Children's ministry calling

God’s Path to Children’s Ministry Calling

Hello, my name is Ashlee Swartz, from the USA. God has given me a children’s ministry calling. I am the children’s ministry director at Trinity Faith Church in Liberal, Kansas. God has given me a children’s ministry calling. I am a mother of six beautiful children.

My Journey to God’s Path for My Life

The oldest born of three children, I was born in 1986. I grew up in a house that loved God but didn’t know God. Baptized at age 5, it was around 15 that I rededicated my life to Christ when I understood more.

Through my years as a young adult, my love for God was there, but my walk with God struggled. I didn’t understand how to apply God’s word to my daily life. The sudden loss of loved ones tested my faith and love for God. I learned during the grieving process how to love and trust God in ways I never understand before. I’ve faced trials and tests in my life. Through them all, I have learned that trusting God is the only way through them.

My Children’s Ministry Calling 

My interest in ministry started because there was a need at my church. They needed a helper for a children’s class on Wednesday evening and a Nursery Director. Then, they also needed a children’s teacher on Wednesday night. All of these were positions that needed filling. What I didn’t realize was all of those positions were preparing me for who God calls me to be.

My call to go deeper into ministry came in June 2018. About eight months before this, our pastor had done an excellent sermon series on finding your purpose. I had been going through some significant trials during this sermon series. I struggled to hear God’s answer when asking about my purpose. Therefore, I got frustrated by the struggle, and more or less gave up on seeking a solution.

God saw me through my trials. I became more trusting in Him than ever before. Sitting in church one morning, I was thinking back to that sermon series. Wondering if I ever really figured my purpose out, God called, and I was ready to hear it.

My Children’s Ministry Calling Led to CLI

God told me my calling was to bring children to Him. Since I’m a mom of six, I do that, and I teach on Wednesday. He said to me, “YOU CAN DO MORE.”I knew then that the children’s ministry calling I’ve had was what God was calling me to do on a bigger scale. So I searched for online ministry training and found the Christian Leaders Institute. I am thankful for this opportunity for free children’s ministry training at CLI!

Learn about ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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