Revival Ministry in the Philippines

Revival Ministry in the Philippines

CLI student, Mark Castillo, is training at Christian Leaders Institute in order to start a revival ministry in the Philippines as well as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where 80-90% of the people there are Muslim.

Read in Mark’s words about his passion for bringing a revival ministry in the Philippines below:

My name is Mark Ralston Castillo from the Philippines. I am 31 years of age and the eldest of the two siblings. I am currently working as a nurse in the United Arab Emirates. I began my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ when I was in my secondary school in our class and my age at that time was about 15 years old when one missionary from Campus Crusade for Christ shared to us how to have a relationship with Jesus and I accepted Him as my personal Savior and Lord. From then on my journey with God started.

Every day is a day with great hunger and thirst for the Lord. In my college years, I am a youth leader and a youth camp director once. I love teaching the youth and those people who are teachable in heart regardless of age, sex, and race. At the age of 29, I worked as an Overseas Filipino Worker here in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. I got married to my beautiful wife Christina at age 30. I have been a Christian for almost 16 years now but I still felt inadequate and still a baby Christian in my walk with God.
By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, I am going to use my ministry training to be a missionary to my fellow Filipinos especially the youth and a church planter to every place where God wants me to be. I am going to be used by God to start a revival to my fellow Filipinos through discipleship and training them to be disciples also for free.

I was born in the Philippines but I am now currently working as a nurse in the United Arab Emirates since 2015. The people here are 80-90% Muslims though this is an open country yet it is very difficult to evangelize people especially Muslims. If one is caught by the police converting Muslims to Christianity, it is a serious offense and one of the grounds for immediate Deportation to one’s home country. Bibles here are very limited and most Bibles here are online. We are open to have a worship service to specific places but we are not allowed to invite Muslims, only my fellow Filipinos. People here are busy at their job and no time for God because to them they live to earn money but I believe as a Christian I am commissioned for a specific purpose and God will be glorified wherever I go and people will know that Jesus is the Messiah and Lord of lords and not Allah.

My ministry dream is to start a revival ministry in the Philippines and to my fellow Filipinos here in abroad and to plant churches in my home country. To share to them that Jesus Christ is the Living God and to train disciples to become disciple makers for free. I see myself as a Youth Leader, Mentor and a Church Planter to where God wants me to be especially Philippines and UAE.

In my college years, I was a youth leader in our church and I saw hundreds of people especially the youth who are hungry to know God and are willing to be trained. The youth are willing to learn and always curious and that drives me to study and learn more about God and his work so that I can pass on to them everything I have learned and will learn in the future.

I encountered unique challenges here in my current place of work. Most people here in the UAE are Muslims and the language barrier is great because most people here speak Arabic, Hindi, and Urdu. I only speak English and bibles here are not distributed anywhere and evangelism in public is a serious offense in the UAE law.
My church in the Philippines is supporting me through prayer and that the mission of the Lord Jesus in me will be fulfilled. My wife Christina is a very supportive to me. We are praying every day, doing devotional and bible study and she supports me in my CLI training. She also joined CLI for the purpose of learning and growing more in Christ Jesus.

My scholarship in Christian Leaders Institute is my answered prayer and a great blessing in training me to know my calling and my ministry because there are no bible schools here in UAE. I need every prayer and support from all Christians because only by the grace of God that I can continue and be able to graduate in this institute. To God be the glory.

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From Thug to Life: Ednalyn Lebrino from the Philippines

Ednalyn Lebrino Story and Journey in Ministry Training

Ednalyn Lebrino – “There are a lot of poor people, the streets are dirty and a lot of slum area”. These are the answers I got from an Iranian Muslim Dentistry Student when I asked her regarding her impression on my country. I was grieved. She added that the Philippines is the only Christian country in Asia. Another bullet shot straight to my chest.

It is true that there are a lot of poor people here despite the fact that we are rich in natural resources. It is also true that the streets are dirty especially during the rainy days. It is absolutely true that there are a lot of slum areas because I experience living there for 11 years.

Many Filipinos blame the corrupt politicians for the dirty image we impress upon the foreigners. But the real problem is-our moral bankruptcy.

Though there are a lot of religions in the country: Roman Catholic, Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ), Islam, Buddhism, ” Dating Daan” and sects like Rizalistas and counting, ministries are greatly needed due to the great number of people who are blinded by the world and living in the

I, Ednalyn Lebrino, was in that same darkness before. Born as a second child, I lost my father at an early age. After one week, our house was burned in a residential fire. Relatives helped us to start again from scratch by giving us monetary help and temporary lodging. Being the middle child, I was often neglected and less-loved. When I started school, I was bullied by my classmates because I was an orphan.I tried to fight back resulting a numerous streets fights. I blamed and hated God for all the miseries. I cried every night to sleep and tried to commit suicide several times until I reached teenage years but often fail. During High School, I focused on studying well even getting high honors. But still, I am depressed. In college, I learned how to drink alcohol, skipped classes and often times involved in numerous heated arguments with my classmates. I also failed my major subject due to my computer games addiction. My soul was never at ease with what I was doing with my life. Thinking of death was my only comfort not until Jesus seeked me. A high school acquaintance invited me to a Bible Study. At first I hesitated but because I wanted to get away from home for a meanwhile, I went. There were series of singing and talking which I was not accustomed to. Then, the moment of truth. The woman shared with me the gospel and asked me if I want Jesus in my life. The gospel sounds great and I am dying for peace so I said yes. True enough, I found Peace. Now, I am an active member of an evangelical church and a volunteer in the Kid’s church.

Living the life Jesus has given me is a gift. This gift is meant to be shared. After gaining wisdom about His faithfulness, I was burdened by God to do ministry to help other people like me who was living in darkness to find the light. It is my deepest desire to share this hope that I have.

