Journey to Free Ministry Training

Journey to Free Ministry Training

My name is N-ninkon Jalan Kwesi, and I have been on a journey to free ministry training at CLI. I come from Saboba in the Northern Region of Ghana. I am a Pharmacy Technician and also participated in the 2017/2018 Community College Initiative Program. It is a US state program administered by Northern Virginia Community College supported by the Community College Consortium. There, I studied computer networks for a specialized diploma with Cisco Academy at Northampton Community College.

I grew up in a family that was not Christian. However, we all eventually became Christians at different times. We were a family of nine, but now there are seven. My brother became a pastor, but unfortunately, passed on December 11, 2018, after a short illness. That was only three years after my father died.

Saved by Grace on My Journey to Free Ministry Training

I was born again in 2010. At the time, I was preparing for high school, and things got bad for me. It was for my good. One evening, I heard a pastor in my neighborhood talking about repentance, and I could not stop listening. The next morning, I went to see him. He told me about Jesus Christ; I accepted Jesus and received baptism after a series of teaching on being born again and baptism.

I was evicted from the family house because of becoming a Christian. It was against the wish of some family members, so I left the house. With the help of my pastor, I rented a room with another brother in the church who faced similar challenges in his family. I am happy it happened because we became prayerful and dedicated to the Bible during our trials and firmly bonded.

During this time, becoming a high school dropout was inevitable since I had no support. Yet, God was so real and assured me in my heart that He has not failed us. God gave me sponsors, and He still gives me sponsorships until I believe He will continue to do it again and again. I took the opportunity to learn carpentry apprenticeship when I could not afford education after high school. It was worth learning.

A Christian Leader on a Journey to Free Ministry Training

It takes endurance, boldness, self-denial, and sacrifice to be a Christian or a Christian leader in my part of the world. In my church, I have worked as the secretary, youth leader, and coordinated some evangelism activities. Currently, I am a Sunday school teacher and also assist the pastor. Through these, I have realized the load and heart it takes to be in such leadership positions.

We have faced challenges from inside and outside of our fold, but God’s grace is enough. He has sustained and has been good to us all the time. The challenges we face strengthen and energize us to move on. They have also humbled me and caused me to rely solely on God. Here is my heart, oh Lord Jesus! I will serve Him and work in His vineyard. While growing up, my dream was to be a teacher. However, it’s clear now that God wants me in His vineyard. Though troubles may come, after a little while, there is eternal joy.

My Journey to Free Ministry Training at CLI

I always seize any opportunity that comes my way because I cannot afford tuition for training since I do not have a paid job. I know I have a calling to serve, and so I must work to provide my needs so that I am not a liability to anyone. Also, I am to study to show myself approved when I get the opportunity. Thank God, I have an excellent opportunity to study, develop, and mature at Christian Leaders Institute. I could not have afforded the education I am getting at CLI. I thank the sponsors for allowing themselves to be used by God to reach us through their resources and efforts.

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