Bible-Based Ministry Training

My name is Paul Roderick, from Cardiff, Wales in the UK. I shouldn’t need Christian Leaders Institute Bible-based ministry training (Learn more about online Bible classes, Click Here) because, firstly, I’m too old. Well, I’m 73 (nearly 74). Surely it doesn’t make sense to enroll as a student at my advanced age! Secondly, I’ve been a born-again Christian for nearly 60 years. Surely there’s no more to learn. Third, I’ve been a church planter, a pastor, a preacher, and a Bible teacher for nearly all of my adult life. Surely there are no more experiences out there for me to face.

How wrong can I be!!

My Ministry Journey

The LORD has led me for a lifetime. Not always seeing clearly what God wants me to do, but He’s been there before me, behind me, to the left, and the right. He’s been above me and (on many occasions) below me as He’s carried me through some dark times.

It was through His Holy Spirit that I’ve been led as a preacher and Bible teacher in recent years. I taught two congregations on the necessity of “change” in an individual’s life. I was led to the “Freedom in Christ” course and have successfully presented this course to those congregations to whom I regularly preach. I’ve seen great changes in people.

The Spirit then gave me the phrase “The Word of God.” So, I focused on preaching and teaching the “whole Word of God” to these two churches. People were moved and blessed by the Spirit’s hand.

Finding CLI for Bible-Based Ministry Training

Finally, last year the Spirit gave me the single word to preach and teach “Discipleship.” I have a burden to see the increasing maturity of folks in our local churches. I know that I also need this discipleship teaching for myself. Change, the Word of God, and Discipleship have led me to seek God for a closer walk and a clearer vision of personal mission – a spiritual dream if you like.

I looked for a teaching medium that would meet my needs. It needed to give me a fresh return to a disciplined lifestyle in my daily walk with the LORD. Then, I can have a greater appreciation of the opportunities opened to me in the many connections that I have at home, in church, and the world.

I want to thank the Christian Leaders Institute for being available for me and at no cost. The courses that I have completed to date, Connections and the Old and New Testament Survey courses, have been of great personal value. I would certainly recommend CLI to any who wants to receive honest, professional, Bible-based ministry training (irrespective of their age or life experience). Thanks, CLI!