This is the same hope the people needs. In Laperal, (the slum area I came from before I was adopted by my Aunt) I saw a lot of teenagers who got pregnant as early as 14. Prostitution and theft are normal things for them. Gambling and drugs are there way of life. My heart ached for them. Only Jesus can lift up their burden. His gospel is the only thing that could destroy the leash of Satan over them.

I was serving in a ministry before in that area and faced a lot of opposition. Some people stoned us and even throw manure at us. Other members of our ministry were even beaten. Still, there are few who stepped up and proclaim Jesus as their Lord and Savior. But our ministry ended last 2014 due to many factors and that includes lack of training.

CLI is so important for me to revive the ministry in Laperal. For me, finding this free scholarship was an answered prayer. I was discouraged to study in a Bible School because of large tuition fee. But now, I am always excited to study online at my own pace. I am only using my android phone but the wisdom I am gaining is vast.

God is faithful and true to His promises. I asked and I received. I pray that I will be fully equipped to do ministry again. Through CLI, God’s kingdom will be proclaimed even in the heart of Satan’s Lair. I am claiming Romans 16:20 “The Lord of Peace will soon crush Satan under your feet”.

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Ordained Minister – Philippines Local Pastor

Ordained Minister

I was born on April 16, 1981 and the only child in the family due to the early death of my Father when I was only 8 months old. Despite my chronic illness, the good Lord has gifted me with many skills like carpentry, electrical related works, masonry, plumbing, cooking, driving, animal raising, art craft and many more. I love playing basketball and going out with different types of people. My friends usually described me as resourceful, creative, and long-suffering.

I am physically sickly person and I suffer painful experiences throughout my life. But God is faithful and merciful to me and this is what keeps my life go on as a Christian. I am empowered by Him every day so that I am able to do things beyond my ability. My wife Shim Rose and I have two lovely children, Shiloah and Jephthah.

I came to know the Lord through the faithful witnessing of Rubrico Family and their christian friends. I am a working student in that family and they keep on showing me the love of Jesus from the Bible, their daily living, their priorities and the way they reacted to a particular situation. My conversion is a slow one. I have a hard time accepting the new faith due to some pressure from my family and my personality. But by the grace of God I was converted at age 18 and started serving the Lord as witness to my peer groups in an informal ways. I received the call of God when I was 21 and enrolled in a Bible School for equipping. I do church planting work while being a student and it was blessed by God. Right after I graduated in Bible School I got an illness that took so long to be identified by the Doctor. It is a chronic allergic pharyngitis. I was forced to rest from my ministry for one year not knowing when I can recover. But God has a purpose for me and my family. He is preparing us for greater ministry that I have now.

Doing the ministry in my country is both an honor and a challenge! I live in the Western Visayas Region of the Philippines and people living here are usually religious but polytheist. Whenever we bring good news to the people they are usually receptive and show interest but retains their former traditions and lifestyle. Despite these situations however, the power of the gospel is far stronger than our inherent loyalty to our traditions so that God’s work keep growing and transforming our culture into God-glorifying lifestyle.

Local Ordained Minister Training

I started my study at Christian Leaders Institute full of reservations as to the quality of teaching, stability of this type of program and a little doubt on the reality of offering this for free. I also have deficiency on computer works so that I really worried if I could continue on this program. But it turns out more than what I expected. After around one year of study I realize how much effort the CLI team exerted to establish, maintain and continually enhancing this high quality of ministry training. I am so amazed and blessed at how the biblical doctrines are presented in a clear, unique and down to earth manner without compromising the truth. I also appreciate so much the technical aspects of this program like the Help Desk availability. CLI is being used mightily by the Lord in the revival of our denominational Ministry Training Program. With CLI ordained ministry training quality program, materials and instructors, I have gained a growing knowledge on running a training program with minimal cost. I am fully persuaded that God is calling me to lead the churches in our province in mobilizing Christian leaders for faithful proclamation of the gospel. It is my dream that every Christian in the local church will be nurture and equipped with basic knowledge and skills in the ministry. To make this dream come true I initiated now in leading my fellow leaders in running a ordained minister Training Program using some of the materials at CLI. I keep promoting CLI program to those with fitting situation in this type of training. Seven leaders from our group are now enrolled at CLI. I am moved to lead this particular ministry because our denominational Bible School was temporarily closed but the demand of ministry and competent minister is going on. It is my hope that through the partnership of CLI, our ordained minister training program will be developed more and more and will produced leaders that are carefully equipped in the ministry for the glory of God.

My Ordination at Christian Leaders Institute has strengthened both my capacity as a minister and my appreciation on God’s work in my personal life. Although I was already ordained in our denomination three months before I enrolled at CLI yet I’m not ashamed to attribute some accomplishments I have in the ministry to CLI that God uses for my continuous equipping.

Although I am also involved in church planting and teaching ministry, I classify myself in the calling of pastoral ministry because of the growing passion, skills and opportunity that God has given me in looking for and caring for the total needs of my fellowmen.

My calling, gifts and passion for ministry are vital elements not only in my admission to ordination for ministry but also in the actual ministry I have now. I learn from CLI that in choosing a particular ministry, we need to consider our skills and personality. Thanks God for giving me the package of things I needed in the ministry. But CLI ordination subject help me a lot especially in balancing my gifts with right attitude and motives in ministry.

Some of the unique challenges in my geographical area are poverty and floods that oftentimes gives discomforts to those who come for worship. We experience several times worshipping in the midst of a flood in the area.

My local church faithfully supported me in my ministry calling since I started in the ministry. Although we are struggling financially as a church, I could testify how the members are doing every effort in minimizing our ministry expenses. They become an encouragement to me as I pastor them.

I am presently serving as Senior Pastor in a local church of the CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH IN THE PHILIPPINES in our place. I became an ordained minister.  Our local church is known to the community as one that advocates the holistic development of children. We have more than 300 children being sponsored holistically through the faithful partnership of Compassion International. I also chaired the Committee on Education that was delegated by Classis ( group of neighboring churches in our province) to be responsible for running the Ministry Training Program of our denomination.

