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Yesterday, president of CLI Henry Reyenga and Steve Elzinga, who will be the dean of the new Christian Leaders Enterprise Program, met to discuss the details of that program.

The Christian Leaders Enterprise Program will involve classes like the People Smart for Ministry, Management from Philemon, and many more. The Christian Leaders Enterprise Program will be offering the option of certificates, diplomas, and degrees in enterprise leadership.

Both of them feel that enterprise is the best word to use to explain the theme of this program.

“Enterprise to me suggests taking responsibility to love your family, to be able to impact your local community with jobs and commerce so that your community does well and your family does well,” Reyenga said. “To really look to the architect of enterprise in the Bible: the Apostle Paul. Here is a guy who did enterprise. He had a network of people and used those connections with others to promote the gospel. I love the idea that local church leaders can do well with an enterprise.”

Elzinga agrees with Reyenga in defining enterprise as taking responsibility for something, but he also sees enterprise as taking care of this earth and God’s creation.

“Enterprise literally means an undertaking; you are taking something on,” Elzinga said. “You’re trying to do something; the kid selling lemonade on the corner of the block is an enterprise. He is trying to affect something. Ultimately, enterprise is right there in Genesis when God tells us to take care of the earth. God created this earth and gave us all these building blocks, and opportunities make something and do something. God is about doing stuff. Enterprise is being a steward of the earth for the construction of God’s Kingdom.

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