Ministry Training Courses

Ministry Training Courses

Hi, my name is Donald Ormiston and I am taking ministry training courses free at Christian Leaders Institute. I was born in Scotland and emigrated to Australia as a child. I live in Melbourne, Australia and work as a Paramedic. I am married to Julijana. I have four children and am blessed with three grandchildren.

My walk with Christ was more like a yo-yo ride than an upward gradient. I was raised in a good strong Christian family. But my false understanding of tradition had me serving in the military to prove I am a man and so I could see combat. I was constantly fighting in public to prove how tough I was. All of this took me away from Christ. In fact, for many years, I turned my back on Christ until I volunteered as a paramedic in East Timor. While I was working there, I had a feeling of worth and love.

I changed because I felt the love of the Lord. I returned to Australia and faced several challenges including divorce, but I did not falter. Despite the emotional pain, I knew the Lord would not give me challenges that I could not deal with. Over the last ten years, I have felt a calling to the ministry from the Lord. I have tried to ignore it several times, but it keeps returning. So now I know this is the direction of my life. I want to walk every day with Christ faithfully.

When I found Christian Leaders Institute, I knew this was an opportunity from God to follow the call to the ministry. I am thankful that God led me to Christian Leaders Institute for ministry training courses and more credibility as a leader. I am eager to see where God leads me through this training.

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