This free ministry training and ordination become formative in my present and future ministry in the sense that I am prompted from time to time to help revive and maintain our denominational ministry training. I study hard at CLI to learn as much as possible not only the principles or what were in the curriculum but also administrative part of running a free theological training in our area.

Please keep on including me in your prayers as I am continually struggling from physical condition and that the good Lord will keep using and empowering my life as I wholeheartedly consecrate my life for service.

Effective Church Planting Training – Ben’s Story

CLI Student Ben Gonzaga enrolled at Chrisitan Leaders Institute for Effective Church Planting Training. He has been involved with Church Planting for a while now and wanted to enhance his skills and education for more effective work in Church Planting. Here is his story…

Effective Church Planting Training – Ben’s Story

I’m Ben D. Gonzaga, a CLI student since December 2013. I live in Western Visayas Region in the Philippines, and many Protestant churches are already surrounding our place. But because of economic development in our area, there are also lots of emerging subdivisions potential for church planting work.

I came to know the Lord when I was 17 years old in a small house church. It was planted by my former teacher in high school who also became my spiritual mentor. We don’t have a resident pastor, and we only invited a preacher every Sunday and whenever there are special occasions. As a new believer in that local church, I appreciated so much how everyone is functioning faithfully in consideration of membership size. Everyone is expected and has given the opportunity to serve.

I have combined the INDEPENDENT PIONEER and COLOIZING MODEL in my church planting work. I have already used this model in the past and I’m learning a lot about this model. Honestly, it was not easy for me. I endured a lot of criticism and I really lack financial support during the initial stage. The Lord however turned it out for the good of the church I’m planting. There was only a slow and yet genuine conversion. The new believers were also growing fast when it comes to the quality of their spiritual life. But one thing that I can boldly testify is the reality of God’s abiding presence and empowerment in my work. It was only after six months that I formally got a support from a local church. The works is now being maintained and develop by ministry team from my local supervisory church.
I like to use this model again because this is simple and did not require a lot of recommendation, approval and easy to be started. Some local church also needs a little assurance about the possible success of a church planting work that they will support. Once there is already existing Bible study group, it will easy to ask support from a willing local congregation.
Church planting is appealing for me as a calling because of my passion for the lost and my gift of teaching. By planting a new congregation, I can share more about Jesus and develop more Christian leaders.
I was doing my daily devotion way back on my early years after conversion when I realized the value and necessity of church planting work. The verse is John 4:34. My food said Jesus, is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work. Reaching out the lost is a priority to Jesus. He compared it to food. Just as food is vital for the nourishment and health of the body, so it is with our spiritual life. I can’t live healthy without Church planting work.
Some of the unique challenges for church planting in my geographic area are the presence of many false teachers and economic situation, but I praise the Lord for giving me my family who is very supportive in the ministry.

The free ministry training at CLI makes me ready and more effective in church planting work. I learned a lot of techniques and the necessary attitudes for church planting work.
Please pray I can continue my study at CLI NOW that I have some additional roles to do as a pastor.

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Philippines Church Planting

Philippines Church Planting

I am Russell Cunning. My vision is to do Philippines Church Planting and to start a school in the Philippines. The school will offer free English lessons to the children who can attend. Having lived in the Ukraine, China and India, and having visited Poland, Turkey, Thailand and the Philippines, I can testify that people who speak English well will get better jobs than those with higher qualifications but poorer English skills.

As a child I attended a Protestant Sunday School and Church, and as a young adult a Protestant Church. When I was 24, I heard a man speaking about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and salvation in a way that was completely new to me. My heart was opened and I quickly came forward for prayer and made my first real commitment to God. Soon afterward I was baptized in an above-ground swimming pool! That was many years ago. For a long time I attended an Assemblies of God church in four different locations. After a personal crisis, which I was unable to handle well, I backslid for many years. While never losing my core beliefs, I did lose my faith. I had no faith to believe that God was seeing me through my trials, and chose to believe that I alone was ‘working through my problems’. It is only now where I am living in a predominantly Hindu culture, that I have begun to long for the Lord once again.

My step-mother is from the Philippines, and I have visited there on three occasions. My heart was deeply wounded each time when I saw the children on the street begging for food, even scampering past restaurant employees, to grab gnawed bones from the rubbish. I gave some cooked rice sometimes, but it was like trying to empty the Pacific with a thimble, the need was so great. I want to build a church and a school to offer free English lessons. I believe that giving a child some cooked rice will feed him or her for a day, but teaching them English will provide the opportunity to get a better job and to earn enough, so that their children will not need to beg.

Of the titles mentioned, I prefer pastor because it means ‘shepherd’. A shepherd is a guide, not a ruler. A shepherd helps and looks after the flock. It is through gentle and loving guidance, advice and counseling, as well as God driven prayer and teaching, that I see myself overseeing the church and the school.

During my years of doubt, I became a teacher of English, and soon realized that I was a natural teacher. I loved helping people to learn. I felt my lessons were the most effective when my students thought we didn’t study so much as enjoy our time together.

The Philippines presents some personal challenges for me, I am very overweight and if I didn’t feel led here, I would have chosen somewhere less humid and perhaps a bit cooler! Then there is the annual typhoon season which destroys buildings and crops, and kills many people. Another challenge is the presence of militant separatists seeking to create an independent Islamic state, and who target foreigners.

Being a properly qualified pastor is important to me, even though I know that this is a calling from the Lord. While it is God’s earth, he has put earthly rulers in place and they will want to see evidence of qualifications. I also want to ensure that during my time in the wilderness, I did not pick up any incorrect beliefs.

Though I feel like I have gained many strengths over the years, I have also become weak in other areas, so I would greatly value prayer to support my personal walk with the Lord. In teaching we have a saying: “To teach is to learn twice.” So often I have found greater understanding of something when I am teaching – and in my pastoral duties it is the same – as I explain aspects of Jesus or the Holy Spirit, I gain a deeper understanding myself.

