Ordained for Women's ministry

Ordained for Women’s Ministry

Charmaine Coetzee is a woman with a purpose she is focused in and didn’t let anyone or anything stop her from being ordained for women’s ministry in South Africa.

“I was brought up in a Christian home, and my mother was my role model of leading a Christ-like life,” Coetzee said. “However, my personal journey with Jesus truly began when I was a student at the North-West University, where I graduated as a Law Student. I joined and served in one of the student churches, His People (Every Nation Ministries). My eyes were opened for the first time about what it is to walk with God. I began to live for Jesus! I did not think of entering into ministry at that time, nor did I realize my calling to ministry.”

After coming to know Christ, Coetzee was a new woman, but it wasn’t until a couple of years later she started to feel a call to be ordained for women’s ministry in her community.

“After my graduation, I relocated to Pretoria and married my varsity sweetheart shortly after,” Coetzee said. “Unfortunately, after relocating, it took quite a while to get the “right” church again. We finally found our church family, Christ Generation Church Centurion, in 2014 and our whole lives changed. We started walking a path with our Pastor, who trained my husband and I to be the head ushers (deacons and elders) in the church. He laid a firm foundation for us out of the Word and understanding Grace. My hunger for knowing Christ was ignited again. This was the first time I realized my calling into ministry and my passion for it.”

Once Coetzee started to feel the desire to be a minister the Lord used death as a prompter for her to take action.

“The pivotal experience that prompted me to pursue ministry was the bereavement of our pastor,” Coetzee said. “He passed away at a very young age in April 2016, leaving behind his wife and two babies. His wife, our Senior Pastor, asked us to take over the church since she was left in a tough position and not able to proceed in the ministry although she still serves as a guide and supervisor to us.”

With the loss of her pastor, Coetzee and her husband have been made the main leaders in their church, and CLI has significantly help Coetzee with this leadership.

“My ministry dream is, therefore, to officially become a Pastor, alongside my husband,” Coetzee said. “Although I am already serving in this position, CLI assists equip me for ministry and make it official.”

Coetzee is now ordained for women’s ministry, but she still is a lawyer.

“It is probably two of the most contrasting occupations…A lawyer and a Pastor,” Coetzee said. “I would be my dream to enter into ministry full time, but until that is possible, I will use my passion for ministry in my law occupation to help people.”

Coetzee passion for ministry has lead to her starting her own ministry based in her church.

“I have recently started a women’s ministry in our church called Women of G.R.A.C.E. I want to use this forum to minister to women and to support my husband in the church,” Coetzee said. “I am trusting that the women in our church will grow spiritually, not only in themselves but also to lead their husbands and families and even the community to a mature relationship with God.”

CLI’s classes that are targeted for women’s ministry have been a blessing to Coetzee to achieve her dream to be ordained for women’s ministry in her church.

“The CLI Women’s Ministry course and Women’s Ministry Ordination course is truly helpful to reach this goal,” Coetzee said. “I have noted a lot of practical guidance on how to manage the ministry and things to be aware of. The teaching about women’s roles in the Bible also gave great insight.”

Coetzee is ordained for women’s ministry because she often feels women are the one that brings the family to church.

“Unique challenges in my geographic area are that there are a lot of churches and denominations,” Coetzee said. “Getting new members to visit and stay in the church is a challenge. It also appears that women are the forcing drive in bringing their families to church. A women’s ministry is ideal to introduce the women to our church and hopefully to bring her family here as well.”

Coetzee couldn’t be more thankfully that CLI has allowed her to be ordained for women’s ministry and give her the chance to marry couples.

“As an ordained minister, I will be able to assist people in my Women’s ministry to get married,” Coetzee said. “This provides the opportunity to work close with a couple and minister to them about the Godly institution of marriage.”

Due to the poor economic situation Coetzee wants to help more people get CLI training.

“Contrary to popular belief, South Africa is not a place where lions and wild animals roam the street,” Coetzee said. “However, we do face an economic crisis and poverty is a reality here and can prevent a person to obtain tertiary education. Sometimes, it is a challenge for people who do not have a computer or internet to complete CLI online courses. We have therefore decided to set up a space for interested students to use the church facilities to do the courses online on a weekly basis.”

Financially Coetzee couldn’t go to some fancy seminary. Thus, CLI has provided her with the ability to further her ministry education.

“I am a small business owner without a stable income, and furthermore, our church needs a lot of finances to sustain it,” Coetzee said. “Therefore, finances for further studies are not readily available. CLI made it possible to reach this dream.”

Supporting each other is key in Coetzee’s opinion.

“My family’s role in ministry training will be to be supportive,” Coetzee said. “My husband has been a pillar for the church after our Pastor’s passing as well as me. We all need to support each other, learn together and pray together for the ministry. It is also challenging for me to speak publicly in front of a crowd. My team of women have supported me every time I preach to become more confident.”

CLI gave Coetzee the confidence and credibility to be a minister.

“People do not always understand how you can be a Pastor without having any theological training,” Coetzee said. “I also had trouble referring to myself as a Pastor, since I did not have any training. Completing the CLI ministry training and receiving certificates, which is handed out in our church, also gives credibility to our ministry training. I will feel more at ease to call myself a pastor now, after completing this ordination program.”

Coetzee is equipped for the ministry she now only asks for pray.

“Completing the CLI courses assisted me to achieve my ministry goals and provided me with the tools required for ministry,” Coetzee said. “Thank you, CLI for making this possible. You can pray for my journey in ministry to become more confident in preaching and growing our women’s ministry and our church.”

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