Ministry Calling Story

Richard’s Ministry Calling Story

I am Richard Voegt from Melbourne, Australia, and here is my ministry calling story. I serve in an Info-Tech based business as a mission in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Now is such a great time for Christians to have an impact for the Gospel in Cambodia. Cambodians are coming out of poverty and open to outside ideas. I get to work with inspiring local leaders and cross-cultural workers from all over the world every day.

Growing up, my family wasn’t keen on anything religious. However, I had numerous spiritual experiences when I was a child. Some of those experiences left me with an intense feeling of anxiety. This anxiety plagued me through my adolescence and kept me awake night after night. I made some wrong decisions after high school and got involved in the party scene and didn’t take care of myself. I developed depression from the party lifestyle and was removed from two universities for non-attendance and poor results. Somehow, I kept meeting Christians at my work who shared the Gospel, prayed for me, and encouraged me to pursue peace through Christ.

Hearing the Gospel and Business as Mission 

I went to a nightclub while all this was happening. There, I met a friend I hadn’t seen for a while. He used to be in the party scene too. He told me that he was a born-again Christian and that I didn’t have to be polite if I didn’t want to talk to him. However, I did want to talk to him. He invited me to church the next Sunday and asked me not to go out partying until then. Through that church, I was able to get the love and support I needed and make many wonderful friends. I returned to the university and was able to graduate with my BA and later achieve a Masters in Business Administration.

Since God saved me, I desperately wanted to serve God, and much enjoyed my volunteer work in outreach cafes and street ministry. I went to Cambodia twice on short term mission while working as a business professional. I thought I had to be a traditional missionary, which I was happy to be. At that time, I didn’t know that Business as Mission was a thing!

Now, I travel the world, inspiring people to a more profound commitment to the mission, and promoting the software products of our company. My dream is to continue this work, and also do more ministry work with overcoming addictions and creation science teaching.

Spiritual Struggles and Free Ministry Training at CLI

Old habits die hard, and it took a long time for me to submit my whole self to the Lord and move on from the enticing old lifestyle. I’m grateful to God for His never-ending grace and all those friends who saw me through times of backsliding and loved me onto the right track.

The protection and provision of God humbled me. He provided such a loving community and made way for me to return to study. God rescued me from an intense period of rebellious living.
God became real to me when I was young. However, I didn’t understand that He is the Name Above Every Name. I knew I should follow Him as soon as I started to get prayed for by loving friends.

Getting to know Jesus as Saviour was easy, but it’s taken a long time to submit to everything He asks of me as Lord. God led me to Christian Leaders Institute as part of my ministry calling story. I hope the Christian Leaders Institute ministry training can help me more effective in my ministry and inspire others to a deeper relationship with Christ. As a business mission worker, I’m not exactly flush with cash, and so free training are especially important to me.

Learn about ordination opportunities at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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