Australia Free Online Ministry Training – Jarad Bennett

Australia Free Online Ministry Training

Jarad Bennet was taking a nap. Suddenly, he sensed the power of God and the Holy Spirit put a thought in his mind, “Search Free Online Ministry Training on the Internet.” Jarad did so immediately and found Christian Leaders Institute. He is part of many leaders who have found Australia free online ministry training for their callings. Jarad’s story is incredible. Here is a guy that God has saved, brought to a great church, mentored by a local pastor and now called into ministry.

Jarad was born in August of 1988. He grew up having knowledge of the Lord. In his youth, he struggled with ADHD. His family life was complicated, and he experienced much abuse in extreme ways. Jarad said, “I was regularly abused in over-the-top ways and would ‘look to the skies and blame God.'” He still attended church until age 18. Jarad was kicked out of his house when he was 18. That was in 2006.

Jarad married and started having children. But his life was heading in the wrong direction. He said,

During the years of 2013-2014, I was a horrible person. Horrible to my wife and kids, family and friends. I was IN the world and I was OF the world. After a major life-changing event in 2014, I slowly came to want to change myself honestly and forever.

Jarad attended church again in January of 2015. The journey back to God was beginning.

Australia Free Online Ministry Training Inspiration

Jarad and his wife moved to a new community and found a local church. Interestingly, Jarad’s wife had a friend from school days that attended the church. On Easter of 2015, Jarad and his family started to attend this local church. They began to attend regularly,

Then, after a while, we went back again and continued going. Our pastor started coming to our house regularly, teaching us the word of God, and we were changed and renewed.

The ministry of this local church and the power of the Holy Spirit descended on Jarad’s life, and this calling to study was connected with Australia free online ministry training in a powerful way. Jarad tells the story this way,

God showed up through certain events, and I seriously felt the presence of the Holy Spirit working in my life.  I felt I was being urged to learn more. Not to know more but because the Lord has a much larger plan for me. I brought this to people at church, and they were really encouraging so I decided to tell our pastor. Before I did though, when I was taking a nap, I felt the Lord’s voice in the form of a thought, search ‘free online ministry training’. I awoke, searched and here I am. I told my pastor that night about my urgings, and he was indeed encouraged, but, because I am only recently back, asked me to relax for a while so I didn’t mention CLI.

Jarad realized that the pastor’s wisdom to proceed carefully in pursuing ministry was sound. The Bible warns us about not laying on hands too quickly. Jarad was listening to a sermon on the radio where the preacher encouraged everyone to develop their talents. Jarad knew that he needed to heed the calling to learn and take classes at Christian Leaders Institute. The fact is that Christian Leaders Institute presents this Australia free ministry training in such a way that allows new students to examine and test their callings.

After Jarad had signed up for this Australia free ministry training, his pastor committed to supporting and mentoring him. Jarad commented,
“My pastor is extremely supportive with my calling and wants me to fulfill God’s desires and is always there for me whenever I get stuck.”

Australia Free Online Ministry Training An Opportunity

Future ministry leaders of any economic ability now have an opportunity for high-quality ministry training. Christian Leaders Institute promotes a donation model where the ministry training is free. Enrollment, classes, and tests are all included. All the classes can be taken online on computers, Smart Phones or tablets. The only fees charged are small fees for official awards. The divinity degree also has a small fee that pays for personalized attention needed for an accredited degree. The total amount of that four-year degree fee is $1,500. Major seminaries like Calvin Theological Seminary will admit CLI students. Jarad appreciated this opportunity, and he wrote,

Studying with CLI is going to enable me to follow God’s will. I do not have the funds to study in this country and in my current situation, but God always provides when our desires are in line with His Will so CLI is helping me to fulfil God’s will.

This Australia free online ministry training is not just for Australia. Christian Leaders Institute serves over 150 countries now. Thousands are graduating in certificates, diplomas and degrees.

