Are you interested in becoming a licensed Christian wedding officiant? Christian Leaders Institute offers a comprehensive Wedding Officiant Program to provide you with the necessary training and recognition. Join the thousands of newly ordained wedding officiants who have completed our program, which includes approximately 10 hours of study, creating a minister profile, and submitting one recommendation.

Beyond Online Only: Officiant Training and Ordination

Our program goes beyond typical online-only training. We are committed to equipping you with the skills and confidence required to officiate weddings. The program has two key components: the Christian Wedding Officiant Skill Course and the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Recognition Class.
The Skill Course focuses on developing essential skills for conducting ceremonies, counseling couples, and delivering wedding messages. It provides comprehensive training over approximately 10 hours of study. The Recognition Class is the next step, recognizing you as a minister with the esteemed Christian Leaders Alliance and finalizing your profile for ordination.

Officiant Training and Ordination Benefits:

Enrolling in our Popular Wedding Officiant Program comes with numerous benefits. Throughout the program, you will receive ten hours of comprehensive training grounded in a Christian worldview. Furthermore, you’ll be able to explore additional ministry roles with access to tuition-free training in over 150 ministry topics. The program encompasses comprehensive wedding training, including conducting meetings, counseling sessions, rehearsals, and performing ceremonies. Upon completion, you will become a member of the Christian Leaders Alliance, gaining visibility and credibility as a minister through inclusion in the Minister directory.

Credibility and Accessibility:

Our Officiant Training and Ordination program stands apart from online-only alternatives. It requires local endorsement and completion of comprehensive training, ensuring your ordination is legally recognized and, importantly, more credible. The Popular Wedding Officiant Program is suitable for various individuals, including Christians seeking detailed training, those aiming to enhance their confidence in officiating weddings, individuals without prior ministry experience lay ministers aspiring for official recognition as clergy, proponents of biblical marriage, and those planning to officiate weddings or establish a Wedding Officiant ministry.

Join Us:

This program is available worldwide, enabling individuals from most locations to participate. Embrace the opportunity to embark on your journey toward becoming a licensed Christian wedding officiant with Christian Leaders Institute. Our Popular Wedding Officiant Program will equip you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and recognition within the Christian community.

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