Purpose in God

My name is Jobert Simacas, from the Philippines. I am thankful I have found purpose in God and feel called to share Christ. So I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online Bible classes, Click Here).

At an early stage of my life, one of the philosophical questions I had was related to the purpose and meaning of life.

What is the meaning of life? Why should I continue living? By that question, you can tell that I was suicidal during my early years. That was because I didn’t see meaning in living. I thought I was born to suffer. For me, that was all. Living means you will suffer, and then you will suffer without a purpose.

I saw my mother cry a lot when my younger sister died at an early age. So, I thought I don’t want to hurt my loved ones by committing suicide. I also heard from someone the happiest place was heaven. However, if I killed myself, I would not go to heaven because suicide is a sin. Those thoughts prevented me from committing suicide. But I still found life meaningless and purposeless. I hated life itself and myself because I was a failure. I failed myself, and I thought I failed my mother as well.

Saved By God’s Grace

When my father became a Christian, we were forced to attend church services. Several years later, I was at one of the youth services. During singing after the Word of God was preached, I gave my life to Christ. The song was about offering oneself to God, including past and future hopes and plans. I gave my whole life to God, including all the negativity in me, such as hatred, fear, and anxiety. I thought I failed myself and the people around me. It was at this time that I came to realize that I failed God as well. So I asked for forgiveness and for Him to take care of my life. It was that time that God made himself known to me. I experienced unexplainable joy! I came to understand that I can only find the true meaning of life in God.

It is my desire for people to find happiness, purpose, and meaning in life through a relationship with Jesus Christ. People have been looking for meaning in so many things, but they wouldn’t look to God. Through the ministry training of the Christian Leaders Institute, I hope to become competent enough to bring the Word of God to people around me. I want everyone to know that there is life’s purpose in God.