Richard Foster, Australia

I am Richard Foster, husband to Roslyn, father of 6 and grandfather to ten. I am a resident of the west coast of Australia and live in a suburban community about 100 miles from the State capital of Perth. Australia is an affluent nation that enjoys high levels of health and safety. It is quite isolated from the world by its geographic location and history. Perth occupies the same time zone as Beijing and Singapore, and it is cheaper to travel to Indonesia from Perth than the other capital cities in Australia.

The high standard of living, isolation, comparative wealth and security of Western Australia is reflected in the beliefs of many of its people. There is a general sense of self-sufficiency, and, therefore, the need for God is not recognized.

There are indigenous communities, and the increase in migration, especially from Asia is bringing change from the Colonial past and a greater exposure to different faiths and cultures which is beginning to have an effect on public policy, sense of self and identity. Ministry can be comfortable, but testing. By census over 60% of the nation identify as Christian but less than 10% attend any place of worship. Australia has been cited as being one of the most atheistic countries in the world.
I came to the Lord in my late teens after flirting first of all with the street culture and then the ‘flower power’ movement of the late 60’s and 70’s. Having grown in a fairly dysfunctional home, I sought a sense of identity in various sub cultures without much success. At the invitation of a friend I attended a fundamentalist church where I came to believe in the reality of God without feeling the need to make any sought of personal commitment to Him, however after a period of wrestling and questioning I understood the need to surrender my will to the Lordship of Jesus and accepted him as my saviour. As still quite a young believer I was invited by my Pastor, and the first mentor, to preach in a youth service. I think I made a mess of it, but he obviously saw something I didn’t and persevered with providing encouragement and opportunities. Ever since I have felt called to communicate the word of God by preaching and teaching.
Initially my desire to enter vocational ministry was not shared by wife, so I worked in areas of administration and management until 1986 when I joined a para-church organisation on ‘faith’ basis. Over the next years, I moved between pastoral roles and business type activities until being invited into a full-time pastoral role. While I had studied in various places and at different times, I didn’t proceed to conclude formally any formal Biblical or Theological training, and life just got too busy. After a period lecturing in a secular college, I was invited to assume the role of Senior Pastor in the church I now serve and where my wife and I expect to remain for some time.
Despite advancing age, I retain the dream of challenging young people and providing them with the confidence and belief to achieve their goals. Until recently I was working bi-vocationally as a Lecturer in Business and Management, specifically to final year high school students who were not coping with usual school curricula. I have also been invited to travel to Uganda to help to teach capacity building to young men and women there as well as to provide some training to disengaged youth in mining town close to where I currently live. These, I believe are components of the dream that remains within me.

This course through CLI will, I believe, provide me with some structured learning and discipline to aid in fulfilling that dream.
I have been called to a local church as Pastor, and so I have its endorsement on my life and calling. This is a church of young families in a growing community. It does not own buildings or real estate but has a passion to reach the community, especially those in the 4 to 14-year-old window. The most effective way that others can pray for me is that I will be able to balance the challenges of the administration of a church while retaining my passion for preaching and teaching the word of God.

Join The Free Ministry Training Movement

Free Ministry Training Movement

Jesus Christ started a free ministry training movement. Simple. He recruited some men and women and trained them to be love radicals. These love radicals saw first hand the extent of love. Jesus died to save humanity. He rose to bring victory over death! He came to usher in the kingdom of God. He commanded them to preach the gospel.

Luke 9:6  So they set out and went from village to village, preaching the gospel and healing people everywhere.

Jesus started the free ministry training movement. This free ministry training movement continues today. Christian leaders are being trained at CLI! These leaders can earn certificates, diplomas and even a Divinity Diploma. The training is supported by gifts, not tuition.

Called Christian leaders all around the world are participating in this free ministry training movement. Leaders like Brianna Bastin of Melbourne, Australia. Brianna was born in Birmingham, England. She became a Christian in January of 2015 after a friend persuaded her to come to church.

When I initially walked into the church, I could instantly feel the amazing presence of the Holy Spirit. Since, I have experienced an incredible journey that I cannot wait to finish in God’s timing, and all for the Glory of our Saviour.