My Experience with Jesus – Philippines Ministry Training

My name is Aurora Caparas, I was born in the Philippines to a family with a strong Catholic background. We learned religion during our elementary school years. We were taught about heaven and hell, so I strived to always be good, because I wanted heaven as my eternal destiny. I believed in God and so I was always striving to be close to Him. I thought that if I said the rosary and did what was right in the sight of man, it would accelerate me to heaven. God who is an all-knowing God saw my heart and began drawing me to Himself.

One time while on my way to school I read a flyer inside a passenger’s jeep which said, “Have you been born again?” I was puzzled, it became a deep question in my heart. I wondered how can you be born again when you are bigger than your mother’s womb? My desire was to know God however, so I went to mass every Sunday.

I worked and studied at the same time. One night, as I listened to a radio program, I heard the song “I Will Carry You.” The song said, “There is no problem too big that God cannot solve it.” This song touched my heart, it was the first time a song ministered to my soul. It was my earnest desire to be a part of that radio station, especially when I heard them praying for different families. After that, God began to move speedily in my life. Someone invited me to a Bible study in our office, I joined immediately, they were Baptist. One person gave me a Bible and I read the book of John. I could feel God strongly talking to me in His Word. That was the turning point of my life.

I was hungry for the Lord and wanted to know more about God, to experience a deeper relationship with Him. The Lord Jesus began to reveal Himself to me in dreams. In one of my dreams I saw a big, tall man wearing a white robe holding a book in His hand, He was in front of me while there was a countless number of people behind me. This man went ahead of me and entered into a narrow gate only wide enough for one person to pass. As I followed Him, He led me into a narrow path, a good path, but after a while it was a dark road and I could no longer see Him anymore. However, I kept on walking because I longed to see Him again and eventually, I came to a very beautiful, bright, and joyful place.

After a few weeks, I became a leader of one of the ministries in the church. Then I was transferred to another ministry called, Cell Outreach Ministry. I was the overseer and after two years the ministry became the most fruitful outreach in the church. After this I got the heaviest trial of my life, my husband was kidnapped and murdered. I was left with the responsibility of our three children and experienced many trials. I praise God though who didn’t leave me alone, but caused me to rise in victory and faith! Hallelujah!

It has long been my desire to have deeper training, I have earnestly wanted to know more about our Lord Jesus. I tried to enroll in a Bible school but the tuition fee was too much for me as I have a menial job with a minimum salary. I believe CLI is my answer from God to this deep longing. I was so excited when I heard about it that I enrolled immediately. I have volunteered for many years to serve God in His kingdom. I have also been involved in the mission field. My desire is to plant a church and to be mightily used by God all the rest of my life.

I thank all the gifted teachers here who have a willing heart to train disciples and leaders to fulfill the great commission. Recently, the Lord Jesus gave me another dream about His second coming: I was in a very big building crowded with people when someone called me to come out. So I came out and followed him. When we got to a place not very far from that huge building, he told me, “All prophesies must be fulfilled,” then he pointed towards heaven and told me to look up. When I looked up to the sky, I saw very bright clouds which began to open and then I saw Jesus coming down. The Lord gave me a verse in Rev. 1:7 “Behold, He cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see Him, and they also which pierced Him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of Him. Even so, Amen.” and Luke 21:36 “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man”.

Ordination Class Online With CLI Is Available For Free

I’m Benson M. Chavez, 41 years old, married and my wife is also my partner in our ministry to God. We have 3 children and living in the Philippines. We’re known as a Christian country in Asia where most of it are Catholics. A country full of traditions, peace loving and hospitable as visitors from foreign lands always say.
I’m blessed and grateful to God for letting me have an opportunity to study at Christian Leader’s Institute where lots of knowledge and wisdom are being taught which was integrated with my walk in God in my life. I really enjoyed every topic, the professor’s different views and styles, new learnings and environment which greatly helped me and every Christians pursue their calling into the ministry.

This Ordination Class online was indeed an accomplishment for me. Though I’m presently into the ministry as a Pastor in the last 13 years of my life, it helped me a lot in reminding me what it is to become an Ordained Minister, the duties and life of a minister and so on. I’m a Probationary Pastor since I’ve entered into ministry and God willing will pursue an Ordination Examination in our denomination this coming year.

My calling is more of an Evangelist and Church Planter. I love sharing God’s Word and salvation to people in different areas specially in my place where Rural Evangelism is applied. By God’s grace, together with my very supportive wife, Elizabeth and my 3 kids who was my very first intercessors when we planted a church in Nasugbu, Batangas way back in the year 2007. Right now, we have 2 daughters in mission areas and we are praying that these mission areas will become fully established churches in God’s timing and direction in the near future.

When God called me to become a Pastor after a few years of being mentored by my Pastor then in Manila, Philippines, it was a joyous feeling which up to now the passion blooms every day. Ordination made me feel satisfied and thanking the Lord for giving me the trust in leading His people back to Him. I didn’t have any Bible School or Seminary background then but heeded on God’s calling in my life in the year 2001 and felt the joy and privilege of God’s calling as Pastor’s laid their hands on me and was accepted as Probationary Pastor after passing the examination and interview. Have a secular job as an Electronics and Communications Engineer but my job assignment was transferred in this place early 2005 and it was God’s plan for my life to plant a Church here together with my family. It was difficult to pursue church planting before but that was God’s way of teaching me His way just like Paul as a “Tent Maker Missionary”.

I was also being trusted by God to handle Nutrition programs in our community through a Foundation which helped people with Malnutrition problems. Took these opportunities with my team in doing Holistic ministries in different schools, towns and communities, integrating the Love of God to many. It was an opportunity to win souls and make disciples. And up to now, our ministries have gone to 5 towns in our province in partnership with other churches doing the same ministry in a span of seven years. It was always a fulfillment when you see people got saved and lives were changed by God.

