Ministry Training and Preparation

Hi, my name is Fredirick Mau A. Maulion, born on September 24, 1992, and married to my wife Keziah. We currently live here in the Philippines. Currently, I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) for ministry training and preparation for the ministry (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here).

Childhood Challenges

I have wondered how my life would be without God in my life. As for my childhood, I never finished college due to some difficulties in life and some family matters. My father died when I was 6 months old and had an elder brother.  We were the only ones at that time. To survive, my mother went out to a different place far from us. She left us to the care of our grandmother for a long time. I did not know God had a beautiful plan for me.

Following God Despite Challenges

My life was not easy. I had many struggles, but God never left me. At a young age, I experienced God’s Power and Calling. I was very active in ministry at that time. I always sought God’s Word, but never knew that there was more to come. God was with me wherever I went.

Before I found CLI, I worked outside my country to reach my dreams for my wife and family. That was my plan, but God always has a better plan for me. Many things happened in my life while working abroad, but I always prayed to God and asked what His plan was for me.

New Plans

My wife’s father is a pastor and a mentor to many Christian leaders. My father-in-law always took my wife and son to church to feel the presence of God. I always heard a calling from God to go back. But going back to my country was not so easy as my sponsors did not allow me to go home. So there was a time I wanted to give up.

However, the prayers of the church helped me and encouraged me to push through. God is powerful and fulfilled His promise. Within a few days of waiting, I got to return to my country. I had nothing but God’s promise for my Life. My wife and I have faced many struggles, but God is with us. So we do not fear. We will continue the journey to serve in the ministry and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our church is not that big. However, our faith makes it bigger. We do not have many members in our local churches, but God is our center. Someday, I want to stand in front and tell others that God’s promises never fade and His words never change.

The ministry training and preparation at the Christian Leaders Institute are a blessing. I can study at my own pace and serve in the church. Thank you, CLI!