Get Ordained Online

Get Ordained Online

The days of getting ordained online by simply ordering your ordination papers may be coming to an end. The state of Tennessee, for instance, has passed a law that excludes online ordinations from paper mill ordination organizations. 

The problem is not that the internet is used in an ordination program for such essentials as ministry training. The problem is the minister’s credential has no local religious society or church location.  Online-only credentials usually do not have local recommendations that vouch for whether the ministry candidate walks with God in good standing.

Christian Leaders offers tuition-free courses through the Christian Leaders Institute. Christian Leaders Alliance oversees the minister credentialing program.

Christian Leaders Alliance offers five Licensed and Ordained minister roles. Each role has a program of study appropriate for the position, Click here to see the roles explained in detail. You can also specialize in over 30 specialized areas of ministry. Click here. 

Get Ordained Online – Commissioning

Simply ordaining someone online “feels” incomplete. Licensing or Ordination is a certification that someone is ready to minister. The Bible talks about the laying on of hands, even saying that we should not be hasty to do this. The apostle Paul writes in 1 Timothy 5:22, “Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands.”

Historically, many churches and denominations have conducted an ordination service. The process in place at Christian Leaders guides you to have commissioning that includes a commitment to service and prayer.

Recognition in the Christian Leaders Alliance Directory

All those who have completed this process are recognized in the Christian Leaders Alliance global directory.

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