My local church is very supportive in my ministry. Many have been trained and was being mentored to do the same and I’m very thankful that my calling was also the calling of the church in planting churches. Their heart was also molded by God into this kind of ministry.

CLI and their ordination class online has been of great help to fulfill the calling of God to me through Online Schooling and has also a blessing to many. I have had quality training for free and its mission to educate people of God to fulfill their calling effectively is really an amazing act of ministry. You are indeed God’s channel of blessings to many who have difficulties of studying in a Bible Seminary because of high fees. This ministry has the anointing of God and is seen in the lives of people sacrificing for the love of God and to be of service to fellow Christians.

Continue to pray for me as I also will continue to pray for CLI’s mission and vision. God bless you always in all ways CLI!

Philippine Man Learns Christian Faith At Christian Leaders Institute

Christian Leaders Institute Offers Free Courses In The Philippines.

Greetings! May the mercy and grace of the Almighty be on us forever. My name is Tito Lim. I reside in the southern part of the Philippines. Our country is a supporter of a democratic policy which observes freedom of religion. Hence, doing Christian ministry here is not very difficult. In fact, you can find various religious congregations in almost every nook of the entire nation.

I came to know the Lord through my mother who used to be a devout Catholic with a remarkable church devotion. However, at some point she was exposed to a civic and religious organization which her interest in eventually led her to leave her Catholic activity. My mother then spent most of her time devoted to her new affiliation. She convinced all our family to become members. The Philippines Benevolent Missionaries Association, Inc. was in its early stages and we were so engrossed by its captivating principles and teachings. The “mystical” biography of its founder whom the members equate to the one and only Son of God made many believe the founder Ruben Edera Ecelo, Sr. was a savior. This reason was probably the main reason my mother decided to leave her Catholic devotion and migrate to our present town of residence. This is where the organization’s main office and the founder’s residence are located.

I was very young at that time when this all happened being about the age of 12 to 13 years. I am the fourth among the seven children. Obviously all of us were stuck under our parent’s wings so that our adherences to their faiths were not contested by any of us. Only within the last 3 years have I found myself intently reading the Bible and felt the need to seek for the truth. I have come to know much of what we had been believing in contradicts the Words of God. I brought my discovery to my parents, brothers, sisters and a few relatives who are loyal members of that association. Their reactions have been a mixture of positive and negative and half of them showed indifference or ignored me. However, thinking about our spiritual salvation, I keep using chances to instill in them the truth I found. The truth I firmly believe is worth living more than anything else drives me to continue my search.

I am still in the beginning of my religious learning which I pray will help me learn how to express Christian life and doctrine to my family, friends and neighbors. I didn’t know which Christian denomination I should support so I searched the internet for the right one. During my searches I found Christian Leaders Institute. Thanks to Dr. H. Reyenga and his colleagues for creating Christian Leaders Institute and making it accessible across the internet. There are a number of Christian Churches in my immediate vicinity but, unfortunately, I still feel reluctance to consult any of them with regards to my calling. Maybe because I still don’t have a strong faith in their teachings? I am doing Christian Faith based research all by myself. It is mostly through the internet that my knowledge about the Scripture and other related topics are augmented.

I feel a very strong conviction to pursue my spiritual journey, even as a step by step procedure which I can do here at CLI. I strongly believe in Christian Leaders Institute’s ability to help me build myself into a highly committed minister. Praise Jesus! I am very thankful for the kind understanding that I am unable to donate to make Christian Leaders Institute free and accessible to everyone all over the globe. One day I might be able, by the grace of the Lord, to donate to this educational cause.

I have not been employed for a few years and am presently living with my sister’s family, who graciously help me to survive daily. This I believe is a “blessing in disguise” because this gives this opportunity to make my spiritual journey with this online education. Praise and glory be to the Highest as here I can freely use their computer and internet access anytime I would like to. What a Blessing! I pray for guidance all the way through my studies and for the realization of my dreams. Thank you to Christian Leaders Institute and may the Spirit of wisdom, power and guidance be with you for eternity. Amen. Sincerely, Tito Lim

Philippines Ministry Training – Benson M. Chavez Prepares for Rural Evangelism

Philippines Ministry Training Online and Available

Philippines Ministry Training of high calibre is not available for most people in this nation. Christian Leaders Institute offers this Philippines Ministry Training free of charge. This story of Philippines Ministry TrainingBenson M. Chaves is inspiring.

I’m Benson M. Chavez from Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines where Christian beliefs where brought by Spaniards during 1500’s but eventually Evangelical movement was also introduced before the 19th century during the American occupation in the Philippines thru the Methodist / Protestant group.

I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ October of 1992 during a Evangelical Crusade in Manila. But before that, I was born in a Christian family, my Father was a Pastor (deceased), my sibling are also into the ministry. Even thought I grew up most of my life inside the church and all the activities, it doesn’t guarantee me for my salvation. But I knew seed of faith in the Lord was already planted in my heart since my younger years and eventually came to bloom and accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal savior and Lord when I was in my early part of my College days.

I’ve been into Pastoral Ministry for almost 13 years and by God’s grace has planted 1 main church and 2 daughter mission Churches together with my wife and kids. They are my first in-line supporters ever since and thank the Lord for that. They are presently serving in the church I’m handling. I’m happy doing mission and evangelism because that is the calling I got from God and dreaming of many more souls for Christ and more Churches in God’s timing and direction. But I don’t have any Bible School experience, except for numerous trainings and seminars put on by mission organizations. I’ve attended and the teachings in the church since I was a kid.

I can feel in my heart right now that I’m called by the Lord for Rural Evangelism. Other Pastors might be concentrating in Urban Evangelism because that is their calling. It’s nice to move in a way God has called you and happy of what you are doing. I’m handling Nutrition programs in different schools and Baranggays in Batangas for their physical nourishment and many people have already accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior thru this Holistic program.

