one way of doing that is playing as many games as possible. Here I have a platform to improve and a manager who really believes in me…”

John Bostock Seeks to Fulfill His Potential as a Christian

Less known, and certainly not widely publicized, was John’s desire to realize a different kind of potential. He became a believer at the age of 15, but he feels that there is more that God requires of his life than what he is currently doing. As he begins his journey to fulfill his potential as a professional athlete, John Bostock sought out an opportunity to realize his full potential as a mentor and leader in the kingdom of God as well.

Of course, John’s profession requires him to travel a lot. He doesn’t work on a set schedule like most people, so going to a traditional seminary was out of the question for him. Christian Leaders Institute brings the classes to him wherever he is and whenever he has time for them. Here is the story of his spiritual journey in his own words.

I am John Bostock and I was born and raised in London, England,UK, which is steeped in Christian John Bostockhistory. However, sadly now as a country we have turned away from what formed and made us. People are very cold towards the name Jesus Christ and the Gospel and often regard intellectualism and intelligence greater than faith, and are unable to link the two. By His grace there are still great opportunities to share what God has done and is doing.

I grew up without any spiritual guidance. When I was 15, I witnessed how the Lord could change a sinner and I saw that first hand in the life of my sister. Her life had been radically transformed, she later invited me to church. After declining for a while I decided I should go. That service the pastor gave an alter call and I was immediately convicted of my sin, the power of the Holy Spirit really overwhelmed me to the point where I was weeping over my sin. At that moment there was no doubt that Jesus was real and that He was the only solution to my sin. I walked to the front of the church, fell to my knees and surrendered my life to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

I am still trying to figure out exactly what God wants me to do in ministry. As a professional athlete I have a desire to see other athletes come to know Jesus and that Christ would be lifted up in sports. I am also passionate about young people. Growing up in London many young boys grow up without a father figure and the role of being a mentor to these young men is something that I want to fulfill. The Lord has given me a real burden for preaching so I want to use that to share the gospel.

I am an evangelist at heart as I believe I have been entrusted with the gift of evangelism. I have been used to lead people to Christ and I find it quite easy to talk about the gospel and God. I also have the honor of leading regular bible studies which is a blessing as I love to teach Gods word.

There isn’t one key experience that prompted me to pursue ministry. The desire of my heart is to be as fruitful as possible and to be a good steward of what God has given me. People are spiritually dead, Jesus is the only solution and ministry is a great way in sharing that in love.

In Europe, peoples’ hearts are hard towards the Gospel and even the thought of entertaining a conversation about “God”, so already there are challenges.

My pastor and local church have supported me by showing me the love of Christ and displaying what it looks like to live for Jesus.

I travel a lot due to work and having an online bible course really allows me to study and learn as I go. It would be a great achievement to receive a scholarship at CLI. I know that in the process it will equip me to be better prepared for what Gods called me to do.

Please pray that God uses John Bostock for his glory. Athletes like Bostock have unique challenges.

Most of you know John Bostock as a professional football player (or soccer player to Americans). John Bostockby

United Kingdom Bible School Student David Hill, a student at the Christian Leaders Institute Bible school, reflects on the class “Church and Ministry.” In his final paper, David talks about what he learned in this Bible school class. “The church and ministry course was a very informative one…” He says. “It has taught the value of starting small groups, which in themselves will grow into church and ministry… …Participation by everyone where possible gives a stronger understanding of each other, brings team building and allows everyone to see how in their own way, they too can really make a difference to serve the lord.” Bible school classes often impact each of the students differently, but what David got the most out of this Bible school course was the need for participation. People make the church, not the other way around. When God’s people are working together in fellowship, the church will grow. The Bible school class, “Church and Ministry,” Emphasizes this as one of its key points, and that point struck home with David.Bible School