In Australia, 63% of people call themselves Christians. In Melbourne alone, the population consists of 51% Christians. There are many, many different denominations in Melbourne and so many different cultures. Many don’t believe in the true Gospel.

Free Training Movement To Reach The World

Together with her ministry partner, they have a dream of changing the world.

I dream of building a church and to extend our church family to Third World countries.

I was given a vision of the above task, which gives me motivation and joy to pursue this in God’s will and timing.

I would absolutely love to see myself as a Pastor, getting to know people and building up and teaching church planters, preachers and future pastors all for the glory of God. I find so much joy in working for God and preaching what we know is true, the Gospel. I love bringing people to know God, it is the most incredible feeling knowing somebody has just transformed and come to know our loving God.

Christians in Australia face many challenges when spreading the Word of God. They face the challenge of judgment and rejection. In a country that is diverse, and concentrated with many other religions, it can be difficult to plant the seed of the one true Gospel. Atheism is at a high in Australia, and the confidence they have is quite the challenge to overcome when trying to bring them to God.

Brianna attends a local church in Melbourne called Gateway Family Church. She says that she always finds “encouragement and prayers when I need them. As a church family, they offer me their wisdom and experience to help overcome the challenges when following my Ministry Dream.”

The free ministry training movement is necessary to mobilize hundreds of thousands of Christian leaders. Christian leaders are being called from every walk and situation of life. This training must be free so that every called leader has an opportunity for training.

Brianna puts it this way,

As an extremely low-income earner, the free courses are an incredible way for me to be trained to proclaim the gospel.  I am ready to go anywhere the Lord sends me. I can bring my laptop along with me and complete the course, unlike campus-based courses. Christian Leader’s Institute is set out well, and I adore the concept of this great ministry. My prayer is that I will be confident and readily equipped for my calling and for the challenges God puts in place for me when pursuing my calling. That I will forever walk by his side and spread His word through love and through the Holy Spirit.

This free ministry training movement has spread to over 150 nations. Thousands have completed courses. Students, mission inclined individuals, churches, and foundations are supporting with gifts and offerings. Click here if you would like to make an offering.

The gospel must be preached. Jesus said it.

Matthew 24:14   And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

Christian Leaders Institute is making this free ministry training movement a reality for thousands of Christian Leaders.

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Bible School For Housewives – Veronica Mackay Desperate For God

Bible School For Housewives

God said He is looking for people who will worship Him in spirit and in truth; that is the mission of CLI, to equip people everywhere including housewives with the truth that can set people free.

CLI is perfect for housewives because it meets their ministry training needs while they meet their families needs:

What would make a Bible School for housewives a cut above the rest? A Bible School for Housewives needs the following characteristics:

1. Free:  In most cases a perfect Bible School for housewives would need to be free because there is usually little extra for ministry training.

2. High Quality:  Because of the responsibilities of running a home, a Bible school for housewives would need to be very beneficial to justify the use of precious time.

3. Flexible: Housewives need classes that can be flexible.   CLI ‘s online classes offer extra long semesters with less time constraints than normal schooling.

4. Fellowship: CLI has housewives around the world all studying with the same goal in mind, to train for ministry. A great Bible school For housewives would have lots of housewives in their student body.

5. Life Changing: The perfect Bible school for housewives would transform her life in the Holy Spirit so that she could impact her family members. The most important ministry leadership is the leadership she brings to her home.

Christian Leaders Institute is a Bible School for Housewives who are desperate for God. Thousands of mothers are taking courses and graduating from Christian Leaders Institute all around the world. This is a donation based education, with exceptional ministry training, a highly educated staff, and informative classes.

Here is the story of Veronica Mackay from Australia who picked Christian Leaders Institute as her Bible School For Housewives –

I am Veronica Mackay and I live in Australia.  I was born in 1980 in South Africa to a South African mother and an Rhodesian father. They have been married for forty years now and their love is still strong.  I got married in 1999 to Luke Mackay; what a journey we have had together.  Luke met Christ a year ago. The long journey to get him converted to Christianity was finally fulfilled. I thank Jesus every day for the miraculous changes I see in his life. God is love and with Him in our lives we have never been happier.  We are parents to Bianca, Branden, and Michael. I am a stay at home mom.