I’m not supported by my local church in my schooling, I also have a secular job right now and it is indeed a blessing for me to be part of bringing missions to other areas thru that. I’m happy and praying that CLI will help me to learn and educate me thru this Online Bible College. I know my calling as a Pastor and I want to fulfill it to become an Ordained minister in the future needing to accomplished 92 Bible school credit units to have an Ordination examination in our denomination and eventually passed the test. God bless CLI for your heart and calling to train many for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Philippines Online Bible School

Philippines Online Bible School – Before we talk about Christian Leaders Institute as a Philippines Online Bible School, we should first share a little about the religious climate of the Philippines.

The Philippines is considered to be the only Christian nation in Asia. Christianity spread in the form of Catholicism. This Catholicism was introduced in the Philippines by the Spaniards in 1565 with the arrival of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi. The Catholic faith overlaid itself on a pagan religious foundation. Jack Miller wrote,

The pre-Hispanic belief system of Filipinos consisted of a pantheon of gods, spirits, creatures, and men that guarded the streams, fields, trees, mountains, forests, and houses. Bathala, who created earth and man, was superior to these other gods and spirits. Regular sacrifices and prayers were offered to placate these deities and spirits–some of which were benevolent, some malevolent. Wood and metal images represented ancestral spirits, and no distinction was made between the spirits and their physical symbol. Reward or punishment after death was dependent upon behavior in this life. file://localhost/(http/

When Catholicism was introduced, many of the local “gods” were replaced with saints. Miller goes on to talk about the development of Filipino folk religion, “combining a surface veneer of Christian monotheism and dogma with indigenous animism. It may manifest itself in farmers seeking religious blessings on the rice seed before planting or in the placement of a bamboo cross at the comer of a rice field to prevent damage by insects.”

Even though the Philippines has been heavily influenced by Christianity. There is much mission still needed in the Philippines. A Philippines Online Bible School is offered free to students who want to learn what the Bible actually says. This is so needed because most Christians in the Philippines do not even know that much about what the scriptures actually teach.

Christian Leaders Institute has 469 students enrolled at our Philippines Online Bible School. One of these students is Christine. She is from Manila City, she comes from a very poor family. None of her family members are Christians. Her parents did not raise any of the five children in her family in Christianity.

Disease stuck her at only 20 years of age. She developed a serious liver condition, which required expensive medicine and dimmed her dream to get an education. Desperately, Christine searched for answers. The medication was too expensive. The doctors gave her little hope without the expensive medications.

Christian Leaders Institute student Christine wrote,

I began to seek for God’s guidance. I challenged God to move in my life. Because we are from the “lower families” of our barangay or village, we were just too poor to buy my medicines, so instead I drew near to God. And God met my expectations with Him. I gave myself to Jesus. I asked God to heal me. And God did. The doctor was amazed with the result of my test. The liver disease cleared. And from that time I began to believe in God’s greatness.

Philippines Online Bible School

God had a plan for Christine. She continued to grow in her faith. Soon she was looking for more Bible School training. What could she do? She could not afford medications, how could she afford a Bible School education? Here is where Christian Leaders Institute comes in. CLI is beamed into the Philippines on the Internet. This Philippines Online Bible School is free and Christine can get high quality Bible school training right where she lives.

Christine writes, “And now I am chairwoman of the Youth Ministry.  I love to see the youth crying and craving for God’s presence.  I love Philippines Online Bible Schoolto see them maturing in God’s Kingdom. My dream is to have a quality training and strong faith in Jesus. And my calling is to reach for more souls and to enlarge our borders in Christ.”

Will this Philippines Online Bible School be right for you?

Maybe you are a pastor and you do not have much ministry training? Consider studying at Christian Leaders Institute. Once you finish the Getting Started Class, you can open a mentor center to offer CLI training to your leaders. Maybe you are like Rev. Virgilio, who has been a pastor with little training for over 30 years. He desperately needed more training. This Philippine Online Bible School is perfect for him. He writes that this “CLI scholarship is important to me, because of my age and low financial capabilities. I could not study at any seminary or Bible School. But CLI made it possible for me to get needed training. I enrolled at CLI.”  Rev. Virgilio needed a Philippines Online Bible School to be accessible to him.

Maybe you are like Christine or Rev. Virgilio and you are searching for a Philippine Online Bible School. Just sign up and see if CLI is right for you.

Dennis Evan Requizo

Dennis Evan Requizo

Dear Donors/Sponsors,

I, Dennis Evan Requizo from philippines believed that i am called by God to preach His word to the lost. Ministiring her in the philippines is quiet easy because this is an open country. A great task but it is also my great previledge to be a servant of His word. I came to know our Lord because of the foriegn missionaries that have the burden and passion to introduce JESUS to our home. To make things more clear I decided to enroll in a bible school but i was not able to finished due to my financial obligations to my family, out of 3 years ived got 1 and half year. I am dreaming to be a great evangelist in the islands of philippines and a church planter and build a solar powered churches in the islands that dont have electrcity. Having a schoolarship at CLI to my ministry dream  is important because it can add biblical knowledge on how to be a great evangelist and a succesfull church planter. As a married man it is very hard for me to quit my job and finish my bible school. As an answer of my prayer God showed me this CLI so i can pursue His calling to serve. Now i can still study His word even if i will not quit my job. Help me to pray  that this burden of mine will come through by Gods grace. I know that to serve the most high God is not a joke or playing around. Help me pray for confidence and boldness to share the GOSPEL and guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT and His anointing. May GOD use us in a mighty way .

May God’s favor be upon us. GOD BLESS!!!

