Free Life Coach Course

Are you interested in doing life coaching? Are you in ministry and want to learn how to be a life coach minister? Are you seeking to add life coaching to your chaplaincy skills? This tuition-free life coach course may help you!

Course Overview

This college-level Free Life Coach Course (3 Credits) teaches you how to do life coaching ministry. After graduating from Calvin Seminary with a Masters of Divinity, Rev Steve Elzinga pastored in a church in Michigan. He then planted a church that grew to over 500 people in British Columbia in 1988. Elzinga pursued life coaching in the early days of the movement before various Life Coaching certifications became popular around 2000 and beyond.

Master Life Coach and Founder of Amway Rich DeVos mentored Rev. Elzinga in being a life coach. This class also reflects that training.

Christian Leaders Institute is privileged to offer this free life coach course and a minister licensing and ordination program.  There are also many life coaching certifications and many specialized badges.  These programs are different from the traditional “life coaching certification” programs which certify you in the general principles and practices. The traditional approach certifies you as a “life coach” who may or may not be a minister. This approach certifies ministers to be life coach ministers. In addition, Christian Leaders Institute operates the Life Coach Minister website. Click here for more details of the Life Coach Minister program.

Advantages of this Life Coaching Approach

1. Your parishioner or client expects that your ministry perspective will be grounded with a Biblical foundation. Unfortunately, typical life coaching techniques do not clearly define the role of someone’s walk with God in the life coach/client relationship. In this approach, these issues are laid out upfront.

2. You will still utilize the techniques and advances in the life coaching field and learn how these life coaching techniques and practices will assist you in ministry.

3. Because this course comes at this from a ministry perspective, you will be able to pursue many Life Coach Minister licensed or ordination roles.

Outcomes of the Free Life Coach Course:

    1. Learn the principles of the exciting field of life coaching.
    2. Discover how ministry connects to life coaching.
    3. Learn the skills of life coaching and how they differ from pastoral care or counseling.
    4. Develop skills in life coaching that will allow you to minister more effectively in a local church or local life coaching ministry.
    5. If interested, get certified by the Christian Leaders Alliance and ordained as a Life Coach Minister (there are fees for certification and ordination).

Free Life Coach Course Endorsements

Alma Nelson-Pikle – Arizona, USA

I am a Commissioned Life Coach Pastor, thanks to CLI, but I have been helping people live their best, blessed life, all my life, I just didn’t know what to call it until now.

Through the assistance of the Christian Leaders Institute and the wonderful sponsors everywhere, I am able to fully function in every capacity God allows, by the Grace and Mercy of Jesus Christ.

I have learned that I must change hats and that it is okay to change hats in order to keep the confusion down. I must recognize when I am called to be the Coach, the Pastor, the Counselor, or the Mentor, and not be afraid to adjust accordingly. I have learned that coaching is about the future, focusing on the future, and helping the client understand what God has for them in whatever their walk or calling in life may be.

I truly enjoyed every part of this free life coach course, especially the part where we were encouraged to immediately put into action what we learned, in order to help ourselves and others. This course was truly a blessing for both my personal life and the professional life that I am walking in and establishing.

William Wells – Texas, USA

As a former business consultant, I provided information, expertise, solution options, and so forth. I thought I was a business coach, but I wasn’t, according to this free Life Coach course. In coaching, you encourage the client to take ownership of finding the solution and trying the solution. That was the missing formula in my business consulting; the business owner didn’t take ownership of my advice because they didn’t reason it out independently. I believe the content was covered very effectively.

Faleasha Yayaa Nevils – Texas, USA

This free Life Coach course had a huge amount of information that I will be able to use in my ministry going forward. Specifically, I believe that I will use the different models discussed in order to assist my clients and/or students in setting goals. I enjoyed this entire class immensely, but what made it special, for me, was the instructor. I feel like he really cared and was passionate about what he was teaching and really wanted the best for me going forward.

Gaudancia Chizunza – South Africa

I have gained the foundation of being a life coach. This is an approach that gives the person who is being coached more responsibility for their lives and choices they make than it does to the coach. This will bring a different approach to the way that help will be given to the people in our church from more counseling, pastoral care, and teaching to coaching. This is going to bring motivation to the congregants. They will definitely have the drive to do more because they will be doing something that they want to do.

George Kinyanjui – Kenya

I have learned about Christian Coaching. I have always known about Coaching and that is why I took the course in the first place but I have never heard about Christian Coaching. This was a very powerful session for me. The delivery of the lessons by Professor Elzinga was just powerful. I also loved the readings, especially the tools for coaching. I testify that those tools have really helped me in my coaching ministry.


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