How To Become a Minister Online with Local Endorsements

The Field Minister Program

Are you called to become a minister in your church or community? Are you seeking a ministry credential program that includes specific ministry training? Have you wondered how to become a minister online with a program that provides online ministry training and local endorsements that add to your credibility?

Becoming a minister through the Field Minister program is a credible approach with the Christian Leaders Alliance. This program is the first clergy-grade core minister role with the Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA). The Field Minister is a program designed for called Christians who:

  • are called to pursue ministry credentials
  • are lay ministers who also want to pursue clergy credentials
  • are Licensed Wedding Officiants who wish to expand and become ministers in the Christian Leaders Alliance System.

How to Become a Minister Online through the Field Minister Program

The Field Minister program benefits you because it lays an essential foundation for becoming a minister. You can start here and also keep building your competence, as you may want to take more training at Christian Leaders Institute. 

Christian Leaders Alliance has been training and credentialling ministers since 2014. CLA desires to multiply more ministers with excellent training and credentialing opportunities. 

The Field Minister Program will:

  • Give essential ministry training for Christian leaders with limited time for study but who want to be confident and competent to serve in ministry.
  • Help a Christian wedding Officiant become a minister in more areas than wedding ministry.
  • Be easy to share with others seeking a ministry calling.

How to Become a Minister Online Through Training and Credentialing

The Christian Leaders Alliance credentialling program works closely with Christian Leaders Institute courses and mini-courses to multiply more ministers. The Field Minister is one of the first core roles of credentialing found in the Christian Leaders Alliance program.

The Field Minister Role requires that you complete the following courses:

Full Ministry Training Courses


After you complete all these requirements, The Christian Leaders Alliance licenses you as a field minister. Then, your local church or soul center commissions you. If you have come here to learn how to become a minister online only, you will find that the program includes offline activities for your credibility. Most online-only programs do not have rigorous ministry training or local endorsements and commissioning. 

What will you be qualified and credentialed to do? 

The Field Minister program gives you the training and credentials to become a volunteer minister at a clergy grade level. Some field ministers may find employment with these credentials as well. 

This program is ideal for lay ministers, elders, or deacons who want to increase their effectiveness by becoming a minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

There are several ministry duties that you will be trained and credentialed to:

  • Officiate weddings
  • Lead a Small Group, Bible Study, or Teach Sunday School
  • Serve in a local church as a supporting minister
  • Act in a local community or business as a special operations minister
  • Start an incarnational church plant

Add a specialty to the Field Minister program to add training and credentialing to your ministry impact. What Field Minister specialties are there? 

If you are interested in how to become a minister online and this program interests you, you might consider some specializations.

As a Field Minister, you can specialize in particular field ministry roles. Currently, there are over thirty role specializations available. You will be a Field Minister with specialized roles in addition to the core Field Minister recognition. Becoming a minister meets exciting specializations! Here are the current specializations:

  • Matchmaking Field Minister
  • Kingdom Field Minister
  • Men’s Ministry Field Minister
  • Prayer Field Minister
  • Senior Adult Field Minister
  • All Abilities Field Minister
  • Church Revitalization Field Minister
  • Sex Education Field Minister
  • Navigating Conflict Field Minister
  • House Church Planting Field Minister
  • Church Planting Field Minister
  • Bible Study Field Minister
  • Youth Field Minister
  • Women’s Ministry Field Minister
  • MinistryBiz Field Minister
  • Evangelism Field Minister
  • Visitation Field Minister
  • Pastoral Care Field Minister
  • Marriage Field Minister
  • Preaching Field Minister
  • Advanced Bible Study Field Minister
  • Executive Field Minister
  • Worldview Field Minister
  • Administration Field Minister

These specializations help you become more confident and competent to maximize your calling and impact in your local church or community.

How long does the program take, and how do I get started?

The essential field minister roles will take about two months of consistent study. After that, you must gather one local endorsement that you are fit for ministry.

All you need to do to start the program is sign up for an account at Christian Leaders Institute and begin your training by taking the required courses. After you create your study account, look for the Guidance and Credential panel. Next, click on the Christian Leaders Alliance folder and click on the field minister in the Diakonos (Core Level) Roles.

As a minister, you can also quickly introduce this program to someone else. You can share how to become a minister online with them and raise more Christian ministers. 

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