Philippines Bible School Reflections – Johnny Moreno

Philippines Bible School – Johnny Moreno recently took the class “Sermon Construction and Presentation” at the Bible school Christian Leaders Institute. In his final reflection paper, he shares the impact of this Bible school course on his ministry. He begins, “The Sermon Construction class was a great challenge and help to me because it taught me the dos and don’ts of an effective sermon.” This is the core of the “Sermon Construction and Presentation” Bible school class. The Holy Spirit will provide us with a topic and a message, but we still have the God-given directive to put in the time studying. We need to seek the understanding of the topic, and we need to understand how to present it in a way that will have the greatest impact on the people of God. Bible School

Having set the base of what he learned in this Bible school course, Johnny continues “The subject [Sermon Construction and Presentation] taught us to create a message that is powerful not only in its introduction that can grab attention but also the content that is invigorating.” This Bible school course teaches the essentials of presenting the word of God in a way that is culturally relevant in a modern world. Johnny Moreno of the Philippines learned that both the introduction and the message content must be presented in such a way to grab and hold the attention of the audience. To gain attention is not enough if it is lost after the introduction. In this Bible school course, students learn not only how to create a compelling introduction but also content that will keep the audience riveted.

So how well does the Bible school course teach sermon construction and presentation? Johnny Moreno says that it “gives me technique in a way that was very helpful in me in my ministry of the word.” He further adds that he would “recommend it to my fellow students. Just work at it patiently and consider changes. These changes will help us in our ministry. Anticipate it positively and little by little you will soon notice that there are positive changes occurring in the way you make your sermon.”

Philippines Bible School Certificates

Like all other Christian Leaders Institute students, Johnny began his Bible school experience with the Getting Started: Christian Basics Certificate course. This course asks students to share a little bit about their ministry experience and vision. Johnny Moreno has this to say: “I dream about a ministry that could provide training that is absolutely  free for those people who have a calling from GOD to fulfill… I dream about a ministry that would help develop ,strengthen, and equip a person ready for the Master use without worrying how to attain it.” Johnny was able to move past Getting Started and realize that this was only the beginning of a great Bible school experience.

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Aga Fatrick Sta Ana of the Philippines – Christian Basics Graduate of the Day

Aga Fatrick Sta Ana –

“I came to know Christ when I was young. Served in the church as a musician and a youth leader until I became involved in Witchcraft and Sorcery. During those days, God didn’t give up on me. Instead, He loved me all the more. What a wonderful God we serve! And now, I love Him with everything I have.

“I’m living in the Philippines where the people are familiar with the Gospel. However, it is my dream to preach Christ where He is unknown (Romans 15:20). Presently, I serve in my church as a campus minister.

“My ministry dream is to reach out for the campuses of our nation because I believe that the future president of our country is in a campus right now. If he will be discipled, I believe that this nation will change.”Aga Fatrick Sta Ana

Aga Fatrick Sta Ana Receives a Scholarship

“CLI is like a so-good-to-be-true thing for me. I mean, I could enroll for free? What kind of business is that? I believe it’s God’s business. When God says “go,” He provides. When He told me to go, He provided CLI for me. A blessing that I will always be thankful for.

“Please pray for our campus ministry here in the Philippines. With the right vision, values and strategies, I believe that the kingdom of God will explode here in ways we could never imagine.”

Aga Fatrick Sta Ana is a man on a mission. He experienced the love of God in a very personal way when he was called back from a life of sin after growing up in the church. Now Aga Fatrick Sta Ana has a renewed passion to serve God. Aga Fatrick Sta Ana desires to take the gospel to areas of the world that have never heard of Jesus. With a scholarship from Christian Leaders Institute, Aga Fatrick Sta Ana can be equipped to carry out his missions vision.

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Ministry calling: Chrison Feliciano

Ministry calling: Chrison Feliciano

Ministry Calling: Chrision Felicano has a Ministry Calling in his life. Chrison comes from a family that has experience a Ministry Calling. He starts by talking about his journey and Ministry Calling.

“I’m Chrison S. Feliciano, 22 years of age from the Philippines. Basically, I grew up attending an independent evangelical methodist church. It’s the first self-supporting church in our country since 1909. Having no support from foreign missionaries, it’s financially unstable. By the way it looks, it’s really tough being a Pastor. Some of my uncles are Pastors and I know what they’ve been through just to meet the needs of their family. Some sell coconut juice, some do cleaning jobs, and some I know work as an assistant to the bus driver. That’s the reason why I’m having doubts as a kid in entering the ministry. It’s my fault to have a “bad-eye” on those things. I wasn’t able to see beyond their sacrifices. It’s really their joy everytime they do the will of God. Financially, they don’t have much here on earth, but in heaven they sure do.”

Ministry Calling from his youth

“Growing up, I spent most of my weekends at church. So it’s more of like an extension playground for me back then. Every Summer, I used to attend our church’s DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School). It’s a week-long event that I’m always looking forward to each year, and also where a graduation ceremony is held at the end of the week. I felt so blessed receiving awards from our “mini” and “short-coursed” Bible school which also gives me thousand-fold happiness compared to having an award from my alma mater.”
As a child, Chrison has different plans and avoided Ministry Calling.
“As a kid, I always dreamt of becoming a physician. And there’s this particular moment of my life that really etched my heart. If asked of my aspiration when I grow up, I used to answer people with head held high that I want to be a doctor. But while attending Sunday school class, our deaconess asked me the same question and I replied, “Of course, I want to be a doctor! Oh wait, and a PASTOR as well at the same time.” I didn’t know what happened to me but it just came out of my mouth, so I just shrugged off the idea.”
As Chrison got older, he felt a strong Ministry Calling.
“Yet during my teenage years, I felt the presence of God working within me. Later, I became a Cell group Leader. I was always asked “Do you want to be a Pastor?” And my response would usually be no because I know how hard it is financially to be a Pastor here in our country. However, whenever I say “no,” there’s something pushing me to answer “yes”.”

Chrison had to be sure it was a true Ministry Calling.