I have been going to church since I can remember. I was brought up in a Christian home and had parents who were happy with a loving marriage even though they were very poor. I got lost along my life’s path and turned to Satanism; eighteen years ago Jesus brought me out. He lifted me out of the dark places and brought me into His wonderful light.  I was water baptized in March 2014 and have felt like a new person. I see things differently and hear God whispering to me more than I use too.

It is easy to misunderstand some scriptures, but since joining CLI, I have had a better understanding of different subjects. God has also been revealing my calling to me which I am committed to. My ministry goal is to see many individuals repent and enter God’s kingdom. I also want to start a prayer conference to pray for people all over the world. I want to help others enter this wonderful journey that I am experiencing.

I currently live in Australia. We serve in our church and enjoy every moment of it, even just showing people to their seats. We will stay there until He decides to move us.  Growth is very important to us, we want to water the seeds God has planted in us. Our main dream is to reach out to anyone, anywhere and show them the love of God. We would also like to help kids in public schools by offering bible education to any who are interested for free. I see myself as a teacher/pastor.  I love everyone around me, even people who are not Christians. My husband has the same ministry dream; it is a blessing to have his support in this.

I am a stay at home mom so I can’t really attend an on campus bible education program.  The fact that CLI is an online bible college makes it possible for me to have a good quality bible education and still look after my baby. The fact that CLI is not a government accredited university is a bonus as well.  It means that I can spend less time on my study and still get the same vital information I need. I just want to know more about God’s word, how to understand it, and how to pass it on to others. We also really appreciate that CLI is a donation based education.

Please pray that the desire God has placed in our hearts will grow and that in our future ministry, we will always seek to glorify our heavenly Father. And that we will not seek our own gain. God is Awesome.

If you are a housewife desperate for God, who is sensing the call to receive ministry training, just give Christian Leaders Institute a try. Its free and it’s there to feed your soul and bless your life! Note: Read more stories on our Facebook page. It has many stories of other women who are in Christian Leaders Institute a Bible School For Housewives.

Tony Kirby Australian Graduate

I am 53 Years Old and have committed my life to the Lord almost 23 Years ago. I pray that I can Untitled-1serve the Lord Jesus the remaining days of my life.

I feel that the photo attached is the best way to describe myself at the very best as I lived my earlier years in rebellion to the Lord.

My sins have caused him to die for me even though I am unworthy of his forgiveness. He still carried me in my needy days when the only thing I deserved is to be thrown to hell.

I cannot thank him enough for his grace which he granted me freely and dwells in me through his spirit. I pray that he allows me to share and tell every person I come across in my remaining days what he did for me and willing to do to any person who place his/her trust in him and surrenders his/her heart to Jesus so he/she will get the eternal forgiveness and spend eternity with him in heaven.

Young Christian Leader Called to Change the World

Young Christian Leader Has Passion to Change the World! Here is her story!

I am Teagan,  a 16 year old young Christian leader from Australia.young Christian leader
Ministry in Australia is everywhere, from small churches to big organizations.  It is so inspiring to see so many growing and prospering. Bringing people to Jesus is the main commission of churches.

I came to know the Lord through moving schools, after being bullied and isolated I got an opportunity to attend a wonderful Christian School. I was born with no mum and dad and so it is so reassuring that the Lord will never forsake me and that he has plans for my life.  I battled with depression for 3 years. Circumstances are still touchy, but now I am in Jesus Christ. Jesus is amazing! My pop had a mental breakdown and has got emphysema. He is also an Atheist, but I pray for his salvation!

My ministry dream is to minister to those who need Christ both here and in other countries in order to enrich peoples lives with Christ! I believe it is an honor to preach and minister the Word of God!

