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My Story of God’s Work in My Life

I am Arnold G. Valle, Sr. I’m sixty, from Baguio City, Philippines. After Jesus saved me, I read the Bible. Now, I’m passionate about learning and studying the Word of God. Therefore, I thought of enrolling at a free online Bible school. I opened the Christian Leader Institute site when browsing free online theology or seminary schools. Now, CLI is where I’m enrolled. Praise our Lord God that He directed me to be a student regardless of age.

In my place, a Christian leader must have the necessary knowledge about the Bible. Therefore, a Christian Leaders Institute degree is advantageous since we are in an urban area and most believers are professionals. I don’t know what God wants me to become in the future or why He directed me to study the Bible instead of bringing me back as a part-time instructor at the university or to manage a little business or farm.

I’m an Electronics Engineer by profession. I’m a retired faculty at the University of the Cordilleras, Baguio City, Philippines. Since I’m retired, I can’t afford to enroll in an online class that needs payment. Also, I prefer online classes to do some household work still while learning.

My Spiritual Dream

When I came to follow Jesus, my life changed. I am never drunk anymore, learned how to pray, and committed all my actions to God. We always attend the service every Sunday. I feel the love of my son and my wife. I am happy while learning the Word of God.

My spiritual dream is to have all of my loved ones near Jesus. The second is to help in the ministry to promote the kingdom of God. I care so much about my soul and the lost souls, so I need Jesus Christ. I hope to use my training to wean lost souls, help in the ministry, and spread the Good News of Jesus to promote the kingdom of God.

My Marriage and Family

I prayed to God to give me the best woman to marry. God gave me Luisa, and we were blessed with four children, all boys. Three of my sons are professionals, but the youngest is still in high school. My second child is married; they have two boys and one girl. That gives my wife and I three grandchildren.

My youngest child is only 17 years old since my wife worked as a domestic helper in Hongkong for eight years. God blessed us with our last son, Hubert, when she came home for good. The gap with his immediate elder brother is ten years. We are happy going to a Sunday worship as a family.

My Spiritual Journey

It was the happiest moment when I came to know Jesus as my personal Savior. It started when I retired as a faculty member in the Engineering Department. I served at the university as faculty for 16 years and as Department head for 14 years. During Covid 19 pandemic, the faculty were prohibited from going to school. So the school needed an online application so we could teach at home. At that time, I was confined at home as a full-time online instructor. Further, we could not go to mass during that pandemic, although we were members of the Roman Catholic denomination.

When my wife’s elder sister passed away, her only son requested a pastor to lead prayer and deliver sermons every Saturday in the house of his mother, who died. One year after, my wife invited me to join the services. So, I agreed to accompany them on Sunday. I had no plan of becoming a member of that denomination. My brothers, sisters, and I are devoted Roman Catholics.

Further, I didn’t want to change my lifestyle of going with my brother and friends to drink and sing “Karaoke” every weekend. The bad thing was that I scared my sons when I came home drunk, so they pretended to be sleeping. My wife waited for me and endured the words of Satan coming out of my mouth.

Studying at CLI, an Online Seminary School

On August 19, 2022, I reached the age of 60. So, I was forced to retire from my job as a faculty. That Sunday after my birthday, I wanted to accompany my wife and youngest son to the service. The following Sunday, the Holy Spirit came upon me and opened my eyes and ears. Therefore, I enjoyed the worship days until I was born again.

Now, God wants me to learn and study His Word. He directed me to browse the link to this Christian Leaders Institute. That’s why I’m now a student of CLI, an online seminary school. Thank you for this free online Bible training. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. To God Be the Glory.

Thank you for reading my story of God’s work in my life!

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