Evangelist Calling

Evangelist Calling

My name is Tityana Sagastume, and I have an evangelist calling on my life. I haven’t started a ministry yet. I spread the Gospel to many others via Social Media, one on one conversations or even through Bible Study. That is a ministry in itself. However, I would like to further my calling. I used to live a pretty rough life from my childhood until adulthood. It wasn’t until I became pregnant with my third child, my daughter, that I felt an urgency to call out to God to fix what’s broken. Not long after, I started going to church and hearing God’s word. Slowly but surely, it stuck, and I accepted Jesus Christ into my life! The best thing I have ever done in life.

Since then, I’ve been wanting to share with others my story and help them to understand who Jesus Christ is, what He did for me, and what He can do for them if they allow Him. My dream is to speak with young adults, women, and even our youth about Jesus and to share His story with them. People need to know and hear the truth. I want to be the servant God has equipped me to be and to help others to hear His truth.

The word that I identify with would be an Evangelist. Evangelism revolves around spreading God’s truth to others. Evangelists speak God’s word to other people. An evangelist is there to help people understand the Bible and who Jesus is and to help many come to Christ in faith. I have an evangelist calling for spreading the “Good News” and leading people to Christ with the help of God. It is my calling. I believe that God has prompted me into ministry and although many times, I have tried to shake that feeling, I no longer can do so. I will be obedient and do what I am called to do.

Some unique challenges in my particular area are the people here. Where I live is one of the wealthiest places in the U.S. Many of the people here don’t want to hear about God/Jesus. Many people feel as if they are the reason for their riches. Sadly, as well, some churches don’t necessarily believe in all of the Bible. I left a church where the pastor and some members explained how most of the Bible isn’t true during a Bible Study at the church. They believed that we shouldn’t listen to most of the Bible and how we need to focus our lives on the modern day of the world. I was in complete shock with what I heard, and I felt in my heart that it was time for me to leave that church.

Eventually, my family and I found a church that isn’t too bad, for the lack of better words. It is a little over an hour away. I have my slight issues, but I am praying for God’s guidance with them. We haven’t been at this church for long, so I haven’t been able to speak with the pastor about my vision. I hope and pray that he will be on board. As for my family, they are very supportive. My husband is fantastic and does his very best to encourage me at all times. We converse about the pros and cons when stepping into ministry and even pros and cons about myself. My children love the church, and they love Jesus, so when we speak about Mom possibly stepping into ministry, they think it’s pretty awesome. My aunt (who raised me the majority of my life), to my uncles, to my grandfather, father, and even cousins support my vision and call.

This opportunity at Christian Leaders Institute is significant for my ministry dream. It helps me and others know that what I am doing is legitimate. It shows me that I indeed worked hard to get what I needed to pursue God’s calling. It is a relief that I obeyed God and His calling for my life. Even though I am a bit fearful, I decided to overcome that fear by taking this critical step in life. To those that I will be ministering to, it will show them that I made the strides to receive my certificates, diplomas, or degree to teach them! They will know that I had to have had training and credibility from CLI. I can pursue my evangelist calling and not just envision it!

Learn about ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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