Tuition Free Minister Training

My name is Fernando Yutuc from the Philippines. The tuition free minister training at the Christian Leaders Institute is what I need to fulfill my spiritual dream (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here).

My Early Years

I was born in 1967. I am the fourth child of seven siblings. When I was 10 years old, my father died, and my mother did not re-marry after that. Because of my father’s death, my mother and my oldest brother, at a young age, raised the rest of us. My family had to move to Manila, a densely populated city, to survive financially. When I was in my teenage years, I got involved in bad things because of the environment where we were living. I smoked, drank alcohol, and worst of all, took illegal drugs. I joined gangs and was involved in street fights and gang wars as well.

Changes Toward God

My family and I were Catholics, as well as our family line. It was in my early adult years when God gave grace to my mother. At first, we thought my mother was going insane when we saw her destroying all the idols we worshiped. My older sister even cried upon seeing what our mother did. Then a weekly Bible study started in our house. During these days, I used to go out of the house or lock myself in our room so I wouldn’t hear the Gospel message. It was foolishness to me.

Then one day, after months of Bible studies in our house, I accidentally heard the pastor sharing about idols. By God’s grace, I felt interested and listened while in hiding. Thereafter, I understood why my mother broke all of our idols. Things changed from that day on. After that, every time there was a Bible study in the house, I listened in secret. Finally, after a few months of listening, I went with my mother to a Sunday worship.

True Change In Christ

My early Christian life was cold. I don’t know if I could be considered a Christian during those years. Still smoking, drinking alcohol, and womanizing, I was involved in worldly things. For many years, my life was like that until I was at the age of 40.

I was a seafarer as my profession. In the cabin where I stayed, I found a book with biblical teachings. Every night before bed, I read this book. I started to feel hungry for God’s Word. Whenever I was at home on vacation, I joined cell and discipleship groups. I did activities that would help me know more about God. Since then, my life has changed. I became very active in our local church until I was appointed a Deacon.

Tuition Free Minister Training at CLI

My spiritual dream does not stop there. I dreamed of being a pastor and asked myself how? Thank God I found the Christian Leaders Institute. I thank CLI because I can pursue my dream for free and during my available time. CLI is such a blessing for people like me who want to serve God and minister to others. I pray that God bless CLI more and provide all it needs. Glory and praise to God! May He bless us all!