“One day, I talked to God and asked Him if we can have a deal. Here’s the  catch then, I asked “Lord, if 5 people will tell me to serve you by being in the ministry, then I’ll do it. “Eventually,  years passed and I lost count of how many times I heard them persuading me to be in the ministry. They grew from 5 persons then the number doubled and so on and so forth.”
His Father made a compelling example for a Ministry Calling.
“On July 12, 2008, my Dad died of brain tumor which caused me to be extremely devastated. We had a simple, happy, and contented family with God at the center. I asked God of why He let this happen. At the back of mind, I thought I’m doing my best to follow and serve Him yet He allowed this to happen to me. I felt completely heartbroken and cheated. I even became mad at God! I saw how my dad reads the Bible every single day and how he shares the Word with our neighbors through His life. He would always tell me that it’s not how many Bible verses or stories you know that matter; it’s how you apply it in your everyday life; it’s how you surrender to the sovereignty of God’s authority.”

Chrison felt dispair about his ministry Calling at first.

“Through these trying times, I kept on praying to God but I wasn’t able to hear anything from Him. I dug deeper to His word and finally found comfort and unexplainable joy. I felt complete again realizing that God took my earthly dad because I’m focusing too much of my attention on him. Instead, God wanted me to focus on my eternal Heavenly DAD.”
Chrison is joyful in sharing his Ministry Calling.
“So I did start speaking and preaching the Gospel with my fellow youths inside and outside of the church which enabled me to strengthen my faith immeasurably. And being part of the music ministry, every opportunity that I’m able to serve our Lord Jesus Christ through music or preaching satisfies my soul, and quenches my thirst of making Jesus smile. My dream is to have a ministry focusing on the younger generation and reaching them through music. I want to have a deeper connection with the Lord. Walking side by side with Him every single day of my life.”
With his Ministry calling and training, he will share the word to anyone who will listen.
“If ever given a chance, having a scholarship from CLI will help me abundantly to fulfill my calling without giving my family a financial burden. I’ll be able to share the Gospel with boldness because I know for a fact that God loves me so much and I’ll be well-equipped with the help of your institution. I appreciate your prayers as I turn another chapter of my life being in the ministry. With God’s grace and mercy, I know I can make it through because I’m serving an unlimited God. Nothing is impossible for Him!”

Chrison has completed the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to pursue his Ministry Calling and education thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

Make a donation now to help Chrison Feliciano and thousands more like him get a high quality Bible school training free. Donate now!

Mission Philippines – Loren Angeli Estavillo, A New Generation of Christian Leader

Mission Philippines: What is it going to take to reach the Philippines for Christ? The first missionaries were sent by the Catholic Church holding their first service on Easter Sunday March 31, 1521. Eight-five percent of the country has a Catholic heritage.  In recent times, other evangelical ministries have opened in the Philippines from various denominations such as Baptist, Pentecostal and Christian Reformed.   Ministries such as Bible League have taken mission Philippines seriously.

The Efforts of these ministries and many missionaries has resulted in yielding  a new generation of leaders who need advance training. Mission Philippines needs thousands of new leaders who have advanced training.

Meet Loren Angeli Estavillo who just finished her Christian Basics Certificate. This next generation Philippino Christian leader claims,

“I know God intricately designed every fiber of my being and carefully planned out all the details of my life story, even before I came into existence 22 years ago. With that in mind, I couldn’t thank Him enough for greatly blessing me to live in the Philippines where it’s free to bask in His glory through the Christian ministry.”

Mission Philippines: Loren Angeli Estavillo

Loren did not always have it so easy…

“In my growing up years, I was accustomed of going to church with my family as a form of a weekly habit. Back then, I had no sense of what it truly means to be a Christian. But everything changed since the moment I came to know Christ. I was spiritually reborn during one of my lowest moments. I never felt so alone and helpless back then due to the fact that my parents decided to separate ways.”

Mission Philippines: God heals the broken heart

“Their estrangement negatively affected my outlook in life. I became emotionally drained and spiritually crushed as an aftermath. It seems to me that I’ve no one to turn to. Yet suddenly, I felt the love of God consuming me in a heartbeat. I was in complete awe of His glorious presence overcoming me. I didn’t have the strength to control the burst of emotions rushing through me. I tried holding it back but my tears just kept falling. I cried hard and traded all my deep-seated setbacks. I repented of my sins and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. I couldn’t put into words how God transformed me into the person I am today.”

Loren was being prepared for ministry. Loren was being called to mission Philippines.

She writes, “God never gave up on me despite my weaknesses and failings. He never let me go. Because of that, I began my spiritual walk with Him. I started anew by reflecting and meditating on His Word deeper than before. I engaged myself in a church where I grew stronger spiritually by means of associating with my new found spiritual family.As I continue my walk with Him, He began to let me see the world through His eyes. He unveiled a deep surge of calling in ministry service that I couldn’t resist. I know that whatever plan He has in store for me will work out for good. So I yielded to His voice wholeheartedly and trusted Him to light my path wherever He may lead me.”

Christian Leaders Institute trains is training a new generation of leaders for mission Philippines. These Leaders are getting advanced training.

“I’m driven to help people create a genuine and lasting relationship with our Lord, to delve deeper into the Word of Truth by it’s spread across the nation, and to build a strong foundation of fellowship with God and other sharers of faith as well. I’m aware that being in the ministry requires full dedication, effort, and great amount of time – of which I’m very much willing to commit. And having a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute will be of great assistance for me in reaching my ministry goals of serving others under God’s authority. I appreciate your prayers as I turn my ministry dreams into reality. I strongly believe that the Lord God Almighty, the Author and Perfecter of my faith, will be with me as I step into this new chapter of my life story. To God be the glory! :)”

Mission Philippines will benefit from leaders like Loren Angeli Estavillo.  Please consider making a donation to Christian leaders Institute so that the mission Philippines can boldly move forward raising up a new generation of ministry leaders.

Make a donation now to help Loren and thousands more like her get a high quality Bible school training free. Donate now!