Personally I love being an Evangelist, and telling people about Christ.  After my past wrongs, sadness and depression, I love the fact I can trust God to help me be a blessing to others.  I want people to benefit from my trails so that they can be helped in their trials.  There is so much more to my story, and it is only just beginning with our amazing God.

At school I have been told that I am a leader. I think about that, and I am amazed at it.  When they keep repeating it, I go to God and tell him and ask him to open doors, and he has!

There are challenges for the spreading of Christianity in where I live. Half of my town does know Christ and I just want to help everyone come to know the Father. My church leaders encourage me to encourage Christians and reach other who does not know Christ.

The ability to study for free and receive high quality ministry training benefits me in so many ways. As young Christian leaders who needs training, I will learn and apply ministry training that will help me change the world for Christ. I will share the gospel, love one another and simply devote my life to bringing people to God. This free training will set me up for the future. Opportunities have come to me!  It is amazing to have this chance to change and impact the world.

Note from Christian Leaders Institute: New mentor centers called micro-seminaries are being formed. Young Christian leaders like Teagan can invite their friends to study online. They can meet one a week or twice a month to support each other on the journey in ministry training. Not only Teagan but others can be raised up to become a mighty force for Christ and his love. If you are a young Christian leader and you see your calling to invite raise up more leaders to join you, enroll now and get your Christian leaders Basic certificate. Check out more stories about CLI students at Facebook.

Simonie Carkeet of Australia – Christian Leaders Basics Certificate

Christian Leaders Institute provides ministry training for many students in Australia. One of these students is Simonie Carkeet. Simonie is currently a resident of Australia, but God has laid on her heart the calling to return to her birth country of Madagascar to preach the gospel there. Here is her story.

Simonie CarkeetScreen Shot 2014-03-21 at 2.09.33 AM

I was born 1985 in Madagascar to a Malagasy mother and an Australian father (died 1987). Leaving behind my 5 siblings & my mum, I migrated to Australia in 2002 to live with my paternal grandmother. Completed my bachelor of civil Engineering study in late 2009 & the following year got married to Daniel Carkeet.

Since 2012, we are parents to Abraham. I run business from home, trading the spot foreign exchange. I started going to catholic church with our neighbor when I was 9 as I wanted to go to catholic school (I thought that going to the church was a prerequisite for the school). end up not going to the school due to the cost but kept going to the church anyway. one of the oneness pentecostal pastor from my town in was preaching door to door and came across to our house and converted my mum. when I was 12, I started going to my mum’s church as well because the pastor explained things to us and in the catholic church I didn’t really know what was going on. from then on the bible became my favorite book, was baptized and felt like a new person.

It has been a progressive learning curves though as I didn’t understand many things early on in my walk with God. For example I didn’t quite grasp the Grace of God until I was at university ( though our university Christian group), before that time I though my salvation depended on what I did. The Christian group at university also encouraged me to consider missionary work. though full time missionary work have been on my mind, only this years that I feel God is convicting me to really surrender my whole being for Him (dying to myself and letting Him live in me).

My ministry goal is to go back to Madagascar and expand God’s kingdom by training local men and women and then send them to go to the unreached area of Madagascar. I want to give up everything for God just as Jesus did and to inspire others to do the same. My dream is to live my life like Jesus (after all i should be dead and only Christ is living in me). I want to be dead to sin, dead to worldly ambition, and and live as if Jesus is the one doing the living in me and live only for His kingdom and sharing His love to everyone. Madagascar is a very poor country so in Jesus name my husband and I hope to run orphanages as well with school. one of my dream also is to provide bible education to everyone for free ( bible colleges in every town & city in Madagascar). I crave for knowledge and revelations. I always asking questions and curious about how things works and fit together.

I have read and reread the bible but I feel there are plenty of things that i can’t quite understand and when on mission ground in Madagascar I would not want to be telling people the wrong things so i think bible education is crucial. Getting a scholarship with CLI would help tremendously and will be a great building block for further studies. (it will also give me great ideas to what to include when we run bible colleges in Madagascar)

1. Currently I live in Australia but where I would like to do full time ministry is in Madagascar. Hoping to start our ministry there by 2020. about 50% of the people in Madagascar call themselves Christians but majority of the country areas are untouched by missionaries so in these areas people still practice ancestral worshiping and witchcraft. These are the people that God has laid in my heart.

