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The days of getting ordained online by simply ordering your ordination papers may be coming to an end. The state of Tennessee, for instance, has passed a law that excludes online ordinations from paper mill ordination organizations. 

The problem is not that the internet is used in an ordination program, the issue is whether someone is a trained and recognized minister when they are ordained.

Christian Leaders Institute realizes that to get ordained online means little without a legitimate and accountable study program, a process for confirming recommendations and commissioning into the work of ministry.

Get Ordained Online Ministry Training Program

Christian Leaders Institute has been offering free college-level ministry training classes since 2006. Over 100 classes are now offered. You can even get a full and recognized divinity degree. To just get ordained online is not the full picture. The internet can be a great part of that process. The Christian Leaders Institute program offers three classes that help you get ordained as a deacon minister first. Then, there are further study programs that take you into specialized ministry roles.

Get Ordained Online – Recommendations

To simply get ordained online brings up another problem. Ordination has historically been recognition from others, including Christian leaders, that a person has a walk with God, the character and temperament to be an ordained leader.  You don’t declare yourself ordained. Instead, you are recognized by others that you are called and able to serve.

The apostle Paul commended Phoebe as an ordained deacon in Romans 16:1. I commend to you our sister Phoebe, a deacon (minister) of the church in Cenchreae.” John Calvin spoke of Phoebe as an early minister that served the Apostle Paul by delivering the letter to the Roman church and explaining this difficult letter to them. See Redeemer article

Get Ordained Online – Commissioning

Simply ordaining someone online “feels” incomplete. Ordination is a certification that someone is ready to minister. The Bible talks about the laying on of hands even saying that we should not be hasty to do this. The apostle Paul writes in 1 Timothy 5:22, “Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands.”

Historically, many churches and denominations have conducted an ordination service. The process in place at Christian Leaders Institute guides you to have commissioning that includes a commitment to service and prayer.

Recognition on the Christian Leaders Alliance Directory

All those who have completed this process are recognized on the Christian Leaders Alliance global directory.

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