“Aisle to Bible: Wedding Officiant to Minister Approach”

A Minister Ordination Program

by Henry Reyenga, President of Christian Leaders Institute

The minister ordination program to ministry often begins unexpectedly. It’s not uncommon for individuals to be asked to officiate a wedding. This experience can spark a face-to-face connection with their calling to ministry!

The connection between a specific ministerial function – officiating a wedding – and the broader call to serve can ignite a deeper pursuit of ministry. Yet, many aspiring ministers struggle to find a program that provides comprehensive Bible and traditional minister training. Training that includes an endorsement-backed ordination process recognized by a credible Christian religious organization.

Introduction – Minister Ordination Program

In the face of these challenges, the Christian Leaders Institute, a donation-driven, free online ministry training school, has developed a ministry ordination program starts with becoming a wedding officiant. You can become a Bible-centered clergy member, which may be all you are called to do. Upon completing a 10-hour program, you will become ordained as a Licensed Wedding Officiant. Perhaps, you sense a call for more.

The Aisle to Bible Approach is a seed for all ministerial roles.

As a graduate of Calvin Seminary and an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church, I was only allowed to perform my first wedding after eight years of college and seminary.

Since founding the Christian Leaders Institute in 2006 and the Christian Leaders Alliance in 2014, we realized that being a Licensed Wedding Officiant was often a launching pad for many other minister roles. We saw that if someone was confident performing a wedding, this was often the beginning of their journey toward further study and additional ministerial roles.

This approach offers a less intimidating and more efficient path to becoming a wedding officiant and, potentially, a full-fledged minister.

Bridging the Gap

The Wedding Officiant to Minister Approach serves a critical function as a bridge that connects the extensive academic demands of traditional seminary education, the practical skills required for officiating a wedding, and the accessibility of online education. In collaboration with the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) and Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA), the program delivers an integrative online course that students can complete in a month, balancing rigorous education and accessibility.

Beyond Wedding Officiation

The Wedding Officiant to Minister Approach doesn’t stop at preparing students to officiate weddings. It aspires to lay a solid foundation for individuals discerning a call to broader pastoral work. The varied duties of a wedding officiant – from engaging with diverse individuals and crafting meaningful messages to leading prayers and providing counsel – mirror the essential responsibilities of a minister. The skills and experience gained through the program can therefore serve as a launchpad for further ministerial roles.

Building Confidence, Competence, and Credibility

Graduates of the program are equipped with three vital attributes: confidence, competence, and credibility. They gain confidence through comprehensive training, develop competence via the course’s practical components, and secure credibility through a certification backed by respected institutions like the CLI and CLA. See Clergy Minister Directory

Expanding Ministerial Roles

The program introduces students to ministerial roles supported by the Christian Leaders Institute and Alliance. These roles range from wedding officiant to ordained minister. Read more. They cater to individuals with varying levels of commitment and availability, offering multiple pathways into ministry.


The Wedding Officiant to Minister Approach represents a transformative advancement in the journey toward ministry. It combines the accessibility of online learning with in-depth spiritual instruction and practical ministerial skills training. This approach makes the path to ministry more accessible and efficient, thus embodying the essence of the “Aisle to Bible” journey.

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