High-Quality Seminary Training

High-Quality Seminary Training

CLI Student Chase went from believing in the Baha’i faith where all religions have essential worth, to being saved and pursuing high-quality seminary training at CLI.

Read about how Chase discovered his passion for Christianity and high-quality seminary training below:

My name is Chase and I am from the United States. Let me just start by saying I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart! I am fortunate to live in the United States with how much freedom of religion there is! I can preach whichever denomination of Christianity I want. And I know this is not the case for many countries, so I feel so blessed and that I should take advantage of my opportunity!

I had been raised all my life as a member of the Baha’i faith. It got to a certain point though where I started going down a dark sin filled path. However, my amazing and incredible wife showed me the love of Jesus Christ and brought me out of the darkness and into the light. It wasn’t until last Easter that I was baptized along with our daughter, that I was suddenly filled with an intense fiery passion and desire for more spiritual knowledge, and to make the gospel more well known. I prayed to God asking for enough money to send me to seminary school. And then a light bulb went off when God answered me and I googled “Free Seminary School”. God answered my prayers with CLI! Now I have the means necessary to study a high-quality Divinity Bachelors program and become proficient in Gods word so that I can be the best biblical husband and father as possible for my family and then the best pastor as possible for our brothers and sisters!

This class helped me greatly to confirm my walk with God and only strengthened my desire to pursue ministry training. My eventual dream is to become a pastor, vocational and then maybe vocational depending on Gods plan. I want to be able to make my brothers feel good by guiding them spiritually and being able to marry Gods children and comfort others when friends and family pass to the kingdom of God. I feel God calling me to fulfill his will this way. Most recently my family and I were facing a personal difficulty that could have gone horribly wrong. But we had faith in the Lord and prayed for his grace and prayed for his will to be done. And our situation was resolved! I know it was God telling me to do something big in the name of Jesus Christ.

Reading the Bible opens one’s eyes to a whole new spiritual world. It is Gods word, so we should treat it as such a cherish is every day and listen to God with us every day. It is all one needs to be happy in life. This world is only material and with Jesus Christ, as our Lord and Savior, we have eternal spiritual life in His kingdom on high. Gods word, the Bible, tells us this repeatedly. I am now much more confident, positive, happy, and I feel great! I am sharing my fiery passion with my family so we can all show the world through our words and actions Jesus Christ’s love! CLI has made it possible for me to fulfill Gods plan for me, and to be the best biblical man for my family and best pastor for our brothers and sisters. I ask that you pray for my continued spiritual growth, and for God to guide me through this ministry training and beyond. Thank you CLI, and thank you, God!

Obtain high-quality seminary training at CLI today!

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