Introducing the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) and Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) path to ordination in Alabama

How do you get ordained in Alabama? Embarking on the journey of ordination can be a deeply rewarding and fulfilling experience for individuals who wish to serve their faith community and officiate sacred ceremonies. If you’re interested in officiating weddings or engaging in other ministerial duties in the state of Alabama, it’s important to understand the process of becoming ordained and the resources available to you.

The Ordination Law in Alabama for Officiating Weddings: In Alabama, the process of becoming an ordained minister is regulated by state law. According to the Alabama Code, Title 30, Chapter 1, Section 16, individuals who have been ordained or designated as ministers of a religious denomination are authorized to solemnize marriages. This includes individuals who have obtained ordination through online ordination programs. As such, there is no requirement to register with any government office as a wedding officiant.

The officiant is responsible for completing the marriage license in the presence of the couple and any necessary witnesses. Additionally, they must ensure that the couple acknowledges their intent to marry. After the ceremony, the completed marriage license must be filed with the probate judge’s office within a specified timeframe, typically within thirty days.

Get Ordained in Alabama with the Christian Leaders Institute and Alliance

The Christian Leaders Institute (CLI):

The Christian Leaders Institute offers a comprehensive online educational platform that provides free ministry and ordination training programs. CLI’s mission is to make theological education accessible to individuals from all backgrounds, empowering them to deepen their understanding of Christianity and prepare for various ministry roles. The institute offers a wide range of courses, covering subjects such as biblical studies, theology, church history, leadership, and pastoral care.

The Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA):

The Christian Leaders Alliance works in partnership with the Christian Leaders Institute to offer an ordination program for individuals who have completed CLI’s training and courses. Established in 2014, the Christian Leaders Alliance has ordained thousands of ministers. Through CLA, individuals can receive formal recognition and authorization as ordained ministers, allowing them to perform weddings and other religious ceremonies in Alabama in accordance with state law.

By enrolling in the Christian Leaders Institute and participating in the Christian Leaders Alliance program, you can embark on a path to ordination and expand your ministry opportunities in Alabama.

To enroll in the program, follow these steps:

  1. Create a free study account with the Christian Leaders Institute and get familiar with the Study.christianleaders.org platform.  
  2. Enroll in the Christian Wedding Officiant Skills course and commence your training.
  3. After completing the Skills course, you will enroll in the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Recognition Class. This class recognizes your online training and completes your ordination into a local geographic endorsement-based ordination credential. You will be listed in the Christian Leaders Alliance Directory, and you may order your ordination credentials. You are eligible to register a local ministry at a Soul Center.


Are you looking to broaden your ministry in Alabama? Whether your passion lies in becoming a wedding officiant or exploring other ministerial roles, the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) and Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) are here to support you on your path to ordination and the development of your ministry skills. Let’s explore the exciting primary “Diakonos” possibilities available to you:

Wedding Officiant: Many ministers choose to become wedding officiants, guiding couples through the significant milestone of marriage. By getting ordained through the Christian Leaders Alliance, you can legally officiate marriages in Alabama and bring joy to couples’ special days. “For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” – Genesis 2:24

Field Minister: If you have limited study time but a strong passion for serving in ministry, the Field Minister role is perfect for you. This program offers introductory courses that provide a solid foundation for lay ministers, church elders, and deacons. The Christian Leaders Institute provides free courses and mini-courses to deepen your understanding of ministry and enable you to serve your local community.

Licensed Minister: For individuals seeking a more comprehensive training experience, the Licensed Minister role is an excellent choice. This program offers a comprehensive curriculum, including thirteen credits of study and six mini-courses. By completing this program, you will enhance your ministry skills and be better equipped to serve in various roles.

Licensed Coaching Minister: If you are interested in incorporating coaching techniques into your ministry, the Coaching Minister role is tailored to your aspirations. This program includes two free coaching courses, enabling you to provide guidance and support using a coaching approach. With 15 credits and six mini-courses, you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to minister effectively through coaching. Click here for more details.

