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My name is Jireh Faith Apilan from the Philippines, I am receiving free Bible School education at CLI. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. Currently, I am a high school teacher. I am also in the music ministry and a youth leader at the church where my parents are pastors.

I am the youngest among the three siblings. We live in a place that most of the pastor’s children have a terrible image. My parents are full-time ministers of Christ. I’ve seen them walking by faith in the Lord. They raised us in the fear of the Lord.

Studying and Serving

Watching my parents working for the Lord, I’ve seen them cry over victories and troubles. At the age of 17, I felt the burden and the calling that God put in my heart. I told my parents that I don’t want to finish my degree because I wanted to go to Bible School and help them in the church. However, my parents didn’t agree with that plan. I pursued my degree to become a teacher for almost six years.

I continued my service in the Lord while I did my studies by becoming a Youth Overseer for four years. They were some of the victorious years of my life. Many times, I saw the miracles that God did in every plan I made for the youth ministry. There was never the thought of being a carnal Christian.

Temptation and Giving In to Sin

The time came that I never expected when I had a relationship. It led me into trouble. I made a mistake and thought it would pass by after I asked forgiveness of the Lord. But, it was just a thought. My relationship became the beginning of my defeat as a Christian. I never thought it would happen in my life.

Years passed by, and I got used to my sin. I served God in those days but without pleasing him. Thus, those days were my misery. I cried a lot, but still, the sting of sin was there. I was guilty and knew the Word of God and the truth. Yet, I was defeated. Thus, people who knew me thought that I was okay. They saw me as a big sister to them because I am one who can give opinions or suggestions. But, they did not know my life was full of misery, struggle, and defeat.

I was in a place where no one could rescue me except Jesus. Used to being defeated, I got used to my weaknesses, and sin became the ruler of my life. Then, I prayed to God, “Lord, guide me and have mercy on me.” I discovered a pastor on social media who spoke about the anointing of the Holy Spirit. At my heart’s desire and while listening to those words, I had hope that there is a Holy Spirit that can help me. Every time I heard his messages, something was happening in my life. There was fire from within me. Gradually, those relationships that I had, the reason for my defeat, slowly faded.

Saved and Restored

Then, there was a conference in our church. At this time, the hunger for the Holy Spirit’s anointing and God’s mercy became more evident in my life. As soon as the pastor spoke about the Holy Spirit, I cried so hard and started to speak in tongues as I fell on the ground. The moment that Jesus became real in my life as my Lord and Savior is the moment when God opened my eyes and heart.

I can’t even express my gratitude for how thankful I am for God’s Holy Spirit. Indeed, He is the helper and counselor. God did not punish me as I deserved. Instead, I found favor and mercy in my life. Sometimes, Satan whispers to me to tempt me, but the Holy Spirit is more powerful. He gave me a word, “The moment you offer your life to me, it’s not your life anymore.” The more I walk in obedience to God, the more I die to myself.

CLI for Free Bible School Education

God recalled to me my desire to go to Bible School. So, I researched where to enroll. But, it was hard since I was in the middle of the school year. Praise God because He led me to the Christian Leaders Institute website for free Bible School education.

I hope to use my ministry training at CLI for my friends and school mates and even my students. It will enable me to join the ministry of my parents. This free ministry training at CLI is an answered prayer for me since I want to develop the gift that God has entrusted. At the same time, I can continue my field of teaching. I am not just a vessel of knowledge for this world, but I also have the knowledge of good news for the lost.

Learn about ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

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