Give it Forward Funding Movement for Ministry Training

by Henry Reyenga

In the beginnings of the early church, before majestic cathedrals and sprawling congregations, there existed a simple, profound movement. It was a ‘give it forward’ movement, a testament to the selflessness and unity of early Christian leaders. There were no grand church budgets or fees charged for spiritual teachings. Instead, the ministers, who were volunteers, were trained using a discipleship model, supporting themselves and each other. And when disaster struck, they banded together to alleviate suffering, following the example of Acts 11:29:

“The disciples, each according to his ability, decided to provide help for the brothers living in Judea.”

Christianity blossomed under this ‘give it forward’ model, a system that propelled its growth by asking believers to contribute as per their abilities. This tradition of generosity and solidarity continues in today’s churches. We all contribute to our local ministry, ensuring its sustainability and vitality. We are giving revival forward!

But what if we told you this age-old strategy is reshaping the world of education as we know it?

Enter Christian Leaders Institute (CLI), a trailblazer in providing free ministry training, who decided to embrace this timeless strategy, shaping it into a powerful tool that has brought revival forward in ministry education. They christened it – Give it Forward Funding Movement for Ministry Training.

A game-changer, this movement topples the traditional tuition-based models and opens up a universe of opportunities. It turns financial obstacles into stepping stones of generosity and unity, making high-quality education accessible to all, irrespective of their monetary capabilities.

The concept is simple yet impactful. Instead of hefty tuition fees, CLI invites students to make voluntary offerings, a gesture that becomes a lifeline for those who can’t afford a standard college education. And for those who can’t chip in monetarily? They contribute their prayers, creating a network of spiritual support that unites the entire CLI community.

As you wonder what this model brings to the table, let’s journey through the multifaceted advantages the Give it Forward Funding Movement for Ministry Training offers:

  1. Unleashing Education for All: By casting away the shackles of high tuition fees, the Give It Forward model invites people worldwide, from all walks of life, to quench their thirst for knowledge and skill enhancement.
  2. Fostering Participation and Connection: This donation-driven model stirs up a sense of belonging among students. As they contribute, a deeper bond with the institution and fellow students is forged, driving increased participation and engagement.
  3. Sparking Ownership and Responsibility: The model inspires students to take the reins of their educational journey. Giving, even a little, often kindles a sense of investment in their education, motivating them to make the most of the provided opportunities.
  4. Cultivating a Compassionate Community: Far from simply instilling a sense of responsibility, the model nurtures a culture of generosity and care, weaving a safety net of support for the institute and its students.
  5. Kindling the Spirit of Giving: Serving as a platform for teaching the essence of generosity, the Give It Forward model ingrains in students the spirit of giving back, translating into broader life lessons beyond the academic realm.
  6. Preserving High-Quality Education: With the resources pooled from the generous CLI community, the institute can maintain, and even enhance, the high-quality education it offers, reinforcing its global standing as a provider of free ministry training.
  7. Fueling the Revival Forward: Interestingly, a significant number of graduates continue giving even after their educational journey ends. Their contribution goes beyond mere generosity, it is their way of fostering more ministers, of fueling the revival!
  8. Kingdom Christians, Foundations, and Churches Encouraged: This model is appealing to the broader Christian funding community. These funders appreciate seeing the recipients of this opportunity continue to give it forward even after they graduate.

But why, is this Give it Forward Funding Movement for Ministry Training crucial for ministry education?

Ministry education plays a decisive role in molding individuals who will lead Christian communities in the future. Given their vital role, it is imperative that this education is accessible to all who hear the calling, irrespective of their financial means.

Let’s delve into why it is crucial for ministry education to be free and devoid of debt:

  • Alleviating Financial Burdens: The skyrocketing cost of higher education often culminates in colossal student debts. By making ministry education free, CLI ensures that those called to serve are unburdened by financial debts, especially crucial for those serving in ministry roles who may not earn high incomes.
  • Igniting Vocational Pursuits: The steep cost of education often deters many from following their calling in ministry. Free access to top-notch ministry education removes this barrier, allowing individuals to pursue their vocation wholeheartedly, benefitting both themselves and the communities they serve.
  • Promoting Equality in Education: Free ministry education fosters equality and inclusivity, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their financial status, has an equal chance to serve their community and fulfill their calling.
  • Empowering Full-time Ministry: Full-time ministers should not be saddled with debt from their education. Free ministry education enables individuals to commit to full-time service without the shadow of looming financial obligations.
  • Building Generosity and Community: The Give It Forward model nurtures a culture of generosity and unity within the Institute, resonating with the values that students will carry into their future ministries. The spirit of compassion, generosity, and mutual support thrives in their service.

In conclusion, by providing free and accessible ministry education, CLI doesn’t just lay a solid foundation for those called to serve. It also cultivates an environment that champions the values of community, generosity, and equal access to education. It ensures that financial circumstances do not hinder anyone’s journey to serve their faith community, nurturing a generation of ministers unburdened by debt and fueled by the spirit of giving. And in doing so, it truly embodies the spirit of the Give it Forward Funding Movement for Ministry Training. 

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