Licensed Ministry Chaplain: Volunteer chaplains serving in local ministry settings, such as hospitals or correctional facilities, can benefit from the Licensed Ministry Chaplain role. This program requires 18 credits and six mini-courses, equipping you with the tools to provide spiritual care in specific contexts. Getting ordained as a chaplain allows you to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need. Chaplain Ordination – Are you interested in ministry chaplaincy? Click here

Ordained Minister: The Ordained Minister role is highly sought after by individuals already involved in ministry or those seeking comprehensive training and credentials. This program comprises 21 credits and seven mini-courses, offering a comprehensive education to enhance your abilities as a minister. Whether leading a congregation or serving in various capacities, ordination as a minister opens diverse opportunities to make a difference in the state of Alabama. “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” – 1 Peter 2:9

By enrolling in the Christian Leaders Institute and participating in the Christian Leaders Alliance program, you can expand your ministry opportunities and fulfill your calling to serve the people of Alabama.

Get Ordained in Alabama – A Testimony

I’m Lauren James, and I’m from a small town in North Alabama. I have been with the love of my life for 10 years now, and he supports me in every Lauren Jamesstep of this ministry journey. He is also growing in ministry as he heeds the call of the Father for his life. Our hearts are focused on mission work at the moment. We have had the opportunity to join a mission team that goes to Honduras every year, and we are loving the experience (so much so that we are learning to speak Spanish!). I am excited to see all the places that the Lord will lead us to and to have the opportunity to minister and serve on foreign ground.

I preach and teach, and I serve in a jail ministry at our church. We are a small, non-denominational church, and we believe in the full work of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Our services have structure, but we always allow the Holy Spirit to have His way in our services. I preach under the power and the anointing of the Living God as I yield myself to Him. I know that He is the final authority on everything, and I take it very seriously that I will give an account of every word that I speak one day. I knew from a young age that I was called into ministry, and I have always held that dream close to my heart.

My husband and I believe that we will pastor a church together one day. The training that I have received from CLI will serve me tremendously when we take that step. It has been such a great tool as I’ve been growing and learning in ministry. I have gained invaluable knowledge and wisdom through these courses, and I will have my church leaders take these classes when my husband and I step into pastoring.

The fact that these classes are free is such a blessing. It was also necessary (in my case) because I couldn’t afford to pay for classes when I first signed up. I didn’t originally join CLI to work towards an ordination, but after a few classes, I decided that I wanted to pursue my ordination through this program. I believe the Lord has brought together a great team of ministers at CLI to help raise up Christian leaders all over the world. The doctrine taught here is sound doctrine, and I have used a lot of the teachings in our Sunday School classes. I give my full support to this ministry program.

I love to study the Bible, and I have such a desire to learn and gain more insight into the Scriptures. I am excited to have my ordination through CLI, and I am looking forward to taking more of these online classes to help me grow in wisdom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Christian Leaders Institute funded? Christian Leaders Institute is funded through a “Give It Forward” Approach. Click here to read more.

Can I register my church or religious society under the banner of Christian Leaders Alliance? Yes. Locally registered Soul Centers are being register all over the world. Click here to read more.

Can I receive a College degree after I enroll at Christian Leaders Institute? 

At Christian Leaders Institute, our college degrees are offered through our Leadership Excellence School. We provide access to both Associate Degrees and Bachelor Degrees. To begin our degree program, you must first enroll as a student in our School of Christian Development. Every student starts by creating a study account at the Christian Development school. Once you complete the “Getting Started” class, you can proceed to enroll in our Leadership Excellence School, where our degree programs are hosted.. Click here to set up you account. 

This degree is ideal for those who desire to pursue their Master’s Degree with one of our partner Seminaries like North Point Bible College and SeminaryKairos University, Calvin, Western, Northern, and more.

Christian Leaders Institute is your access or gateway many professional ministry opportunity.

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