2. While living in Madagascar, a pastor of a pentecostal church came around to our place to talk about Jesus and the bible. my mum became a Christian through that and we kids followed her. Though I was baptised early on in my faith, I feel that God is increasing my faith every day and that i am owning my faith more and more as I get older.

3.The main dream we (my husband and I) have is to reach the unreached people of Madagascar but also we would love to be used by God to bring unity among the various churches in Madagascar. moreover, we would like to show the caring and love of Christ through helping kids who are orphans and bring bible education to anyone who are interested for free.

4. I see myself as pastor as I like to get to know people and helping people to grow to know God more but also I would like to train church planters and these will be the people who will go to the country areas of Madagascar.

5. When I was at university studying engineering, I was part of a Christian group there and the leader taught us to read our bible and challenged us to live only for Christ in response to what Christ has done for us. Philippians 1:21 is founding verse for my desire to serve God wholeheartedly.

6. Madagascar has 65% literacy rate and majority if not all of the illiterate people are located in the country side. Because of this issue, people can’t read the bible by themselves.

7. My Australian church is very supportive in our pursue of ministry as they allow us to present to the church about our ministry dream and they are praying for us.  Our pastor is my mentor during my study at CLI

8. My husband has the same ministry dream so it is a blessing to have his support in this.

9. I am a stay home mum (my son is 15 months), so I can’t really attend an on campus bible education program so the fact that CLI is an online bible college makes it possible for me to have a good quality bible education while still able to look after my baby. the fact that CLI is not an government accredited university is a bonus as well for me as it mean that I can spend less time on my study but still get the same vital information as I am not interested in the academic side of things but rather I just want to know more about God’s word and how to understand it and how to pass it on to others. as mentioned I am a stay home mum at this stage and our family only has only 1 source of income so we don’t have much leftover at the end of the week so really appreciate that CLI is a donation based education.

10. Please pray that the desire God has placed in our heart will grow and that in our future ministry, we will always seek to glorify our heavenly Father and that we will not seek our own gain.

Joanne Britton of Australia – Christian Basics Graduate of the Day

Joanne Britton –

“Hi. My name is Joanne Britton, and I live in a country town in NSW Australia.

“Ministering to others in Australia can be a bit difficult as it is in other countries. Some people can be so busy with their everyday lives that they feel that there is no time for God or that they have all the time in the world before they need to make a commitment to Him. Others embrace Him with such energy and love. No matter what I persevere and trust God’s leading everyday.

“I was brought up in Church. Mum attended and sent me to Sunday school. I became a Christian at a young age but when going through my teens I realized I needed to reconnect with God so I rededicated my life to Him.

“My Ministry dream is to reach the lost for God and help make disciples for Him. I want to counsel people who are struggling with life and choices they have made. I have so many people that come to me now and ask for guidance, but I can only help so much as I don’t have the qualifications to help them any further.”Joanne Britton

Joanne Britton Receives a Scholarship

“A Scholarship is so important to me because it will give me the opportunity to get the qualifications that I need to help, nurture, and lead these hurting people to Christ. I want to do all I can to Expand and grow my Lord and Savior’s Kingdom. I want to be God’s ambassador .

“Please pray for the protection against Satan’s attacks. Please pray that doors will be opened for ministry so His name can be glorified and that I will keep growing in the Lords knowledge.”

Joanne Britton is dedicated to the Lord. People come to ask her for advice and guidance in life, and she gives them what she can. Still, Joanne Britton knows that this is not enough. She wants to be able to give them the godly, life transforming power that can only come from God and His word. That is why Joanne Britton has come to Christian Leaders Institute. Joanne Britton knows that CLI can equip her to become the counselor God has called her to be.

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