United Kingdom Bible School Certificates

Before he could even enroll in the Church and Ministry Course, David Hill had to complete the class “Getting Started: Christian Basics Certificate.” This course introduces students to the Bible school model at Christian Leaders Institute. It also asks the students to share some information about their Christian life and ministry goals. As David completes this portion of the course, he shares, “I suffered child abuse and was moved to a children’s home, again needing the love I was lacking, I found it in no place but the Lord.
“Throughout everything, he has been there, holding and protecting me. Even me, the child who believed he was disgusting and unwanted because of the things which had happened to him.
“That is not to say I have always been close to God, there are time I went off to fulfill my own desires, there have been times when I’ve doubted myself of being worthy of God, but I can say with all honesty, I have never once doubted the Lord or his love for me.
“I believe as Philippians 2:11, Jesus Christ is Lord and I have had a yearning to preach since around 2001 but fear has held me back, in all that time however the Lord has pushed that desire and now it is time to let go of me and dedicate my life to him and his word, it is a small price to pay for what he has given me through his grace.”

The willingness to share such a difficult story speaks of the courage that marks David and many others who come to this Bible school to study. David has answered God’s call to be a leader in the Christian community. To prepare for what the Lord has in store for him, he was guided to Christian Leaders Institute. Christian Leaders Institute is the only Bible school to offer a high quality education to people all over the world without any cost to the students.

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Oden Makiwa –

“My name is Oden Makiwa. I am married with 2 children (12&15). We currently live in England, United Kingdom. We are originally from Zimbabwe. We have lived in England for 12 years.

“I grew up in church. I have been passionate about studying the Word of God all my life. Living in another country as a bi-vocational pastor and working hard to support family members back home gives me little opportunity to pursue my passion to study due to time and financial constraints.”Oden Makiwa

Oden Makiwa Receives a Scholarship

“I came across the Christian Leaders Institute online and immediately concluded that this was a prayer answered. Now I can pursue my studies part-time with easy Internet access. I am involved in my church as an associate pastor and one of my responsibilities is to do missionary work. I have been to Africa 4 times in the last 2 years training leaders. With a CLI scholarship I believe I will be well equipped to impart more advanced knowledge to a lot of other people who do not have the same access and opportunities like I now have with CLI.

“Pray for me that I will be able to fulfill the call of God over my life to plant more churches and share the mercies of God with many people.”

Oden Makiwa has a passion for Christ. He immigrated from Zimbabwe to England, where he pastors a church while working full time to support his family. Oden Makiwa isn’t content to live a stagnant life, though. He knows that he has more to learn, but he doesn’t have the finances or time to attend a seminary. Oden Makiwa sees Christian Leaders Institute as a doorway to a greater impact for Christ – in his community now, and others in time.

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Rajkumar Rai –

“I am Rajkumar Rai. I am from United Kingdom now, but I am originally from Nepal. It is very important to tell people about truth and only one God and we need many trained evagelists to share the Gospel every corner of the Nation.

“I converted from Hinduism to Christianity in 2004 and found the true God.

“I am really trying to be able to preach and evangelize about God wherever I would be – especially in Nepal where so many people in the Hilly area haven’t heard about the true God.”

Rajkumar Rai Receives a Scholarship

“It is very important to know the right way and the right path. It is important to know about the Bible and God in order to preach and share the words of the God, and I need to know the right answers to the questions those people confused with. CLI making me so clear from difficult questions and answer.

“Please pray for me for anoint me with all the gifts of Holy Spirit to make me able to share the powerful words of God and evangelize people who don’t believe our savior lord Jesus Christ.”

Rajkumar Rai just recently came to the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In the 9 years that he has been a Christian, Rajkumar Rai has felt the call of God on his life, drawing him to the ministry. Rajkumar Rai now dreams of serving our Lord by traveling to regions where others like him are caught in a system that is contrary to God’s plan and command. Christian Leaders Institute can help Rajkumar Rai realize his ministry calling and equip him to adequately reproduce Christian culture wherever God may send him.

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