Commissioned Pastor Diploma

Commissioned Pastor Diploma

My name is Kenny Vochatzer and I am from the United States of America. I live right in the heart of America in the state of Missouri. I have been married to my beautiful wife for 15 years and have two precious daughters. I did not grow up in the church and had no knowledge of God whatsoever. After I was married, my wife had given her life to the Lord. I was very skeptical about God. I always knew there was a higher power, something bigger than me, but didn’t know who it was. My wife had a miraculous conversion. After she had come to Christ her attitude changed, she loved me. It was a love I had never seen from her or anyone. It was a love that led me to Jesus. About six months later I surrendered my life to Jesus. I have never been the same since then. I was already married and a girl on the way so I had to work and never had a chance to go to Bible College. Christian Leaders Institute has given me a good education.

My time at Christian Leaders Institute has been very helpful. I like the way I can go at my pace to complete the courses. Dr. David Feddes and Henry Reyenga are great teachers who take you deep in the Bible, as well as making things very understandable. I have had to put in many hours, but it is worth the time and experience.

As a Lead Pastor of a new church plant, this ordination is a good secondary one for me. This ordination will help me to fulfill the call to lead a church. By obtaining a Commissioned Pastor Diploma with CLI and this ordination, I gave more confidence as I go forward. The educational quality and the workload are obtainable for any Christian. This ministry training has strengthened me, and by strengthening me my family is also strengthened, and strengthening my family, strengthens the church. I have never been more excited than I am right now about life. Things are coming together better than I could ever plan.

Some of the challenges we face where we live are the casual way of being a faithful follower of Jesus. With a busy work schedule and children in sports, many put that above being a consistent believer. The culture says it ok to put Jesus second. Our culture says it’s ok to go to church when you feel like it. Our culture has deceived us. There are so many who do not know Jesus, even though is a church on every corner.

As the leader of The Fountain Church, I require all Pastors in our fellowship to go through the courses. This training will help strengthen the core of the church as well as help those leaders to fulfill their ministry calling. This church is very supportive in using the gifts that God gives every individual. There should never be a gift that is not being used.

I have labored in the ministry for many years. After I had given my life to Jesus, the only thing I wanted to do is give thanks to Jesus. I got involved in Bible Studies; I attended every church service I could. I just wanted to be around the God and His people. As I continued in the faith, I could see God had called me to do something different. I stayed faithful to the Lord, and He continued to do great things. I started as a small group leader, then a deacon, and then a board of director, then an associate pastor, and now a lead pastor. Only God can do these great things. Pursue the Lord and His righteousness then all these things will be added to you. When I pursued the Lord, nothing can stop what God will do in a person’s life.

I have never seen anyone give such good training that is free. This has allowed me, who is a bi-vocational pastor to study Gods word and not break the bank. With today’s technology, this has allowed me to have a structured educational program and an ordination. By this being all free, this is a tool that can help anyone.

Please pray for my family and me that we endure the race. We will press on for the prize, but we know the sacrifice a family goes through to further the kingdom. Please pray for revival in the United States of America. Let’s see it start in the heart the nation. Thank you for praying for me.

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