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My name is Vattessa Colbung, and I am a mother of four children living in Perth, Western Australia. The online Christian studies at the Christian Leaders Institute are a blessing.

My Story: Missing Spirit

I was born in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, and grew up in Ceduna, South Australia. Christianity has surrounded me, and I have attended various churches. However, I always felt a sense of restlessness, desiring a deeper purpose in my relationship with God. This is the story of my spiritual journey.

I am proud to be a descendant of the Bibbulman nation, belonging to Wagyl Kaip (the Minang peoples of King George Sound) and Southwest Boojarah in Busselton. Additionally, I have ancestral connections to the Wongatha nations through the Tjalkatjarra people in the Northern Goldfields and the Tjerradjal peoples in Kakarra, Central-Eastern, and Western Goldfields. By Australian Aboriginal identities and protocol, it is essential to understand our heritage, geographical boundaries, and the preservation of our “Tjukurrpa” stories.

My maternal and paternal sides of the family and their ancestors have experienced the painful history of the Stolen Generation. This refers to the forced removal of Indigenous children in Australia. It resulted in intergenerational trauma, including issues related to attachment, disconnection from extended family and culture, and heightened stress levels among Aboriginal children and communities. I am grateful for God’s grace and mercy, as through Jesus Christ, we have been able to overcome these traumas.

Separation and Challenges

As a teenager, I experienced a significant separation. I am thankful for Jesus’ blood and the true meaning of forgiveness and repentance. At that time, I unknowingly became pregnant, and as a young girl carrying a child, my daughter was taken away by welfare services. This separation caused me to struggle with my identity, unsure whether I was still a teenager or already an adult. I experienced substance abuse, violence, and various forms of abuse throughout my childhood. I turned to alcohol and drugs as a means to numb the pain. However, even in my darkest days, I found comfort without realizing that it was the work of the Comforter.

From my early 20s to my 40s, I returned to Western Australia and pursued various avenues in an attempt to forget the past. I engaged in activities such as karate, martial arts, studying, and working two jobs to support my children as a single mother. I pushed myself in different areas, always eager to learn and explore overlooked aspects of life. From a young age, I felt a strong calling to serve and care for others, a value my mother, grandmother, sisters, and aunties instilled in me. I was drawn to those who had experienced rejection in various aspects of their lives. However, at that time, I failed to recognize that I needed a personal, one-on-one relationship with God to heal from my past traumas.

Helping Others

Instead, I focused on helping others. One rainy evening, while driving with my mother to her workplace, we noticed a young girl sitting on the side of the road, drenched in the rain, with her head lowered. I recognized her from school and the community. I told my mom, “Stop; we must check if she’s okay. She can’t stay in the rain like this.” We pulled over, and it was evident that she was vulnerable. We agreed to let her stay with us until she could return to her family.

The Missing Piece: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

During this journey, I realized we all have a missing piece in our lives. For me, that missing piece was my connection with God. I needed to return to Him more deeply. One evening, I attended a crusade with a friend, and the atmosphere differed from any other crusades I attended. People were going forward, giving their hearts to Jesus. I sensed a presence that I later identified as the Holy Spirit.

Further, I felt a stirring, prompting me to go forward. I dedicated my heart to Jesus that night. It was a transformative experience unlike anything before. I felt the fire of the Holy Spirit burning within me. At the time, I was a smoker, but the next day, I heard a stern voice commanding me to throw away my cigarette. I immediately obeyed. From then on, I had many encounters with the Holy Spirit.

Preparing for Ministry: Online Christian Studies at CLI

I am no longer restless, disobedient, or distracted because I know who I am. Why now? Because of the Holy Spirit and my desire to fulfill God’s mission and purpose in my life. I am here to live out His calling and bring glory to His name. Reflecting on Ecclesiastes 3:1, “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens,” I realize this is my time.

I searched the internet for many years for free online Christian studies and tried a few. However, because they were complicated, I didn’t continue. Then I came across Christian Leaders Institute (CLI). The website immediately inspired me, and I eagerly delved into the courses that suited me. I appreciate the user-friendly structure of CLI’s platform. I thank God for men of God like Pastor Henry Reyenga. Further, I honor the anointing God has bestowed upon him and everyone who brought this website together. Therefore, I will introduce other brothers and sisters in Christ to the Christian Leaders Institute website. CLI’s online Christian studies will prepare them for ministry.

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