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Free Children’s Ministry Courses at CLI

Hello, my name is Angela Gidron, and I am studying the free children’s ministry courses at CLI. I live in Columbia, SC, USA. South Carolina is where I have lived most of my life since this is where my father retired from the Marine Corps when I was seven. I am the older of two children with a younger brother. My mother was a brilliant teacher of mathematics.

Journey to Children’s Ministry Courses Started With a Love of the Bible

My mother always kept my brother and me in church. Even as a child, I was fascinated with the Bible. Since my brother was seven years younger, there were a few years where I was a latchkey kid. Those years gave plenty of time to my imagination and reading the World Book, Child Craft, and the Bible.

My childhood prepared me for my calling and taking children’s ministry courses. I had so many questions. There were things I didn’t understand about our family’s transition from the military to civilian life. My dad came from Vietnam, an alcoholic, and my mom, therefore, seemed to withdraw more and more every day. My mom and dad couldn’t help me with things that were happening in my life. I also questioned God for much of my young life. I asked about my worthiness: was I cursed, was I loved, was I a child of God, why me….?

Struggles and Calling on Jesus

My teens were tumultuous with bad experiences and bad decisions. I had a kind heart like my mother. However, that led to me being hurt by people or finding myself in the wrong situations. I also ended up suffering from depression for over twenty years.

I always knew to call on Christ Jesus. One of those nights, I was crying, “LORD, have mercy on my soul! I rest everything in your hands!” That was it! It was a revelation! A peace I had never felt before came over me, and I have been smiling ever since! I have joy in my life now, and, no matter the circumstances, God’s grace covers me sufficiently.

Children’s Ministry Courses at CLI

Currently, I play the organ/keyboard and am over the Children’s ministry at my church. Children’s Ministry is my true passion! I am pursuing these free children’s ministry courses at Christian Leaders Institute to better prepare myself as a leader in my church. My prayer is that these children’s ministry courses will equip me for what the Lord has assigned me to do. Through His anointing, I will become the vessel that He calls me to be.

Learn about ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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