My Journey to Free Ministry Study

My Journey to Free Ministry Study

I am Elwina Jackil, and here is my journey to free ministry study. Originally from the Philippines, my birth date is Dec. 26, 1970. I finished my Bachelor of Arts degree at Saint Ferdinand College. Since I was a child, I attended a Catholic Church, and I’ve been a lector too as a Catechist. A local pastor shared the gospel with me, but at that time, I didn’t entertain it.

A Move on My Journey to Free Ministry Study

However, when I came to Korea, my life began to change. I didn’t have any plan of going abroad, but because of family problems, I decided to go overseas to Korea. I prayed and trusted my life to God. So, I prayed that He would bring me to a place where I can praise Him at all times and feel like I am near to my family. God is so good to me. He answered my prayer. He brought me to a Mission house where all of those living there were Filipino. It felt like home.

My life began to change, and I started attending a Christian worship service. I received baptism and accepted Jesus Christ with my whole heart as my Lord and Savior. I have many struggles in life, but by God’s grace, I’m still here seeking and trusting Him.

My Ministry Dream on My Journey to Free Ministry Study

My dream is to build my own prayer house for my family. If I’m financially able, I want to create a foundation to help people who are in need. I especially want to help those children who don’t have anything in our country. Coming from a low-income family, I know how it feels to have nothing. I accomplished my college degree through self-support. After I finished college, however, I never used my education or applied it to my source of living.

Therefore, I felt empty. I asked God what my gift and my purpose in life was on my journey to free ministry study. So when I came to Korea, my life changed when I attended church worship. I became a Deaconess in our church. I came to know more about Jesus when I started attending our Bible Study. It is headed by our beloved and energetic Pastor Irwin B. Noriega.

My Pastor Shared CLI

I sincerely thank Pastor Noriega because he introduced me to Christian Leaders Institute and encouraged me to study there for free. He was and is my mentor on my journey to free ministry study. CLI training helps me to become closer to God and stronger in my faith in knowing God and seeking Him. And I realized what was God’s purpose in my life.

I hope and pray by God’s grace to use my Christian Leaders Institute training in my ministry. I pray that my dreams come true to help people in my country of the Philippines and encourage them to come closer to God.

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